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I really wish these toys were released. Sad, Full Moon made so many toys but most of them can never get sold. The Jack Deth doll, Head of the Family, and so on.



Unreleased Cyber puppets of Blade, Jester, Pinhead, and Six-shooter made before Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys even hit production. Made back when Full Moon had plans of producing the film themselves, but couldn't due to budget issues.


Demonic Toys

1. "Demonic Toys" (2:07)
2. "Evil's Building Block" (1:23)
3. "The Warehouse" (2:06)
4. "The Toys Are Alive" (8:31)
5. "Fresh Meat" (4:15)
6. "Play With Us" (2:37)
7. "The Final Game" (11:31)

Total Running Time: 32:30 minutes.

Featured Songs by Joker, other music by Richard Band.


Dollman vs. Demonic Toys

Terrified was a record Quiet Riot made for Charles Band's picture DOLLMAN VS. DEMONIC TOYS, and was released on Moonstone Records, the soundtrack off-shoot of Band's film company Full Moon Entertainment.

1. Cold Day in Hell – 6:03
2. Loaded Gun – 6:20
3. Itchycoo Park – 3:56
4. Terrified – 4:13
5. Rude Boy – 5:50
6. Dirty Lover – 5:44
7. Psycho City – 6:00
8. Rude, Crude Mood – 3:45
9. Little Angel – 3:58
10. Resurrection – 6:10

Other music was composed by Richard Band.


Composer of the Unknown

Richard Band has spent much of his career in the company of devil dolls, ominous aliens and monsters from the fourth dimension.  His suspenseful themes and synthesizer shocks have given evil a melodic face, a talent for unholy rhythms that has made Band one of the genre's foremost composers with scores like "Re-Animator", "From Beyond" and "The Pit And The Pendulum".  Born in 1953 to director Albert Band ("I Bury The Living"), Richard and his brother Charles were fated to explore the cinema's most twisted paths.  A self-taught guitarist, Richard toured Europe with a rock band at the age of 13, before co-composing (with Joel Goldsmith) his first score for 1978's "Laserblast".  Band would be consumed by the bizarre worlds that his brother's imagination produced; his grasp of uncanny tunes growing from computerized music to composing "Metalstorm" for an 80-piece orchestra.

As he brought musical flesh to impish "Troll" and "Ghost Warrior's" reborn Samurai, Band tured the London Symphony and Rome Philharmonic into graveyard orchestras, his twisted take on Bernard Herrmann bringing him cult acclaim with
"Re-Animator".  Band's fiendish collaboration with director Stuart Gordon continued with "From Beyond", "Dolls" and The Pit And The Pendulum", the composer's further taste of Lovecraftian menace on "The Resurrected" developing a mutant musical style.,  Richard Band is in equally good company with vicious dolls.  As with his scores for the "Puppet Master" films, "Demonic Toys" shows Band's fondness for demented childhood melodies, his music announcing the approach of playthings from Hell.  But unlike his lush orchestrations for Andre Toulon's puppets, Band's "Demonic" score rips apart those instruments into mocking xylophones, electronics and drums, his bloodthirsty teddy bears and jack-in-the-boxes ready to pounce.  Their attacks are accompanied by Band, his shrill themes speeding from one kill to the next with a ghoulish laugh.

As Richard Band continues to explore the unknown with "The Arrival", "Crash and Burn" and "Bride of Re-Animator", his grasp for the supernatural's most hypnotic melodies seize our imaginations.  "Doctor Mordrid" and "Demonic Toys" are further proof that Band has tapped into the music of the beyond.

-Daniel Schweiger



Eternity Comics presents: DEMONIC TOYS - The Comic Books

Remember that stuffed bear you used to sleep with when you were a wee one? I remember mine. I gouged out its button eyes within the first week I had it. Mom threw a fit. "Why the Hell did you do that?" she screamed. I couldn't answer her at first, so I gave her that incredibly-innocent-and-dumb look that I learned to master at age three."Numb-nut," she began.  We all had pet names in my family.  My dad was Idiot, my sisters was Dingbat, and the dog was That piece of fuzz out back.  "WHY DID YOU POKE OUT THE BEAR'S EYES?!!" I was embarrassed.  "B-Because I'm afriad of it, mommy."  Yeah, I admit it.  I'm a sissy.  Toys scare the Hell out of me.  They always have.  That's why I'm writing this story. Eternity Comics proudly presents the world premiere of DEMONIC TOYS.  Full Moon Entertainment gave you the chilling motion picture; now we're going to hit you with the equally twisted and demented graphic comic book of the same name. Here's the setup: eight years have passed since undercover police detective Judith Gray survived that hellish night in the toy warehouse (chronicled, of course, in the Full Moon film). And now... on the exact same sight where the impossible happened... where a demon-child know only as "THE KID" attempted a morth birth... where the toys came to life and killed a bunch of really cool people..the impossible is about to happen again.Welcome to DEMONIC TOYS.  And if you've still got that stuffed bear under your bed... don't turn your back on it.

-Doug Campbell (Writer for the Demonic Toys Comic Book Issue 1: "Play At Your Own Risk")


Eight years since police officer Judith Grey survived the toy massacre at the Toyland Warehouse. Now, the demon child known as "The Kid" attempts another birth through a human baby.

Toyland's name is changed to "Arcadia Toy Company" run by Jack Norton and assistant Mr. Horse. The factory is tourn down and replaced with a super high-tect skyscrapper. But evil still exists beneath them. Mr. Horse hires some thugs while Jack unviels the new skyscrapper.

Jack's jogging through the park when he comes across Baby Oopsy-Daisy who kills him, and his body is taken over by their master, the Kid. He tries to dictate a policy for the largest toy producing company in the world. But Judith Grey's son Matthew, now 8 years old, feels that Jack may be possesed.

Dapne, an employee of Arcadia Toys runs into Jack and he sees that she is pregnant. He decides to keep her for it.


Special thanks to Full Moon Fiend for this information.


coming soon


March 20th, 2004


April 18th, 2004



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