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Black Magic

❀Updated 29/08-2015❀

So lets start with:

Some Black Magic! Here Broomstick...

Black Magic, in both the old version and the newer one.

Black Beauty Later version, also shown on the carrying case for Daisy,

65204-15 is all I have on the first, Disco night? Bit of a stretch to put it in the blacks, black skirt?

Showbizz, finally took pictures of it, so nice!

And a confirmed no-name dress, Chess I call it. Swan lake training part only.

Cinder, black/silver, Five'O black version.

Tiffany, gorgeous. Get Me!

Two Optimum outfits. First one with a black glitter top.

Miranda in the black version, Spot On, black Velvet skirt.

HeyDay in for variants. Black top with different patterns, strawhat with matching string on. ( I only have the hat for the last two dolls)

Ghymkana in two variants, one where the coat is white inside, thicker and lighter trousers, same boots.

Daisy & Spot also in black and a "Stray" Dog (clone)