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Taking Breeding Requests for Appastang, Arabian, Part Arabian, Clydesdale, Hanoverian, Mustang, National Show Horse, Oldenburg, American Paint, Quarter Horse, Quarter-Stang, Saddleloosa, Swedish Warmblood, and Fantasy/Decorator Horses Only
These are the only horses I have full pedigrees for (besides the Fantasy/Decorator horses). If you want to look around and search for horses with Bold and Underlined or starred * names you may ask for a breeding from them, too, if you would like.


April 21, 2016; It seems as though the weebly site will never be complete. Does anyone ever complete their S/D lists? The new website is http://dhrbreeding.weebly.com/ Please make your way over there.

June 9th, 2010; I've hit a snag in the breeding requests :/ Some horses of mine didn't have complete pedigrees and they're proving difficult to get pedigrees for. So, never fear, I AM trying my darndest to work on them. The weebly site is coming out FANtastically, if I do say so myself. It should be way easier to navigate, and has ALL of my horses listed on it. April of Dorian Park is making me a banner/logo as we speak, and it looks fabulous. I'm so excited to open it. Soon, hopefully. SOON. (I keep telling myself this so hopefully it will come true).
May 19th, 2010; Yes, an update 3 days later. Ok. I'm updating my weebly website. I'm no longer adding new horses to the website. In fact, you might notice that horses, paragraphs, and then pages will dissapear. As I move content from this website to the other, I'm deleting it from this website so I know where I'm at. No, I'm not letting you see my weebly site yet. YES, you may still submit breedings! I think that's it. Just don't panic when you see things dissapear.
May 16th, 2010; Oh man. It's been so long! As I told my friend of Stable For Champions, I've suffered from an illnes called COLLEGE. Thank goodness I saved all of your breedings on a word document, or I would've lost them. I will get started wiht those right quick and should be back in business at least for a while.
February 4th, 2010; I decided, I made the switch to weebly! However, I'm taking my sweet time doing it. My guess is it won't be ready until June. I'll continue to update this site. Speaking of which - check out my Orphans page! I just updated it today. Also, I've been hit with a TON of breeding requests! Thank you to everyone who has a link to my page on their site! if you have mine but I don't have yours somewhere (either on the Links page or my Outside Foals page, or both) let me know so I can get you up there! I think my next project is going to be my Thoroughbreds. I've been avoiding them like the plague and I think after 4 years, it's time to give them a little love - aka pedigrees! Happy Valentine's Day, Thoroughbreds!
January 9th, 2010 Hello to 2010! I'm still pedigree'ing my micros, which is leading to alot of other horses getting full pedigrees! I didn't think it would lead to that, but I'm delighted it has. A few horses have opened up for breeding for a 2010 foal. I can't list them all right now, but you're free to look through. I got a *ton* of horses for Christmas, most of which filled BSO bodies. Also ... I'm liking the look of weebly websites more and more lately. It might help the organization of this website, which I've been frustrated with from the beginning. I'm not sure when I'll move to weebly, but I will give everyone a good heads-up.

This S/D List is nowhere near complete!
Most of my horses are indeed listed, however very few of them actually have complete pedigrees. The horses with starred * or underlined names names have complete pedigrees, the others don't. I'm advertising my site right now just to get my horses out there and get people aware of them.
Any and all help is welcome!!!
If you have a sire or dam that could fit into my horses' pedigree, please let me know! If you do, I will work specifically on that horse until there is another parent (if you only supplied one). In return, I give you a picture of that horse (if available, BSO horses obviously don't have a picture), thier complete pedigree, thier complete show record up to that point, other little tidbits I include in my certificates, and link back to you on my Links page if you have a website.

My e-mail is dancinghorseshoes @ hotmail . com (just take out the spaces).

Thank you so much for stopping by, and please remember to come back and see what's new!

General Rules

  • No horses listed on these pages are to be used without my permission. (Grand Champion People: I address you later...)

  • Please follow color genetics. If you make a mistake, I will kindly suggest other parents for your foal. An easy solution to making a mistake is to have one parent the same color as your foal. If you just can't figure it out, e-mail me the color of your foal and I'll suggest possible parent combinations.

  • Please have foals born in the years listed as open on the parents. For non-ageing foals, I will assign a year for my records. Mares can have one foal per year. Stallions are as of now unlimited, but I may limit it to 10. Geldings can have 3 foals per year.

  • I do allow crosses, but somewhat limited. Please ask before you do a cross.

  • No inbreeding. This is a full brother to a full sister, son to mother, or father to daughter. I also don't like linebreeding, the most extreme case would be a half brother to a half sister (they have the same sire but different dams, or same dam but different sires). If you make a mistake, I will kindly suggest other parents for your foal.

