December 2014
Let Me Be Your Lover (Daan Geelen & Yvonne Smeets), When A Woman Loves A Man (EWS Winson), Beautiful Dawn (Craig Bennett & Niels Poulsen), Turkish Delight (Ria Vos, Oli Geir & Shelly Guichard), Fated To Love You (Country Bandwagon), Say It To Me (Maggie Gallagher), Just Shake (Maria Maag), Write Your Name (Julia Wetzel)
November 2014
Funk U Up (Junior Willis, Brandon Zahorsky, Scott Schrank, Sandy Rohrback Garrish), Doesn't Mean Goodbye (Guyton Mundy, Klara Wallman & Niels Poulsen), She Gives Me Love (Brenda Shatto), Chandelier (Kate Sala), Hey Porsche (Niels Poulsen), Living To Love You (Maria Maag), Run Away With You (Neville & Julie), Shake It For Me (Neville & Julie), Chain Reaction (Will Craig), Shake It Mamma (Wil Bos), Badda Badda Swing (Simon Ward & Daniel Whittaker)
October 2014
Sueno (Malene Jakobsen), One Great Mystery (Simon Ward), Factor 15 (Daniel Whittaker), Dust (Angel Chia), Cheesecake (Scott Blevins, Rachael McEnaney & Joey Warren), Chicago Bonfire (Debbie McLaughlin, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Ria Vos), Super Girls (Ria Vos), 2xBang (Linda McCormack), In Paradise (Ria Vos), Nothing Really Matters (Roy Verdonk & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane), Americano - I Wanna Dance 2014 (Lu Olsen), Don't Wait (Johanna Barnes), Must Be Something (Wil Bos), I Can Make Ya (Guyton Mundy & Fred Whitehouse), Dear Future Husband (Julia Wetzel), Tchu Tcha (Roy Verdonk & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane), Exposed (Debbie McLaughlin), Yours (Dee Musk)
September 2014
Superheroes (Maggie Gallagher), Feet On Fire ( Daniel Whittaker), Little Apple (Winnie Yu), With or Without You (Alison & Peter), Louder (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Pull The Trigger (Scott Blevins), Just Let It Go (Guyton Mundy & Niels Poulsen), I Want It That Way (Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick), Nothing To Lose (Ria Vos), Only A Dream (Joey Warren), One Less (Joey Warren & Brenna Stith), Ain't Wot U Do.. & We On Fire (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris)
August 2014
You'll Be Okay & Body Goes Boom! (Rachael McEnaney), She's On Fire (Niels Poulsen), Casa Musical (Roy Verdonk & Jose Miguel), Fireball (Donna Pearce), Say Geronimo (Ria Vos), Hey O (Darren Bailey), I Will Try (Niels Poulsen), My Moment (Shaz Walton), Break It Down (Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie), Hey Hey I Think I Like Ya (Wil Bos), Work Your Body (Dee Musk), Let It Go (Dom Yates), Down To The River (Klara Wallman), Aqua Fiesta (Tina Argyle, Laura Sway & Richard Palmer), Those Were The Days (Daniel Whittaker & Rob Fowler)
July 2014
Heaven In My Heart (Rep Ghazali), He's Italiano (Wil Bos), Sock It To Me (Kerry Maus), Crazy Stupid Love (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Slave To The Rhythm (Wil Bos & Laura Sway), Whistle While I Work It (Daniel Trepat & Roy Verdonk), Ready Set Mambo (Simon Ward & Maddison Glover), You and Me (Darren Bailey), AK Freak (Rachael McEnaney & Guyton Mundy), Live The Life! (Rachael McEnaney), I'm Waiting For You (Maria Maag), Everything Will Change (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), If I Don't (Ria Vos)
June 2014
Off The Chain (Fred Whitehouse), Zee Zee (Ria Vos & Vivienne Scott), Suicide Waltz (Joey Warren, Debbie McLaughlin, Niels Poulsen), So Feisty (Scott Blevins & Tajali Hall), No Goodbyes (Scott Blevins & Nicola Lafferty), Get It Bae (Joey Warren, Linda Miller, Will Craig), Faith Can Do (Jill Babenic), Alcazar (Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson)

