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"Playtime Is Over. Now The REAL Fun Begins."

Director .... Ted Nicolaou
Writer .... C. Courtney Joyner
Producer .... Bob Perkis, Donald Kushner, Jeff Franklin
Based on the characters created by David Schmoeller & David S. Goyer

Corey Feldman .... Robert Toulon
Vanessa Angel .... Erica Sharpe
Nikolai Sotirov .... Julian
Danielle Keaton .... Alexandra Toulon
Dessislava Maicheva .... Christina
Christopher Bergschneider .... Baal
Silvia Suvadova .... Sgt. Jessica Russel

The most anticipated Full Moon film, and after eleven years, it's a battle to behold. The two cult franchises of the hit DEMONIC TOYS and PUPPET MASTER series battle plastic to wood in a war never seen before. The story begins around Christmas 2004 when the great-nephew of the original puppeteer Andre Toulon, Robert, with his daughter Alexandra take control of the puppets, unaware that something evil is watching over them. A powerful being has made a deal with one Erica Sharpe to use her company for creating a line of new toys to be released for children. The demon, Bael has brought to life three vicious monsters, Baby Oopsy-Daisy, Jack Attack, and Teddy. Bael and his demonic toys seek to steal Toulon's Secret of Life, the reanimation formula to make anything live. With it they will unleash their deadly collection of evil playthings upon the world, but will the puppets let them?


Rated "PG-13" (TV-14)
88 minutes.
Premiered on TV December 18th 2004.
Released to DVD January 17th 2006.


DVD Special Features
• Trailers: The Fallen Ones, Demon Hunter, and It Waits.


"Puppet Master's a comedy. If you took that as a horror film than you're watching the wrong kind of movie for scares."

- Corey Feldman (2008 interview with Bloody-Disgusting)



* Famous B-Actor Corey Feldman (Robert Toulon) has appeared in many different films. I'd also like to add his appearence in one of my favorite American sex comedies Meatballs 4 with original Demonic Toys star Bentley Mitchum (Mark Wayne) playing his arch rival, but what horror movie fan could forget his famous childhood role as Tommy Jarvis in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter.

* Originally going to be made in 1993 (a then plot for Puppet Master 4) but was scrapped after the new storylines. The plans had since passed over year-by-year until 2004.

* An unused plot involved a girl buying the puppets on eBay (you heard me) and storing them in the Toyland Warehouse where the demonic toys laid resting.

* Apparently Courtney Joyner had written the film to be more faithful to the original PM and DT films. After the Sci-Fi Channel bought the rights to the screenplay, Ted Nicolaou rewrote some of the film to have a more independent storyline. Things such as the origin of the puppets had been changed yet again.

* Years back, actress Traci Lords was going to have a starring role but eventually backed out during budget conflicts between the Sci-Fi Channel and Full Moon Pictures.

* Filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria.

* Is a Made-For-TV movie while the first two in the series were Direct-To-Video.

* Charles Band sold the rights to the screenplay to SyFy just to see this made.

* Cyber Puppets (robotic puppets from the movie) were made into toys and action figures (see here). Like the film there was only Blade, Jester, Six-Shooter, and Pinhead. These action figures went on unreleased.

* Though it's unknown when exactly the screenplay was written, as far as I know it dates back to the year 2001.

* The movie was Full Moon Entertainment's most anticipated film, but when it was actually made, Full Moon had nothing to do with it.

* According to an interview, Charles Band has never seen this film.

* According to writer C. Courtney Joyner, the role of Robert Toulon was actually written with Fred Willard in mind. You may remember the comedic actor from Prehysteria! 3 and This Is Spinal Tap.

* Special Effects Coordinator Christopher Bergschneider (Retro Puppet Master) plays the demon Baal, and used the alias Anton Falk.


* At the beginning when Robert Toulon is making his introduction to the puppets, strings are visible holding up nearly all of the puppets.

* Emailed to me by a fan, after being revived as the Cyber Puppets, Jester smashes a small silver jewelry box by his feet with his new masse arm. However, in an earlier shot with the puppets standing together, the jewelry box is nowhere to be seen.


North American Anchor Bay DVD cover.


England's DVD cover.


DVD cover from Germany.


Full Moon's original 1993 teaser poster.






Comedy Commentary (SPOILER WARNING)

"Things I Learned Watching..."

Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys

* 40 year-old puppeteers don't act their age.

* Corey Feldman doesn't look a day over 19.

* A syringe can be used to tighten tiny joints.

* Robert Toulon sure as Hell ain't no Andre Toulon.

* Motorized Lady Bugs have hidden cameras in them.

* A Jack-In-The-Box is very annoying.

* Baby Dolls fly when they fart.

* Puppets burn easily.

* Pinhead isn't as buff as he used to be.

* The secret formula to making puppets live is liquor and a drop of blood.

* Some people don't need reasons to kill millions of children.

* If you hate running a toy company, don't sell it, make a deal with a demon and start killing people.

* Most receptionists are actually virgins.

* If your boss asks you to meet the Board-of-Directors; run away!

* Santa has a huge ass.

* If a woman gives you her phone number, you're in a relationship.

* When you're about to go face the enemy, DON'T go to the bathroom first.

* Anyone can just walk into an evil corporation's storage facility.

* Corey Feldman can't run.

* A villainous will offer you mercy sex.

* Toys break easily.

* A dying Teddy Bear sounds like a monkey.

* A demon's greatest motivation is revenge and/or fame.

* If they can't stick to their original schedule, a demon will quit, no matter how much they're winning.

* Baby Dolls just don't stay down.

* I miss Torch, Decapitron, Tunneler, and Leech-Woman.

* It's still good.



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