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Confusion - Hits Us Everytime

I've had so many emails, messages and posts about The Truth on CD that I've decided to add a page to go over some of the reasons why we haven't had a re-issue catalogue that lesser bands seemed to have enjoyed.

The first main problem with having everything released "a la boxset" is that the Truth were signed to different labels, WEA for the first three singles and IRS for the rest.

WEA became Warner Music International in 1990 and is now the Warner Music Group which now owns many other sub labels including Atlantic and Elektra. Interestingly, it also owns Rhino Records which has become a well respected re-issue label which would seem to be ideal for The Truth. Even though they only released three singles; Confusion, Steppin' In The Right Direction and No Stone Unturned, that still is 13 tracks and around 50 minutes of material. I have no idea at this time if there is any un-released songs in the vault but maybe with the promo videos (as on the Madness and Specials re-releases) this would be enough for re-issue.

IRS, which released all subsequent recordings were bought by EMI in 1994 who then wound up the label two years later and may own these recordings. From the point of view of obtaining a complete box set, there was some light on the horizon as EMI and Warner both made respective bids for each other's companies, but any merger now seems unlikely. However, this is further complicated by who owns the rights to these recordings as we shall see shortly!

That brings us to the second problem, Money!!

Any re-issue has to have a certain fan base to not only cover costs but to make a profit. The sad fact is, these are businesses who look to make money, rather than contribute to our cultural heritage. One of the ways round this may be a company like Captain Oi ( ) who re-released the Secret Affair catalog (and quite a few others) by getting a license, in that case from BMG/Sony. The Playground album, issued by Zed Records was released under license From MCA, now owned by Universal.

Which begs the question, how did Universal end up with the rights to a company bought by Warner? Basically MCA were licensees for IRS in the UK. As I'm sure you can see, the whole thing is a nightmare and unless enough people show interest in buying re-issues, the sad Truth is they may never see the light of day.


Paul Moss


PS If there are any errors or holes in this information that you would like put right, please email me.

Stepping In The Right Direction

The 3 Truth albums have been released on iTunes on the Capitol label.

Oh you've gotta love the music industry..............

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