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Chaotic: Now Or Never!

Chaotic started out as a trading card game known as ''Grolls-N-Gorks'' and an idea for a cartoon series of the same name co-authored by Merlin P. Mann in December of 2000 to be produced by Solit Entertainment. The name of the manuscript was later changed to Chaotic in early 2001. But before any work on the cartoon was started Dracco Company Ltd. bought the rights to Chaotic from Solit Entertainment. Dracco Company Ltd. along with Apex Marketing then created the online version of the game and established the basic universe of Chaotic.

In September of 2003, trading card Executive Bryan C. Gannon signed a world wide Licensing and Distribution agreement with Henrik Andersen and his brother Jacob at Dracco to bring the Chaotic game to North America and to the world. Gannon created Chaotic USA Entertainment Group and licensed the patented technology from Cornerstone Patent Technologies, LLC to bring the property up to the standards required for a global brand. He teamed with John Milito and in 2006, 4Kids Entertainment signed a Joint Marketing Agreement with Chaotic USA Entertainment to produce the cartoon and bring the property to market, both on TV and for licensed products. The original cards were redesigned (and some renamed) along with the online game platform to give it a more mature look as well as the creation of a new animated series (with redesigned versions of Tom and Kaz) to promote the game.
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my personal notes.
1) i love the chaotic tcg, but i want to know why they had to change the original design of the game, cards, story line, ect.
i mean yeah i understand they wanted to make it look cool and mature, but i thought it was fine the way it was.
2) i believe that if they were going to change the whole intire information about chaotic: now or never, they should have at least archived all of the original pictures and info.
or at least put them on a website for everyone to see.
the original version has just vanished from the face of the earth.
all of us fans of the original chaotic only have a few things left to actually remember what chaotic once was.
for example: (SITE NO LONGER AVAILABLE ~ ElementalDraco218, Admin)
all it has is some limited info and only 5 percent of the original cards made in post BETA. there is not trace left of the other original cards except for 28 cards. 31 counting the 2 cards in the intro and the kazdan card in the game play info.
i would at least like to see some of the other cards before they were changed. it is hard to find even 2 sentences about the original chaotic tcg. i was lucky enough to find the info posted on this site.
now i respect there work and what they did, but dang. if the original game is oppsoleite then why can't you create a site a put all info about the original game in it for everyone to see and read and remember what the chaotic tcg used to be.