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You can create your kindle, or an e book, and publish, market, and sell it on amazon and elsewhere. Cheap online information on how to do this is available in the e books provided below.
Creating Ebooksó $2.99

A quick and simple guide on how ebooks differ from their printed cousins, and how you can create your own. Has some low cost D.I.Y ideas, as well as minimum hassle options. Follows the journey from using free PDF files with information for prospective clients, to the experiences converting my own printed book into electronic format, and what happened after that. Why write your own ebook? There are three main problems with writing a book - getting it written, making it available and telling the right people that it is out there. Deciding to go for an ebook rather than a printed version makes all three stages a whole lot easier. Anyone with a computer can create and format a file suitable for conversion, Iíll tell you three different ways to get the file converted and ready for download, and later on, Iíll point you to another free ebook that will explain ways to let the world know about your book.
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Publish Your eBooks On Amazon Kindleó $5.65 (Save 83%!)

Remove The Frustration Of Trying To Become A Published Author And Learn How To Pull Down Massive Profits With Online Publishing...And Do It All On COMPLETE AUTOPILOT Get your copy and learn how to use Amazon for minting money. Amazon is one of the biggest traffic site for your publications. Claim your e-book at extremely low price today only
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★★★☆☆Guide - "How To Write, Create, Promote and Sell eBooks On The Internet" with BONUSó $2.99
Dear Friend, Its a fact... Information Products are the best selling item on the Internet. People are always looking for new and useful information, and if you can provide it to them instantly, you will be rewarded big time. Thats why Ebooks are so popular. An Ebook can make you a lot of money, 24/7, even while you sleep. And now you are about to discover exactly how to do it yourself by reading How To Write, Create, Promote And Sell Ebooks On The Internet. This step-by-step guide gives you complete instructions showing you exactly what to do from start to finish, so you can start your own Ebook business. Once you have written your Ebook, you set up a simple one page web site -just like this one- find a way to accept credit card payments (dont worry, you will be shown exactly how to do it inside the Ebook) and you are running! You will not find complicated theories here, just the pure facts, and there are no expensive costs to make. Everything is kept down to the basic information -you will even be shown how to create your Ebook by using free online services. The potential for Ebooks are unlimited: * You can automate your Ebook business, and sell an unlimited amount of your products without extra costs. * You have total control over your expenses or advertising budget. * There is no publisher who can ever put you on a deadline. * You decide when and where to write. * You can create a FREE Ebook, and still make money from it! * You can set up an affiliate program for your Ebook, for a small fee, and sell thousands of copies to people fom all over the world! * Etc... the possibilities are endless...
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