Daisy by Mary Quant & Much more...

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From red to blue and in between...

❀Updated 29/07-2015❀

Love Purple!!!

It can be elegant, fancy, cool, warm, you name it!

A lovely 80'ties outfit, no name, and another that I haven't seen before in any adds?

Sister Kate @ Sweet Violet, Lovely outfits both. Pink bag added by me.


Purple Charleston, from a later era. Glitter, later era.

Hairdressor outfit, missing the lovely trousers. Belle of the Ball, lovely!

Garden Party, what an idea! great design faboulous fabric. Lilac, pink or blue, and Guinevere with silver stiching. Knitted.

A lovely purple Gym skirt, should have an orange/peach gym suit. Circus Star with the spinning stand.

Shepherds Pie. Unconfirmed Lilac dress.


Lovely knitted outfit, came carded, all though you need to pop the head of to get it on, it doesn't open.