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"All Is Not Well In Toyland..."

Director .... Charles Band
Writer .... Craig Hamann
Producer .... Charles Band & Keith S. Payson
Based on the characters created by David S. Goyer, David Pabian, & Jackson Barr

Tim Thomerson .... Brick Bardo
Melissa Behr .... Nurse Ginger
Tracy Scoggins .... Judith Grey
Phil Fondacaro .... Ray Vernon
Phil Brock .... Collins
R.C. Bates .... Bum
Frank Welker .... Baby Oopsy-Daisy (voice)

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Thirteen inch space cop Brick Bardo (DOLLMAN) sets out to find Nurse Ginger (BAD CHANNELS), a woman shrunk to eleven inches when aliens tried to capture her from an old radio station. Meanwhile, policewoman Judith Grey (DEMONIC TOYS) watches over the Toyland Warehouse, fearing that the evil toys will return. That's when a bum sneaks inside but gets in an accident and his blood awakens the sleeping toys, this time befriended by a new soldier action figure instead of a large teddy bear. When Brick descovers Ginger living in her kitchen drawer, Judith arrives needing help. The three team together to wipe out that deadly toys once and for all. But in the process, Judith is murdered by Toy Robot. Now as Baby Oopsy-Daisy develops a crush on Ginger and plans to revive the master in her after a night of rough sex, Brick hunts down each toy and shoots them dead one by one. Now on Halloween night, it's up to him to save Ginger and destroy the terrible Demonic Toys.


Rated "R" for Language, Violence, & Sexuality.
64 minutes.
Released to video October 13th 1993.


VHS Special Features (Full Moon's Videozone)
• Introduction by Full Moon Chairman CHARLES BAND
• Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
• Spotlight: Actress DENISE DUFF
• Full Moon Madness: The band QUIET RIOT
• Movie Trailers: Remote, Mandroid, Puppet Master 4, Bloodlust: Subspecies III, The Lurking Fear



* Also considered as Demonic Toys 2 and Dollman 2.

* A large portion of the movie is just archive footage from Dollman, Bad Channels, and the original Demonic Toys.

* This movie is not just a sequel to Demonic Toys or Dollman, but is also a spin off of Bad Channels, and of course an obviously run in with the Puppet Master series.

Bad Channels is a screenplay by Jackson Barr, and Dollman is written by David Pabian.

* Special Vocal Effects and the crazy voice behind Baby Oopsy-Daisy were done by Voiceographer Frank Welker, the voice behind Fred Jones of the Scooby Doo, Where Are You? cartoons, and many of the Decepticons (like Megatron) on the original series of The Transformers. In fact, his voice for Baby, is very similar to the voice of Scooter, a transforming robot from the TV series, Challenge of the Gobots.

* The theme song is reused from Crash And Burn.

* Tim Thomerson was excited to reprise the role of Brick "Dollman" Bardo but was a little surprised by the storyline.

* This is the first movie I ever bought on eBay.


* On the cover Baby Oopsy-Daisy is wearing pink clothes, but in the movie his clothes are blue.

* Dollman is only 13 inches tall, but in one scene he grabs a wooden hockey stick his size.

* Nurse Ginger is cuffed to the bed while Baby Oopsy-Daisy intends on doing the nasty. Brick Bardo arrives and shoots the toy dead, but without showing an explaination, Nurse Ginger is uncuffed.

* During the flashback scene (footage from Dollman) Brick waves goodbye to Debi, while talking to Nurse Ginger he says "I had a thing for Maria, but it just wasn't in the cards." Maria was a different character, whom he had never even met.

* When the toys are first encountered, Dollman fires at the vent where they appear. He isn't aiming UP at them, but straight ahead, missing them yet the shots do appear hitting the vents.

* Warning! THIS INCLUDES SPOILERS TO "BAD CHANNELS" - Melissa Behr returns as Nurse Ginger, however in Bad Channels, Ginger was rescued and made normal sized again at the end of the film. It was Bunny played by Daryl Strauss that was left shrunk and more than likely she was intended to appear in this DMvsDT.

* Emailed to me by a fan, when Brick climbs up a crate as Ginger stays on the floor, Brick encounters Zombietoid, and then Ginger is suddenly up on a higher crate when she's throwing the balls at Zombietoid.




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Comedy Commentary (SPOILERS)

"Things I Learned Watching..."

Dollman vs. Demonic Toys

* Midgets make terrible security guards. (Sorry, it's the movie.)

* Going through a door that says "No Exit" is a great way to leave a building.

* A woman shrunk by aliens doesn't believe in demons or killer toys.

more to come eventually...



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