Dennis Greaves & The Truth

The Truth 1982 1984

From left to right:-

Chris Skornia - Hammond Organ/Keyboards

Dennis Greaves - Jawbone and Guitar

 Mick Lister - Guitar and Jawbone

Gary Wallis - Drums

 Brain Bethell - Bass

The Truth 1984 - 1986

From left to right:-

Richard Parfitt - Bass

Dennis Greaves

Allan Fielder - Drums

Chris Skornia

Mick Lister

The Truth 1987 - 1989

From left to right:-

Mick Lister

Dennis Greaves

Rowan Jackson - Drums

Antony Harty - Bass

Mickey Roberts - Keyboards (not pictured)


Also session players (not pictured)

Pat Mastelotto - Drums

Reginald Webb - Keyboards

Mark Feltham - Harmonica.


Dennis Greaves

Paul McCarthy - Backing Vocals

Alvin Burrell - Bass

Bob Guynan - Backing Vocals, Harmonica

Paul Freeman - Hammond Organ

Steve Besemer - Drums

Jim Guynan - Guitar, Backing Vocals

(This was basically Dennis Greaves and Smashing Time)

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