The Opposite of Fate


Welcome to the website dedicated to my story, The Opposite of Fate.  It's a fiction based around the MYST timeline, with a few changes to suit my needs. 

In saying so: I don't own Myst or it's affiliated characters, they belong to Cyan Worlds, Ubisoft, and Rand and Robyn Miller.  I'm merely borrowing them for a little while.


Gaia Montgomery: A snarky, sarcastic archaeologist with a troubled past watches the boundaries of Space and Time crumble and fall when she gets roped into helping a long time friend Atrus, once again into making decisions that should never been hers to make.  She fights verbal and internal battles to save a life that may or may not want to be saved.  Will she pay the ultimate price once again?

Sirrus: A man once dead, once evil, finds himself strangely entangled with someone he thought of as an enemy.  Everything he knows or thinks he knows will undergo a drastic  change as he finds himself, love and a family he never thought he'd have. 

 Tahgahmem tsahn botaygahn shem b'fahsee: Two personalities collide in this epic story of love, family,betrayal and madness. 

 RATING: R, for people sixteen or over.  Rated for some gore, mature themes and language.  If you don't feel comfortable with these, please don't read.