Due to my health we closed and sold of the aviary and no longer have any birds.

Here a Diogenoir we enjoy having a touch of Down Under around and breed on a limited basis Zebra Finches (English and American), Budgies (English and American), Diamond Doves, Zebra Doves, Cockatiels, Red Rump Parakeets and Button Quail. Added for 2007 Owl Finches, Star Finches, and Cherry Finches.


One of our English.

Here is a pair of Buttons with their nest in the background.
We have normal, fawn, red breasted, silvers, whites, pearls and splashes

We have blue and silvers.

Our program produces normal, light backs, pied normal, cinnamon, chestnut flanked white and pied light backs.

One of our pair of owls.

One of our male stars these guys are just starting to breed for us.

Our male Zebra Dove (striata) looking for a hen for him
Our Pair of white face pied Cockatiels
Our Pair of Red Rump Parakeets

One of our cherry finches.

This pair has yet to breed for us.

We also have Canaries, Senegal Doves and Ringneck Doves


Senegal dove pair

One of our gloster males

One of our Tangerine Pearl Ringnecks

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