  • I allow all brands and makes of horses to be offspring. However, if you have a "Horse Shaped Object" such as a wall plaque, please ask.

  • I do allow Breeding Stock Only or Paper Identity offspring, however please ask.

  • If supplying only one parent, please provide a pedigree for the other parent, if you have one, so I can complete your horse's pedigree.
  • General Information

  • All breedings are to be done via e-mail. Please do not ask for snail-mail breedings, unless you have no access to a printer. In wich case, arrangements can be made.

  • Pedigrees, Certificates, and Parent Show Records are sent in Microsoft Word Documents. Parent Pictures are sent in .jpg format.

  • Almost all of these horses' pedigrees trace back to real horses. Real horses will have a (r) behind thier name, and all names behind that on the pedigree are real.

  • Horses with a complete pedigree will have thier names underlined. If thier name is not underlined it means they don't have a pedigree past thier parents, or may not even have parents. Under thier picture, if thier parents or offspring are underlined, it means you can find thier names on my list too.

  • In my rules, if I ask you to please ask before sending a request, it's because I might not want my mare to have that type of offspring. Very few sires I'm that picky about.

  • Grand Champion People: Yes, I used the horses' given names. Yes, I used the horses' given parents. No, I'm not saying that you can't have a Spark of Courage on your list with Captain's Spark and Lady Courage as his parents. By all means, please do. All I ask is that you find different parents than mine for Captain's Spark and Lady Courage. I've claimed all he sires and dams of the Grand Champions on my list as BSO horses. Whenever I buy a new nameless model (like a Breyer), I see if it'll fit into one of those names first before actually giving it a name. For instance, I have a Peter Stone Chips model as Captain's Spark. When he has parents, please do not use those same parents for your Captain's Spark. If you are a Grand Champions person with a list and with the horses' given names and parents, please let me know. I want to see your list. If I'm working on a parent I don't want to use the same parents as yours. I'm not stealing the names to use solely as mine, please keep the names you would like your GCs to have.
  • Breeding Request Form

  • In the subject line, please put the title as "Breeding Request"

  • In your e-mail, please include
    Foal's Name
    3 Requested Years, your first choice being first, second choice second, third choice third
    If it is a non-ageing foal, please submit 3 ages
    Foal's Breed
    Foal's Color
    Foal's Gender
    Foal's Make & size (example: Breyer Classic)
    Name(s) of parent(s)

  • It's common coutesy to have in your e-mail something like "Hi, I'd like to have a breeding please: (info) Thanks" or whatever. Make it personal, not a form you have to fill out.
  • Featured Sire


    1995 Dark Bay Spotted Hip Blanket Appaloosa (OF Grand Champion Classic)
    Indian Summer x Running Spring
    Get: 0
    Open 1998 - 2018
    Indian Shuffler

    Starfinder placed 2nd in the Dancing Horseshoes Ranch 2005 Race Meet "Junior Jamboree" race. Starfinder has grown to be a very gentle horse. Right now Starfinder is best for trail riding, but we are working on getting him halter-show ready. His blanket is very small, but we beleive that because of his history he will have offspring that will be what was the ideal Appaloosa to the Native Americans.

    Featured Dam

    Allurement "Ally"
    1999 Black Tobiano (OF Grand Champions Micro Mini)
    Sir Pericles x Mrs. Jones
    Produce: 0
    Open 2003 - 2018
    heterozygous black, heterozygous tobiano pinto
    5/8 American Saddlebred, 3/8 Arabian

    Allurement was shown at the All Brands Model Horse Association in 2007. She has received mostly 3rd place. Ally is a very quiet and serious mare. She is extremly versatile, and can do almost anything we ask of her. She's good over small jumps, has basic dressage skills, and basic western riding skills. Ally has inherited some of the aspects of the unique pattern of her sire. While she is heterozygous for the pinto patern, her pinto offspring should have beautiful and unique patterns also.

    Featured Foal


    2006 Bay (CM Grand Champions Classic)
    Sultan x Frisky Faith
    Produce: 0
    Open 2010 - 2025
    Customized by Katie Wargowsky, Dancing Horseshoes Ranch

    Rinconada was shown at the All Brands Model Horse Association in 2007. She received two 1sts, three 2nds, three 3rds, and many others. Thankfully, Rinconada is not as out-of-hand as her dam can be, but she has her moments. We're aiming to train Rinconada to be a beginner's show horse, as already her flashy high stockings have brought her some attention in the halter ring. Rinconada will be open for a 2010 foal.