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The Incredible Adventures of Winston S Jackson  (out-of-print)
Leicestershire & Rutland
Tales of Mystery and Murder
Leicestershire & Rutland Murder Casebook  (out-of-print)
Leicestershire Murder Stories
Leicestershire Ghosts and Legends
Leicestershire Ghost Stories
Leicestershire Privies
Leicestershire Heroes

Memories of the Leicestershire Coalfields
The Dirty thirty: heroes of the miners' stike
Those Were The Days - Leicestershire in the 40s, 50s and 60s 
Derbyshire Ghosts & Legends
Derbyshire Tales of Mystery & Murder
Derbyshire Privies 
Derbyshire Heroes
Memories of the Derbyshire Coalfields
Derbyshire Murder Stories
Nottinghamshire Privies
Nottingham Murder Casebook 
Nottinghamshire Murder Stories
Memories of the Nottinghamshire Coalfields

Staffordshire & The Black Country Murder Casebook 
Staffordshire Murder Stories
Ghosts & Legends of Staffordshire & The Black Country
Staffordshire Ghost Stories
Staffordshire Tales of Mystery and Murder 
Memories of the Staffordshire Coalfields

Memories of the Warwickshire Coalfields

One of my books is "The Dirty Thirty - heroes of the miners' strike".  It's about the thirty courageous Leicestershire miners who supported the 1984-85 miners' strike, in a very hostile local environment.  It was published by Five Leaves Ltd on 23rd Feb 2009 - my seventieth birthday, and also the day I was invited to attend a reunion of the Dirty Thirty!  I can send buyers a signed copy post free, but it is also available from the publishers, from Amazon, Waterstones or via most bookshops.  The story of the Dirty Thirty has beened turned into a wonderful song by the brilliant singer-songwriter Alun Parry.  It has been made into a documentary film by Brian Langtry and Dr Len Holden.

Copies of most of these books are obtainable from me, post free.  Email for details.

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Copies of these books are obtainable from me, post free.  Email for details.