Dennis Greaves & The Truth

Television Appearances.

 The Truth were seen on TV many, many times. They appeared several times on Top of the Pops with their songs 'Confusion' and 'Steppin in the Right Direction'. Appearances on The Tube, The Switch and many Saturday morning kids TV shows and two one-hour specials followed. One special was shot in and the other shot on location at The Mean Machine in Camden, London.

Montreux jazz festival July 12 1983

1. From The Heart (02:38)

2. Love A Gogo (02:34)

3. Listen To What I Say (03:13)

4. So Excited (01:55)

5. Always On My Mind (04:35)

6. Solution (03:14)

7. Nothing's Too Good (03:37)

8. Confusion (02:51)

9. Exception Of Love (02:33)

10. Stepping In The Right Direction (02:41)

11. Come On (02:36)

12. Don't Chat Just Know It (02:10)

13. Just Can't Seem To Stop (03:40)

14. So Excited (01:59)

In Sight In Sound BBC - Late 1983

Confusion (hits us everytime)

Exception of love

Listen to what I say

Always on my mind

Is there a solution

No stone unturned

A step in the right direction

Second time lucky

It's a miracle

You play with my emotions

I just can't seem to stop

Flesh and fantasy

Camden Palace Theatre - Live In London -12 May 1985


Living on the breadline

Is there a solution

Listen to what i say

Thursday club

Spread a little sunshine

Standing out in a crowd

You play with my emotions 

I just cant seem to stop

I'm in tune

Aint nothing but a houseparty

Only the best will do (see live video page)

Playground (again)  (see live video page)

Second time lucky  (see live video page)


thanks to Adrian Lander for this information

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