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Omniscience, Maidstone 03/09/04

Well, now you know what I look like, I suppose I'd better tell you a bit about myself.

I'm 32 and currently living in Scotland, taking a break from the rat race for a couple of years while I get my degree.   As you can imagine, my DJing is taking a bit of a back seat for now but not for too long.   Hmmm, maybe you'd like to know a teeny bit more than that.......

The Early Years.........

I first entered the fluffy world of Psychedelic Trance in the mid '90s, just as the scene was really beginning to take off and I first moved to London. Something clicked straight away and I knew that I had found something incredibly special. In those early days of flailing around at parties like Return to the Source, Megatripolis and Whirl-y-Gig I never dreamed that, one day, I would actually be playing at similar events. I chose the name Snafu after reading "The Illuminatus Trilogy" (years before I ever thought of DJing) and thought that it'd be a cool name and it just stuck with me. Then I realised that it was more than just a acronym -  it's a way of looking at the world.

The Middle Years......

Somewhere down the line though I got a set of decks then a set of CDJ's, made a few friends (a lot really) who were doing parties and were willing to give me a chance. My first public appearance (barring private parties that I'd done before) was at Inna?Turtle at the Purple Turtle in Camden where Barclay and I played every Saturday afternoon during Summer and Autumn 2001. Through Barclay, I met the ProjectOZMA crew, who invited me to play at their night in Reading, and several other promoters from around the country. Since then, I have gone on to play at some of the finest parties around the UK for some of the loveliest promoters. Smaller gigs led on to bigger things and soon festival appearances were made at Wickerman(2005&2006) and Glade(2006) as well as several memorable appearances at the Synergy Project and even several excursions into chillout, most notably for IDSiral at Glastonbury 2007. Somewhere along the line I fell in with the Omniscince crew from Kent who, without doubt, have had the biggest impact on my success over the years. Their forest parties are legendary and their excursions into London club venues meant a chance to play on a fairly regular basis and to experiment with other styles.

Bringing you up to date........

Sadly the bubble had to burst at some point and althoguh I've never lost my love for psy-trance, my tastes have mellowed somewhat over the years and I've had to calm things down a bit while I concentrate on real life for a while. Do not despair though! Snafu is gone but not forgotten. I've been experimenting with new technologies and gathering new sounds to be unleashed on the unsuspecting world at some date in the not too distant future. Who knows what the next year will bring? Hopefully a return to DJing in some form so keep your eyes peeled and ears pinned back cos you won;t want to miss it when it does happen.

Thanks for dropping in

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