May 2014
Wanna Be Contigo (Julia Wetzel), Light On (Debbie McLaughlin), Get My Name (Guyton Mundy & Will Craig), Strong Again.. (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Doo Wacka Doo (Guyton Mundy & Maria Maag), Shine My Shoes (Jo & John Kinser, Philip Sobrielo, Ruben Luna), Ring My Bells (Julia Wetzel), Coming Unplugged (Patrick D. Fleming), Won't You Stay (Joey Warren), Coca Cola Shake (Ria Vos), Just One Reason (Niels Poulsen), Booty Voodoo (Rob Glover & Roy Hadisubroto)
April 2014
Dust On The Floor (Ozgur "Oscar" & Muruvvet), Like A Lover (Ria Vos), The Boat To Liverpool (Ross Brown), Mmm Yeah (Rachael McEnaney, Roy Hadisubroto & Joey Warren), Clock Rock (Jannie Tofte Anderson), Not So Ordinary! & Rainmaker (Niels Poulsen), Triple X (Dee Musk), Cha Cha Burn (Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson), Keep It Groovin (Robbie McGowan Hickie), Anyone Can Say (Betsy Courant), Only A Woman (Karen Hadley)

March 2014
Incredible (Junior Willis & Scott Schrank), Mixed Up (Pat Stott & Carrie Ann Green), Thankful (Raymond Sariemijn, Henrik Gronvold, Ronny Palerud Larsen & Roy Hadisubroto), Just Once (Malene Jakobsen), Red Lights (Ria Vos & Niels Poulsen), Crying For No Reason (Maggie Gallagher), Human (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Adrenalina (Ria Vos), Hit The Floor (Ria Vos), Fault Line (Joey Warren), Hey Go (Scott Blevins)
February 2014
Man In The Mirror (Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward), Round of Applause (Dee Musk), Breathe Easy (Maria Maag), Where's The Party (Darren Bailey & Roy Verdonk), Me, U and The Music (Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse), Can't Rely On You (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Ivory Towers (Ria Vos), All of Me (Simon Ward), New York 2 LA (Rachael McEnaney), Ritmo (Ria Vos)

January 2014
Just Walk Away (Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood), The Tango Project (Daniel Whittaker), I'm Mad (Brenda Shatto), Moving On (Hans Palm), Only One Road (Jennifer Choo), Put The Gun Down (Guyton Mundy), I Just Can't Let You Go (Wil Bos & Aurelie Clota), Heaven In My Arms (Ivy Low), Billy Jean Waltz (Esmeralda van de Pol), Timber (Alison & Peter), Please Don't (Tomohiro lizuka & Jinsuk Kim)
December 2013
Love Me Right (Rachael McEnaney & Amy Glass), Come to Me (Ven Hacia Mi) (Francien Sittrop), Aguardiente (Firewater) (Norman Gifford), Told You So (Jannie Tofte Andersen)
November 2013
Mama Makossa (Ria Vos), Old Skool (Nevillie Fitzgerald, Julie Harris & Francien Sittrop), Never Should Have (Ria Vos), Kick Up Your Heels (Linda Wolfe), Wrong Side Slide (Jill Babinec & Jo Thompson), Something (Maria Maag), Heartbreaking Time (Jo & John Kinser), Outlaws of Love (Joey Warren, Will Craig, Jill Babinec), Nitty Gritty (Scott Blevins), One Day In Your Life (Francien Sittrop), Always Alone (Niels Poulsen)

October 2013
Counting Stars (Simon Ward), Baila Mas Mas Mas (Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk), Girl Power (Simon Ward, Debbie McLaughlin, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane), I Hope You Find It! (Niels Poulsen), Made In The USA (Guyton Mundy), Post Code Envy (Joey Warren), Letting You Go (Maggie Gallagher), Past Midnight (Niels Poulsen), Frozen Heart (Ria Vos), Sexy Lady (Craig Bennett), Back To Life.. (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris)

