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EU hits Telefonica hard €151.9 Million Fine. 

The EU’s anti-trust regulator has fined the incumbent Spanish telco Telefónica €151.9 million for uncompetitive behaviour. According to EU
competition commissioner Neelie Kroes, the amount is so high – second only a record €497 million fine previously imposed on Microsoft – as the company  knew it was breaking antitrust laws. Telefónica has effectively been found guilty of charging excessive wholesale prices for broadband services to alternative providers, thereby holding back the rollout of services across the country between 2001-6. The Spanish regulator CMT has previously investigated Telefónica and earlier this week criticised the EU authorities ahead of the punishment imposed on Telefónica."

Spain’s industry minister Joan Clos has announced that its government may take legal action against the EC for imposing a huge fine on Telefónica. It
is the view of the Spanish government that the punishment of €151.9 million now facing the incumbent telco for abusing its dominant position in the
broadband sector is excessive, bearing in mind the fines of €10.4 million and €12.6 million imposed on Wanadoo and Deutsche Telekom respectively for similar offences four years ago. The Spanish regulator CMT has also argued against the fine, while the EC Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes has responded by saying that previous punishments failed to have the desired effect on companies abusing their dominant market position."

Having lived in Spain for 3 years and not having a phone line for two and a half years, even though I made several dozen phone calls to Telefonica (1004) and had several dozen engineers out to my house, having a land line to my house and all the phone points  it took a letter to the Government Minister to get the ball rolling.  Three weeks after I sent the letter the new line arrived, and two weeks after that the phone appeared, then the ADSL box came another three weeks after that.  So for your ease of trying to get a phone installed I have included the address below including the name of the minister concerned.  If you are having trouble getting a landline installed to your property or have been waiting for a very long time for the phone service. Then try writing to the Minister of Industry and Commerce. You must of course write in Spanish as this will help your case no end.  Good Luck.

If you then get your DOMO phone all the instructions are in "SPANISH"  Well if you want the instructions and the Answer Phone to be in English I will send them to you "In English" and understandable to you, EMAIL ME WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND GET THE FULL INSTRUCTIONS IN ENGLISH  "NOW IN WORD FILE"       email address       

Snr  Joan Clos i Matheu.

Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio

Acala, 50 (bis)

Palacio de Comuncacions.

E28071 Madrid

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