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Last update: December 30, 2008 - Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

UPDATE NEWS: The ElectroJector Lives! See "Burner Research". Water heater tank to be used for MK XL. Coming soon: A movie about casting with a campfire, filmed in 720p HD!       

          Welcome to my website! If you're interested in the hobby of casting metal then this is the site for you. Here, you will find all my experiences with metalcasting, along with valuable information on how to get started yourself. These projects are so inexpensive that I often get by without spending anything. One does not need a lot of money for this hobby, just some patience and diligence. In time, you too can cast your own things, be it pistons, plaques, tools or sculptures.

          If you have any questions at all, never hesitate to ask me. I offer my help to beginners, and I can clarify something if you need clarification - just email me. My email is . I check my email about once a week, so don't think I've forgotten you!

         I update this site as I work on my metalcasting projects, so it is very likely there will be something new every month or so. Sometimes, I update it daily when I have the week off to cast or something. You can find the 'last updated' date at the top of this page.

         I also have some links to other metalcasting websites and online communities who all share the interest of casting metal. These links are also invaluable ti a beginner, because you can join a forum and ask questions that many experiences metalcasters will be happy to answer. - The Asscociation of Backyard Metal Casters, contains many articles on the subject as well as a forum
- Lionel Oliver's large, informative website on how to cast metal. You can even buy books and kits from him. There is also a large, high traffic forum about metalcasting here.

          A word of warning: High temperatures are involved in this hobby. Attempting anything you see on this website yourself could potentially get you seriously burned. If you do decide to try this, please understand that your personal injuries are not my fault and you hold full responsiblility for any harm done to you, your property, or your neighbor’s property. I am not and will never be accountable for your mistakes. Do this at your own risk.


Just be careful, and have fun!

(BlueFlame on the ABYMC and Backyardmetalcasting forums)

Your donation is greatly appreciated!

My current (MK II) furnace running full-tilt at night.

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