September 2013

Hey Samba
(Ria Vos), Thousands of Songs (Jennifer Choo & Eddie Tang), Jump On A Ride (Ria Vos), Remember That (Rachael McEnaney), Krazy (Guyton Mundy), If I Had Wings (Dee Musk), A Venga Hot (Wil Bos & Heidi van Sinten), Clap Happy! (Shaz Walton), The Good Life (Rachael McEnaney), Up All Night (Kate Sala, Dee Musk, Craig Bennett & Robbie McGowan Hickie)

August 2013

TriumF! (Jannie Tofte Anderson & Kirsten Matthiessen), Going Overdrive (Rep Ghazali), Showstopper (Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson), Let The Beat Go (Ria Vos), La Muchachita Cha Cha (BM Leong), Electric Shock (John Ng & Candy Tan), Nineteen Ninety Nine (Ross Brown), Invincible (John Robinson, Derek Steele & Debi Bodven), Private Affair (Jennifer Choo), Jumpin Up (Robbie McGowan Hickie), Calor Amores (Rob Fowler), Unconditional (Peter & Alison), Te Voy A Amar (Lars Kuif), Hey Hey Hey (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris)


No Life After You (Guyton Mundy), Hey Love (Niels Poulsen), What You Mean To Me! (Craig Bennett), Twisted DJ (Debbie McLaughlin & Joey Warren), Follow Me (Darren Bailey, Raymond Sarlemijn, Fred Whitehouse), Wow Tokyo (Kate Sala & Ria Vos), Fiesta Del Fuego (Kate Sala), Pride In Me (Kate Sala & Craig Bennett),  Just Wanna Run Away (Neville & Julie), Compass or Map (Tajali Hall)

June 2013

What Now? (Cato Larsen), Amor Perdimos (Lost Love) (Ivy Low), More Than Friends (Daniel Trepat), Without You (Guillaume Richard), My Spanish Love (Simond Ward), Warrior (Peter & Alison), You're The Reason (Maggie Gallagher), We Just Go On (Francien Sittrop), In The Middle (Andre Adhitama), Be My Baby Now (Rachael McEnaney & Vicky St Pierre), Never Say Never (Scott Blevins), Where We Belong (Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward), Blurred Lines (Rachael McEnaney & Arjay Centeno), Solayoh (Norman Gifford), Booty Chuk (Scott Blevins & Lou Ann Schemmel)

May 2013

It Don't Matter (Joey Warren), Turn Away (Paul James & David-Ian Blakeley), Duty Free (Robbie McGowan Hickie), Staring Back At Me (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Masquerade (Anthony Nieto), Oh So Beautiful, You Got Away, You Knock Me Down (Niels Poulsen), From Latin With Love (Ria Vos, Karl-Harry Winson, Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley), Hot Dancefloor (Linda McCormack)

April 2013

A Liquid Lunch (Francien Sittrop), Brasil Ole Ole Ola (Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk), Come Get It (Scott Blevins), Slip (Maggie Gallagher), Clap For The DJ (Ria Vos), Faking It (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Trespassing (Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey), Believe In Me (Esmeralda v.d.), Don't Kiss Me, Just Eat Me (Rep Ghazali), Reckless (Joey Warren), Give It A Go (Ria Vos), Boom Sh-Boom (Rachael McEnaney)

March 2013

Superstar (Guyton Mundy), When I Was Yours (Craig Bennett), Shiver (Debbie McLaughlin & Joey Warren), Last One Standing (Betsy Courant), Our Generation (Peter & Alison), Leave You Alone (Joey Warren & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane), Rhythm of The Night (Simon Ward), The Bass (Ria Vos), Come Together 2013 (Debbie, McLaughlin), This Woman's Heart (Joshua Talbot, Stephen Paterson & Brett Jenkins), Just Can't Get Enough (Jo & John Kinser), Long Distance Love (Dee Musk), Crank It Up (Daniel Whittaker)

