What's new

sprites will be finished at a later date since it will be done with Copic  since my water color paper just falls apart and because the collection of copics is fairly new some colors will need to be added to the collection  first  bv02, bv04,v06,rv23,rv25,r56,r59,yr20,yr23,yr27 yr65,y15 or y17, yg05,yg07, g05, bg15, bg75, b02, b06, e04, e17,e70,e74,e79. basically mostly trios so the colors don't dry out to quickly by making it  easier to blend but the r56, r59 are for r20,r43,r46 combo makes more of a pink than red the yr 20s  are for blending with the yellow because the other oranges are to dark and blend better with the reds the extra blue green and blue are to go with the sea and sky set since it will bg10 which is also used for shadow the darker blues so that b00 doesn't dry out to quick be used for sky and background,  e04 is just because it comes in a set with r56 and r59 also incase some reason it would be better shade with brown instead of red  e70's are for back grounds so the the skin tone set set isn't used up to quickly being used for both. it will take a while since the collection is being purchased with coupons. also there is a

refill station that a store is still setting  up and that will be used instead of purchasing refills because it's easier that way then to keep track of all the colors.

format of the doll has changed it should work better note: you will need a kiss viewer I recommend going to the big kiss page. It works with playfkiss, directkiss and ultrakiss other kiss viewers haven't been tested.  most of the artwork can be veiwed here at the gallery.