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Daisy, Lady in Red...

❀ Updated 21/08-2015 ❀

Mary Quant Keeps Daisy right
With fashions for morning, noon n'night
Clothes for Summer in the Sun
Clothes for Winter's snowtime fun
Clothes for work and clothes for play
Clothes that make you want to say
'Daisy is a smashing friend
her tip-top fashions never end!
Daisy's life's a fashion-wirl
I am such a lucky little girl'

Quote from an add anno 1973.

Daisy. My Absolute Favourite Doll. Lots of marvellous sites have been created abouther, and many far better than mine. But I am still going to dislay her here as well.

This Optimum Ballgown is made in... several variants... Surprise? A
nd a gorgeous red/black dress. Must be Optimum?


A lovely satin like red outfit, and the red version of Raindrops.

Never pass a chance for showing of a beauty Queen, right? Red gymsuit here with cape, crown and sash. Many variants (sigh!)

Fantasia. It is also available in yellow.Daisy was sold in this dress, A blonde in red or pink and a darkhaired one wearing the yellow one. That one is the rarest one. Fabric is satin.

 First up here is Amy in her own dress. Very hard to come by, and very sweet. Second a walking Daisy in the red Glitter dress. Shoes are a guess.

Daisy has tons of clothes. Anybody with just a small fashion-dress-up-genom would love to play with her lol!

I am starting with the all time stylish evening dresses, that she has loads of! And what more appropriate than to begin with red and black, stunning colours on Daisy.

What a gorgeous lot!!! A display of Daisy's and Amy, they must be on their way to a glamorous party! A brunette to the right, from the left three blondes and then Amy, Daisy's friend. Then a red haired re-root too. She is one of the first re-roots I did with eyelashes and all.

Open Shoulder dress, an Optimum creation. Red Glitter Dresses.

Frou Frou. One of my favourites, and a classic. Resembles Amy's dress a bit. Second up is Hollywood, so lovely! Fabric is satin for both the red dresses.

Hot Dog and Flossie on the first picture, sadly I am missing the Flossie hat for this one. There are two variations of Flossie as you can see. The first one here has long "hair" like Hollywood but is paler than the second one. The second one really needs a good combing, that makes them look like new! Gently of course ;o) Fabric is nylon.


Charleston, another satin dress. She really should have a small headband, I can just see her dance away...

Five O, Daisy in one of the two red variants that I know of, and here the three-wig-Daisy is in the black one. Fabric is satin.

Foxtrot. And the "twin" dress Swizzle. I have no idea what Swizzle came with, a bag maybe a neclace?  What kind/colour of shoes is also a guess. Nylon.

Bo Peep, wauv! Honey Bun, Sweet.


And Princess, just beautiful. I love this simple dress just as much as Black Magic. The red bag does not belong to the outfit originally, but I have always used it with the cape. Cape & bag are from my childhood, the dress is not. All satin.

65204-15 is all this is marked on the card, sad they discontinued using names, Red glitter jumpsuit with black skirt.

Bubbles and Cherry Pie, from the booklets.

Concorde, a lovely red dotted shirt with a white skirt. Darling - isn't she?

Lola, dotted, and Dotty also...


Gypsy, red silk skirt and cotton scarf. And the variant with thinner skirt and red on the embroidery at the top of the skirt.

Another pleaded skirt, Hotdog. Hoe Down, two piece outfit with tricolore skirt.

Meadowsweet, in variants...

Gymgirls, also in red :)

Red Optimum gym outfit, and Optimum swimsuit with towel.


Brighton Belle, ready dressed doll sold in this, and Peppermint Rock.

Bertie and Dandy.

Red Stock dress in the two variations

Raindrops, the coat version, and Moulin Rouge same cut as Mustard in Yellow.

Optimum Red Velvet dress with a lovely v-detail, and Rio lovely trousersuit.


Red Ridinghood, nylon.
Daisys Garden Swing.

Miranda in the two red variants.

An unidentified very Daisy-looking red nylon Dress.

Live Wire, lovely combination, and Picnic in two variants.

PomPom nice, And a red jumpsuit?


Optimum dress. Look Lively Flair outfit.


Red St. Tropez & red Skidoo

Red skier, no poles.

ZigZag Flair, Snugbug.

Strawberry Dress and On the Dot.

Absolutely no idea if these next ones are Daisys? Lovely though (any feedback appreciated :))

Woolen Poncho, Glitter strapless catsuit

Nice red dotted top with a double layer skirt. Velvet top and see through skirt.

Cotton skirt with flowers, red riding jacket (Annas?)

Jogger outfit, wide striped long Dress.