February 2013

Cubano (Niels Poulsen), Treat Me Right (Julia Wetzel), Bring The Action (John Robinson & Ruben Luna), Brand New Me (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Anything (Dee Musk), Better Believe (Scott Blevins), Reflection (Alison Johnstone), Gotta Be Somebody (Guyton Mundy)

January 2013

Gleefully There (Rachael McEnaney), Hurt Me Carefully (Ria Vos), Lost (Lu Olsen), Love Song (Dee Musk), Is Love Perfect (Maggie Gallagher), Trendin' (Jo & John Kinser, Ruben Luna, Philip Sobrielo), Tango De Pasion (Kate Sala), Backtrack (Maggie Gallagher), She's Dirty (Will Craig), There You'll Be (Winson Eng), In Your Dreams (Karl Harry Winson & Bob Francis), Before The Good's Gone (Ayu Permana), La Mamba (Penny Tan), Hear You Calling (The JD Five)

December 2012

Just A Fool (Alison Johnstone & Travis Taylor), Broon Sauce (Rep Ghazali), Corazon Y Vida (Francien Sittrop), Outta Control (Simon Ward), To Eternity! (Niels Poulsen & Simon Ward), Beautiful (Ira Weisburd), Report To The Dancefloor (John Ng), Judy Likes to Rock! (Niels Poulsen), Ready To Do Whatever (Dom Yates), Made In India (Amy Christian)

November 2012

Stuck (Rachael McEnaney & Joey Warren), I Can't Make You Love Me (Dee Musk), Don't Stop the Party! (Niels Poulsen), His Only Need (Ria Vos), Humanised (Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson), Blank Page (Francien Sittrop), Got Me Good (Julia & Nicole Wetzel), Let The Sky Fall (Neville Fitzgerald & Julies Harris), Let It Play (Dee Musk), Floor On Fire (Alison Biggs), Love Is A Word (Maggie Gallagher), Now You See It, Now You Don't (Guyton Mundy n JOrdan Lloyd), I Wanna (Dance) (Gerard Murphy, Michael Barr & Frank Trace), Ting Ting (Francien Sittrop)

October 2012

Move Your Thang (Jacob Ballard & Tajali Hall), Flower (Louise Kjaer), Heart Skips A Beat (Amy Glass), Windy City Waltz (Simon Ward, Ria Vos & Darren Bailey), Ain't Giving Up (Neville Fitzgerald & Julies Harris), Black Eyed Boy (Daniel Whittaker), Soul Fire (Ria Vos), Man Overboard (Jordan Lloyd), Who Else But You (Ria Vos), Gangnam Style (Kay Jeong/Psy), Wow Bom Bom (Paul McAdam & Craig Bennett)

September 2012

All My People (Maggie Gallagher), Helele (Peter & Alison), I Like It, I Like It (Simon Ward), Sideway Shuffle (Kate Sala), Give Me You (Scott Schrank), You Lost Me (Jannie Tofte Anderson), Heavy On My Heart ! & Promise! (Niels Poulsen), Fingerprints (Yvonne Anderson), Jenkins Sisters' Jam (Scott Blevins), Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Rachael McEnaney), Baby I'm So Sorry (Jennifer Choo & Ivy Low), Twinkle (Rhoda Lai)

August 2012

Don't Say Goodbye (Peter Ng), Brand New Day& Gotcha Where I Want Ya (Ria Vos), Pretty (Jaszmine Tan), I'm Amazed (Francien Sittrop & Ryan Hunt), Zumba (Jose Miguel Belloque Van & Roy Verdonk), Need To Nightclub (Rachael McEnaney), It's Not Funny (Cato Larsen), Set It Off (Dee Musk), Muevelo Cha Cha (Ayu Permana), Beijo (Rep Ghazali), Drop It Low (Dwight Meessen & Marianne Schmitz), Boys Will Be Boys (Rachael McEnaney), Everybody Dance (Jo & John Kinser)

