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Glowing in Green!

❀ Updated 30/07-2015 ❀

All variations, from spring green to the darkest ones...

Daisys Birthday outfit, all I have is the skirt...

Havoc wears an Optimum dress, it should have green shoes with it and the bag is one I have added. Isn't she just sweet in this one?


The green satin dress that the 3-wig-Daisy with regular body came in. 

This Green Glitterdress is not with the original belt. I have seen it carded, but not the name or the number.

Mamzelle Variant. Gymsuit in green

(Unconfirmed) Sophistication, oh so nice, dancing through the meadows Lol! And also a lovely green Jumpsuit.


Rio another favourite. My childhood one was made with dark green top though, much nicer :(

Sherlock, no pipe, never understood about those huuuge boots though ;)

Optimum dress, ant a lovely dress (Flair?) Made of the same fabric as Time Out.

Unidentified summer dress, Skidoo in green.