Formed in 2001 by singer/guitarist Chris Jester, Deathead has become synonymous with primal, barbaric riffery. 
Together with bassist Mat Smith who has become part of the nucleus that holds the band together and recent addition of drummer Cody Carson. 
Deathead unleashed its first aural assault in 2004 with the Architect of Armageddon ep before line up problems plagued the band. 
In 2007 Mat took a leave of abscense from the band as they released the Controlled by Chaos ep before returning to the fold for 2009's An Offering to the Gods with yet another lineup. 
Finally the group settled on the lineup of Jester, Smith, guitarist Terry Day and drummer Chafey. 
After several gigs and recording a single of The Thing in the Dark for a 2012 release both Chafey and Terry left due to their own reasons. 
The band is now in its streamlined trio format with Jester, Smith and Carson. 
Immediate plans are a split ep with Eye Licker and their own new album Blessed in Blasphemy both due in 2013.


Upcoming Gigs

September 12th - The Shredder Boise, Id

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