July 2012

Beautiful In My Eyes (Simon Ward), Through The Fire (Scott Belvins & Jo Thompson), Lucky Strike (Peter & Alison), All I Need (Rob Fowler), No Going Back (Karl-Harry Winson), Summer Of Love (Peter & Alison), Explosive (Karl-Harry Winson), Let's Raise The Roof (Matt Atkinson), Point Of No Return (Ria Vos), El Talisman (Francien Sittrop), Oh My Days! (Shaz Walton), Time Bomb (Craig Bennett)

June 2012

Farewell (Debbie McLaughlin, Joey Warren & Junior Willis), Scarborough Waltz (Larry Schmidt), Next to Me (Niels Poulsen), Highway (Cato Larsen), Night Nurse (Dee Musk), Aphrodisiac (Peter & Alison), How You Gonna (Will Craig), Feel The Energy (Esmeralda v.d. Pol), Bang Bang (Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward), The Art Of Letting Go (Winson EWS), Together We Dance (Peter & Alison), Hoochie Coochie (Maurice Rowe), EresTu (Peter & Alison), La Vida Del Verano (Sebastian Holtland), Permanent (Michael Vera-Lobos)

May 2012

Follow The Leader (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Feel Good Cha (Jennifer Choo), Back In Time (Rachael McEnaney), Naked (Francien Sittrop), Rock Da Boat & Make Me Come Alive (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Always On Your Side (Linda Burgess), You're My Lady (Jenny Rockett), El Samba de M (Raymond & Line Sarlemijn)

April 2012

Hurry Up and Wait (Debbie McLaughlin & Joey Warren), Cold Blooded Lover and People Like You (Joey Warren), One Day (Julia Wetzel), Almost Here (Jennifer Choo & Jasmine Leong), Love Trouble (Niels Poulsen), Without You (Peter & Alison), Mariah (Darren Bailey & Raymond Sarlemijn), Stars In The Sky (Kirsten Matthiessen), A Lovers Place (Kate Sala), 7 Up (Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan), Fake I.D. (Jamal Sims), Everyday (Ryan Hunt), Bossa Nova Baby (Guyton Mundy), Treat Me Like A Rose (Peter Ng)

March 2012

Naughty, Baby (Scott Blevins), Concrete Angel (Dee Musk), Heart Beats Louder (Maggie Gallagher), Read All About It (Michael Vera-Lobos), Sunday Morning (Roy Verdonk & Pim Van Grootel), I Keep On Loving You (Gordon Elliott), Words To Believe (Roy Verdonk, Wil Bos & Jose Miquel), You Can Do Magic (Dee Musk), Oh Na Na (Jo & John Kinser), Make U Luv Me (Paul McAdam), My Memory (Angel Chia), Behind The Glass (Debbie McLaughlin), Check My Swagger (Shaz Walton), Hotter Than Fire (Peter & Alison), Breathing (Francien Sittrop), Stand By My Side (Michael Vera-Lobos), Smack Dab (Tajali Hall)

February 2012

Your Soldier (Esmeralda v.d.), Fresh (Jo & John Kinser), A Thousand Years (Michael Vera-Lobos), Intrigue (Rob Fowler), Share This Love (Jo & John Kinser), Bridge Of Light (Francien Sittrop), Faithfully (Guyton Mundy), Misty Blue (Julia Wetzel), Play Dead! (MT), Kiss The Stars.. (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Loca (Jaycee Quiambao), So Fresh (Joey Warren), Kings' n Queens (Malene Jakobsen & Jannick Brendholt), Chariz.. (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris)

January 2012

Me Without You (Shaz Walton), Last Day Of My Life (Lu Olsen & Marcia Langton), Without Fire (Karl-Harry Winson), What Are Words (Niels Poulsen), The Secret Move (John Ng), No Llores (Ria Vos)

December 2011

Loving You (Niels Poulsen), Worldwide (Will Craig), Meet Me At The Alter, Hi-A-Ma Cha & Had A Bad Day (Rachael McEnaney), Something Only Love Can Do (Winston Yew), Mr President (Tajali Hall), Nobody Knows (Jerome Massiasse), Mi Dios Y Mi Cruz! (Elke Weinerger n Illona Klockner), It All Falls Down.. (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris)

