David Dean Mendoza

Composer / Performer / Music Educator

Recent News and Events

  • Forward Motion Indy New Music

11/13/17  Premiere of Nocturne for solo cello at Grove Haus, Indianapolis, IN

  • Atlas Lab 2016

08/27/16-09/04/16 I will be returning to Amsterdam to work with the Atlas Ensemble with a reading session of my new work Axis Mundi for winds, zithers, percussion, and strings.

  • CCRMA - Audio Plug-ins Designed with Faust

07/04/16-07/08/16 I finally got to learn Faust at the 2016 CCRMA Summer Workshop.  I can design plug-ins now!  I also am trying to learn Chuck and also keep up my Supercollider skills.   

  • Compositum Musicae Novae - Electric Event

05/27/16 Incantation for tenor viola da gamba has been selected for performance by Compositum Musicae Novae for its Electric Event at the Coral Gables Museum.    

  • SCI Region VI Conference 

02/11/16-02/13/16  Sextet for amplified percussion has been selected.  The percussion ensemble of Friends University did a great job.


New Music Miami


Alumni Concert
February 9th 2017


Nocturne for solo cello

Miami Beach Urban Studios

@ 7:30pm


New York City 

Electroacoustic Music Festival

Dissolution No. 4

for fixed media

Date TBA

Summer 2017