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And Never a Bridesmaid?

❀Updated 17/05-2013❀

Wedding dresses. Who would be without them? I just find it amazing how many times she married! And to whom?

Hi there little frogprince, are you enchanted? And the frog answers: I'm not sure, kiss me and find out!

Okay says Daisy, Here goes nothing! And then she kisses the sweet little frog...

I am not sure if it helped sweet Daisy, let's see if she gets a man some day!

Country Wedding (Again) Sold on a Walk Along Daisy in the later era. Missing everything but the dress. 

This one could be a lovely 80'ties bride, and I am pretty sure it is actually Daisy's.

This next one I have been hunting for a long time, no veil here either unfortunately.

Country Wedding and Country Wedding NZ. Why these two, so different dresses, were named the same I don't understand.

Confetti, the blue version, wore by a reeroot done by me. I decided not to give her the vail on, and instead put her hair up. Well it is different! It of course came with flowers as all the other weddingdresses. 

 This dress was also made with pink flowers. Again it is shown withot a veil. I think the veil was similar to the one used with Wedding Bells.

Happy Day and Happy Day again, I wonder why they named them the same?

This second Happy Day is very similar in the cut to confetti.

Weddingcake, does come with a blue garter that I don't have.

HoneyMoon I love this one, it is very special made for a wedding dress that is.

And the most common one, Wedding Bells.


I recently discovered this to be Dinah-Mites outfit "Bridal Bouquet". It is so lovely and a perfect fit!

The doll is a reroot and repaint done by me.

Next up an unidentified dress.