November 2011

Hotstepper (Dan McInerney), Kicking The Dirt (Kate Sala), Dem Girls (Will Craig), Run (Josh Talbot), Stronger (Peter & Alison), Try With Me (Maggie Gallagher), Mr Wonderful (Craig Bennett), Language Of The Heart (Ria Vos), Read All About It (Shaz Walton), La Llama (Maria Maag), I'm Good @ It (Rep Ghazali), Still Holding Out For You (Lu Olsen/ Marcia Langton), Hurt Me So (Scott Blevins)

October 2011

Maraca (Helen Jeppsson), La Vida Loca (Lily Liu), Domino (Rachael McEnaney), Dirty Dancer (Jo Kinser, Daniel Trepat, Niels Poulsen), If You Walk Away (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Every Night And Day (Ross Brown), Prejudice (Debbie McLaughin), You Better Stop (Stephen Rutter & Claire Butterworth), I Want You (Julia Wetzel), Find It In (Joey Warren), Be A Little Selfish (Joey Warren / Craig Bennett)

September 2011

Rabiosa (Kate Sala), Down With The Trumpets (Shaz Walton), Start Over (Dee Musk), Lone Again.. , Tequila Boom.. , Rise Above.. (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), This City (Guyton Mundy, Will Craig, Rob Glover n Carey Parsons), Wet (Craig Bennett), Bollywood (Daniel Whittaker), Get What You Give (Sue Ann Ehmann), Make It Hot (Dee Musk), Here I Stand (Michael Vera-Lobos), Intoxicated Flame (Rafe Anderson), Wanna Dance With You (Christle Chong), That Person, That Love (Country Bandwagon), Dance Like A Freak (Joyce Plaskett), Party Girl (Rickard Tapper)

August 2011

Monster In The Mirror (Kirsten Matthiessen) Safety Dance (Johanna Barnes), Dayo Me Say Dayo (Wil Bos & Esmeralda), Rock Your Body (Francien Sittrop), Throw The Dice (Joey Warren), Tong Hua (Fairytale)! (Elke Weinberger n Illona Klockner), Blind (Jordan Lloyd), Back In My Arms (Heather Barton), Not Drunk Enough (Shaz Walton), It's Time To Disco (Gaby Lau), Back In My World (Scott Schrank & Irene Tang), When I See You Smle (Steinar Ishoel), Jazzy Girl (Jo & John Kinser)

July 2011

In2U (Neville Nitzgerald & Julie Harris), Devotion (Maggie Gallagher), The Thrill Is Gone (Jo & John Kinser and Mark Furnell), You Stay With Me (Kirsi Marja Vinberg), No Scandal (Robbie McGowan Hickie), Dance Dance Dance (Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk), Believing In The Power (Soren Kristensen & Jannick Brendholt), Follow Your Soul (Sebastiann Holtland), What About My Dreams? (Dee Musk), Under My Skin (Craig Bennett), Shy Boy (Kay Jeong), Show Me The Love (Simon Ward), Move A Like (Ria Vos)

June 2011

On Fire (Ria Vos), It's Friday! (Tim Gauci), What! (Frankie Cull), Love Don't Run (Craig Bennett & Shaz Walton), Alabama Slammin' & My Mysterious (Rachael McEnaney), Saved My Sould (Esameralda Van der Pol), Soul Food (Lorenzo 'goLo' Evans), 5-10-15 Swing! (Scott Blevins), Goodbye Kiss (Joey Warren & Debble McLaughlin), Itaewon Freedom (Seong-yun Eom & Yeong-Nam Jun), Caballero (A Spanish Gentleman) (Ira Weisburd), Lady Luck & My Hero! (Niels Poulsen), Fangbanger's Cha (Scott Blevins), East L A (Kate Sala), Somebody's Chelsea (Lu Olsen & Marcia Langton), Hit N Run (Ross Brown)

