Demonic Forest


Demonic Forest is a Konecrofilicvs Black Metal project formed in September 2008 in Queretaro city (Mexico) by Konecrofilicvs as Guitar and Vocals member and Namtar in the drums. Formerly as USCHTENHEIM in 2007. And USCHTENHEIM was formerly as ZABULUS band since 2006 with 4 members: Zabulus, Konecrofilicvs, Namtar, Alastor. We do a few recordings now almost all were lost or be destroyed by the time passage (Currently Im trying to save some ones…). Several months later this band was Split-Up at the end of 2007 year. This split give resulted the initiation of two new projects. Being the reason for separation was that Konecrofilicvs wants do own Black Metal without any obstacle or anyone else. The other side of the band creates a project called Satanic Pest but this band got their name until 2008 middle year. The another one was USCHTENHEIM that was created immediately and Kone project was concreted at 2007 end year. Being ZABULUS the pioneering band of these two currently projects. But USCHTENHEIM was a very primitive band project all the songs of our releases were recorded rehearsing the songs only a few times (2-4 times) and later recorded at the same day with old analogical technique and sometimes under the effects of drugs and alcohol. We was released one Demo and a Full-Length albums. Later than I was thinking about USCHTENHEIM had to die… Exist 3 USCHTENHEIM albums but it was never released but 2 of that was released under DEMONIC FOREST name project... Other was called “The Last Suicidal Precipice” never published… See our rare unreleased albums on Photos area. But a few months before USCHTENHEIM become dead DEMONIC FOREST appears in the depth of my conscience looking forward create the most primitive and extreme underground and rawest sound into a new tracks… While we are recording the last songs of USCHTENHEIM we start to record first DEMONIC FOREST titles. The result of this was Lugubre Demo (2008) an very rare tape… We wants create 7 tracks to that demo but our time was ending and by time pressure we released it only with 3 tracks but very Primitive Black Metal songs we do. Later I was decided to continue all my coming works under DEMONIC FOREST name doing it my principal project. The only time that DEMONIC FOREST plays in live was in January 3 of 2009 in Queretaro city. I think that you should not to hope with some day we plays again in live... DEMONIC FOREST is not "friend"of any national BM band... This proyect grows very isolated from any "Blackers friends or bands" this grows alone (but no alone in the sense of fucking depressive Emos Blackers (FUCK OFF DEPRESSIVE BM TREND) and without need of fucking stupid people but if you think this proyect grows in the middle of Black Metal social circles I let you know Im NOT a fucking "friendly" member of any Blackers friends circle who met gothic and death metal friends to their "TRUE" partys and every moment their conversations are fulled by childish, stupid brainless and ridiculous comments. But we thank our supporters. Really Im not an Misanthrope and I accept it because WE (I SAY WE (ALL) knows the 90% of Satanic Black Metal bands really has not do or have practiced some Satanic ritual we know this is the reality and this is an little example for the "Misanthropic" BM people starting by... if really are a Misanthrope people they would have never known about or listen something about Black Metal. We only are realistic. FUCK OFF YOU ALL!