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Bright Yellow dresses...

❀ Updated 22/08-2015 ❀

Spring Flowers such as Daffodils and winter aconite have lovely bright colours. And of course it suits Daisy too!

Fantasia, in three different variants of course...


First Night 65168. This one has the same button as other Daisy dresses, a quite elevated blank one. Comes in two different fabrics...
Wibledon IS a Daisy dress yupii! I have seen it in an add...

Boudoir 65165, an Optimum outfit, it is so elegant. Also comes in Brown and in Pink. "Bike Outfit" Don't know if it has a name?

Stripey dress, also comes in pink and baby blue. Captains table, so bold!

High Summer.

Tea Dance, my daughter arranged the neclace and I didn't have the heart to change it. Tea Dance is made in two variations.

Bobby Socks And Bubblegum.

(Not Daisys) So sweet :) And Clementine, must count for a Yellow one?

KnickerBucker Glory and the orange Clementine


Mayball, comes also in Pink, and Tam O'Shanter.

Legs Eleven, very short! Mustard, same cut as Moulin Rouge,

Promenade and Pall Mall, Nice coats.

Pink and Yellow Optimum dress. This last one looks like the one in one of the Daisy adds, only in Yellow. Could be for Petra Von Plasty?


Two unknown outfits, the second is a "gym suit"

A lovely knitted outfit, also made in a pale blue.