May 2011

Miles Between Us (Julia Wetzel), The Flute (Maggie Gallagher), Slingin' Mud (Guyton Mundy & Will Craig), Hit The Lites.. & Own It... (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), All Of Me (Maggie Gallagher), Latin Girl (Yonne Emalda), Backseat Driver (Jordan Lloyd), Nothing Like This.. (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Oh Maria (Ross Brown), Falling In Love Tonight (Dee Musk), These Castle Walls (Joey Warren), O-Ye-Me (Ria Vos)

April 2011

About That Walk & Papi (Rachael McEnaney), Party Rockin' (Shaz Walton), Mambo Rock (Angels H Guix), Swan (Daniel Trepat), About to Blow (Tony Myers), Love Sick (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), I Need You (Clare Bull), Lloro Por Ti (Rene Madsen), Still Got The Blues (Niels Poulsen), Boy, You're Too Late (Kumari Tugnait), Say Jamboo Eh (Sebastiaan Holtland)

March 2011

Time For Miracles (Henrik Juul Sorensen), The Coconut Tree (Francien Sittrop), To Be Loved (Robbie McGowan Hickie), With You In My Bed (Elke Weinberger & Illona Klockner), Prince Charming (Kate Sala & Rob Fowler), Rock The House (Dan Morrison), C U 2nite (Dom Yates), Take Out (Kirsten Matthiessen & Jannie Tofte Andersen), Don't Want You Back (Jane Boyd), Electric (Tajali Hall), In Your Heart (Malene Jakobsen), Perfect (Guyton Mundy), Get Up Dance (Maggie Gallagher), Get Sexy & Talkin To The Moon (Joey Warren), Pura Passion (Yvonne Anderson)

February 2011

All She Knows (Jordan Lloyd), Don't Be A Drag (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), S&M (Shaz Walton), Not Together Now.. (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Innocent (Julia Wetzel), I Finally Found Someone (Lu Olsen & marcia Langton), Raise Your Glass & Let It Be (Rachael McEnaney), 0h, Oh! (Jo & John Kinser, Mark Furnell), I'm Still Here (Michael Vera Lobos)

January 2011

What Happens On The Dance Floor (Peter & Alison), Bad Addiction (Karl-Harry Winson), I Will Be Free (Esmeralda v.d.), Won't Let Go (Malene Jakobsen & Jannick Brendholt), Shine A Light (Shaz Walton), Catch A Grenade (Ria Vos), Dirty Bit (Shaz Walton), Who's That Girl? (Colleen Archer), Overcome The Silence (Katie Terrett), I Am A Man Like This (Kay Jeong & Sugar Choi), Love Supply & Sands Of Time (Ria Vos), I Belong To You (Niels Poulsen & Simon Ward)

December 2010

Jurame, The Goose Drank Wine & Conquering America (Rafe Andersen), Vamos A La Playa (Sophitia Christiansen), I Just Wanna (Ruben Luna), A Candle In The Dark (Pat Stott), Burlesque (Norm Gifford), Tightrope (Janelle Monae), Another Heartbreak (Robbie McGowan Hickie), Hold My Hand (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris)

November 2010

Tonight I'm Loving You (Ria Vos), Twist With The Fat Boys (Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos), Test of Faith (Rep Ghazali), Like A G6 (Jean-Pierre Madge), Cuz I Said So & Off The Ground (Neville Fitzgeradl & Julie Harris), Love You More (Dee Musk), Calypso Mexico (Ria Vos), Exotica (Peter & Alison), 1-2-3-4 (Niels Poulsen), Donde Esta Tu Amor (Elke Weinberger & Illona Klockner), Count Down (Ryan Hunt), What If?? (Francien Sittrop)

