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Update: Hello, most likely non-existent fans! In spirit of the Holiday season, we have decide to release demos of 3 new songs, as sort of a Christmas present to fans. The songs, titled Underfoot, Something Wicked (This Way Comes), and Bring The Night, respectively, will be released as both downloadable Mp3's and videos over the course of the Holiday break (the only time we have to do it). We hope you will check out the new songs as they are released as well as the finished EP, of which we are drawing ever-closer to the recording process. We hope your holidays rock almost as hard as we do! - Death Sharp#

Death # (pronounced Death Sharp) is a band hailing from Groton, MA. You may ask a few questions about them, such as - "What type of music do they play?" or "What are their goals as a band?". Well, Death # plays Rock N' Roll. All music that influenced it or was influenced by it. Blues, Rock, Metal, you name it. But Death # doesn't limit itself to labels and genre's, which leads into the next question. The goals of Death # are simple - to defy all genre classification; to wreak havok in the small town of Groton; MA, and finally, to rock out. If that is all they ever accomplish, that's ok. Death # consists of guitarists Joey and Kyle, bassist Steve, drummer Bryce and lead vocalist Nate. Kyle and Bryce, both members of the rock band Wonka, are also brothers. Nate is also a member of Wonka and Kyle and Bryce's cousin. Joey and Steve, both members of the acoustic duo The Crowing, are neighbors, and might as well be brothers. Death # is in the process of writing music for their eponymous debut EP (short album) and have the instrumentals almost finished. After the instrumentals for the songs are finished, Death # will work on writing lyrics, and then recording. The tracklisting for the EP can be found in the Music section. Here's guitarist Joey on the new EP -

  " The new EP is going to be like a sampler of all kinds of music....It's going to start out with a song with the working title "Johnny (Rotten to the Core), named after the singer of the Sex Pistols. It's essentially high energy punk-rock song, but it has a hardcore-punk feel to it in certain parts, so we'll see how that turns out. Then it's going to go into a rock ballad, called "Lost", it's full title is ridiculously long and Steve thought of it out of nowhere, it was pretty weird. Anyway, "Lost" is probably the most complete of the songs, it's pretty catchy, it's got an amazing bridge, and a cool intro that had to be tweaked a lil' bit because it sounded too much like "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day. Or atleast according to Kyle and Bryce it did. Anyway, it turned out pretty good, I think. After "Lost", it's gonna' take a big jump to a blues song called "Old Coke Machine". It was one of our earlier songs, back when "Lost" was still in it's early stages. It's an instrumental about a broken old Coca Cola machine in Steve's basement that me and Steve wrote for kicks *chuckles*. It's seriously old, like, it takes, dimes and they don't even sell Coke in those bottles anymore. We used to not explain the origin of "Old Coke Machine" until people started making drug refrences. We knew that was going to be inevitable. Finally, the EP ends with an epic progressive rock song called "Calling All Cowards". It was really influenced by the band Coheed and Cambria and even the title is a refrance to one of their songs. It's got a really epic riff in the chorus, which I wrote while in what I call a "Musical Epiphany" or a musical-realization. I forget where I came up with that, but I use the term a lot. "Calling All Cowards" is probably the farthest from being finished and is also the most complicated so far. I want to encorporate some dueling guitar solos into, just to make the song that much more epic. I think I'll add a lot of two-handed tapping to it, and I'll probably draw some inspiration for the tapping when I go to see Van Halen on Tuesday. I can't wait for that.  Anyway, I'm finished with my rant, sometimes I just like to hear myself talk like I know what I'm talking about."

That he does.


Here's bassist Steve on the new EP -

"It has 4 songs....they're pretty cool, I like basically the EP is gonna' be cool"

Indeed it will be.

Please check out Death #'s music when it comes out and stay tuned for videos and demos of the new songs.






Death Sharp is teh uber pwnage.

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