October 2010

Beautiful Monster (Niels Poulsen), Shot A Bullet Through My Heart & Easily Hooked (Rep Ghazali), Black Sweat (Maurice Rowe), Paint It Black (Clare Bull), The Pulse (Kate Sala), A Walk On The Wild Side (Jacob Ballard), Jumpin' The Gun (Jo Thompson, Jackie Miranda, Judy McDonald), Euro Mess! (Jo Kinser, Niels Poulsen, Daniel Trepat), Not The One (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Love Your Flavour (Rob Fowler & Lianne Lewis), Written In The Stars (Shaz Walton), Bumpy Ride (Peter & Alison), We Belong (Robbie McGown Hickie)

September 2010

Babelonia (Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk), No Other Love (Ria Vos), A Song For You (Oil Geir & Hugrun), Private Dancer (Scott Blevins), Nothin' Better (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Baby Get Up and Bossa Nova Twist (Ria Vos), Share The Moment (Maria Maag & Jannie Tofte Andersen), 2012 (Shaz Walton), You're Amazing (Guyton Mundy), Blue Sky and Hallelujah! (Niels Poulsen), Live Forever (Ross Brown), Let Me C It!!! (Guyton Mundy & Will Craig), Sacred Places (Shaz Walton), Fall Apart (Dee Musk)

August 2010

2 Different Tears (John Ng), Cool Cat (Francien Sittrop), Cyclone (Rachael McEnaney), Lucky Punch (Robbie McGowan Hickie)

July 2010

Burn It Down & Unbroken (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), No Room In My Bed (Sandy Kerrigan), Unmistakable (Kevin & Maria Smith), The Club Is Alive (Shaz Walton), If You Say.. (Kim Ray), Totoy Bibbo (Dharry Ladiana), Hip To Be Square (Rob Fowler & Pedro), Kiss Kiss (Ria Vos), Need Somebody (Dee Musk), Boomerang (Teresa & Vera), Pack Up & Tip Toe (Pat & Lizzie Stott), Dance In The Mirror (Sandy Kerrigan & Travis Taylor), Aphrodite (Dee Musk), Peek A Boo (Maggie Gallagher), Walking On Fire (Rep Ghazali), Burn It Up (Robbie McGowan Hickie)

June 2010

Haunted (Paul McAdam), Commander (Peter & Alison), Bombadilla Life (Cato Larsen), My Lady (Emily Mah), Lift Me Up (Ria Vos), Make You Sweat (Ria Vos), A Shoulder To Cry On (Sophitia Christiansen), The Stroma Dance (Niels Poulsen), One Step Leads To Another (Peter & Alison), Only In Your Mind (Elfrita Maya), Everything I Do (Rachael McEnaney), The First Thing (Debbie McLaughlin), I'll Wait For You (Dee Musk), Trouble Is (Scott Blevins)

May 2010

Pyromania (Jo & John Kinser, Mark Furnell), Fragile Heart (Baila Baila Zumbido), Xurro Media Manga Mangotero (Elke Weinberger & Illona Klockner), Keep Sweating (Queendy Lee & Emily Woo), Body Bounce (Tajali Hall), I Can Fly (Mark Simpkin), Playboy (Shaz Walton & Joey Warren), Not Tonight, Zoosk Girl & Push It Up (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Hot Out The Box (Shaz Walton), Klaws (Rep Ghazali), Stoked (Joey Warren), Gigolo Masculino (Forty Arroyo), (You're Making Me) Hot Hot Hot (Helena Jeppsson)

Apr 2010

Invisible Girl (Maggie Gallagher), Each Tear (Shaz Walton), You Know Me (Niels Poulsen), Soledad (Elfrita Maya), Rah Rah Ooh La La (Jo/John Kinser & Mark Furnell), Latin Crazy (Dee Musk), Try It On (Dom Yates & Matt Sampson), What Will It Be (Kim Ray), I Got A Woman (Daniel Trepat), One Last Dance (Maria Maag & Jannie Tofte Andersen), Night Owl (Ryan Hunt), Get Loud & Swings (Sebastiaan Holtland & Brandon Cheung), Swing Time (Niels Poulsen), Sugar Candy (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Running In The Wrong Direction (Craig Bennett & Wille Brown)

Mar 2010

Strong Baby (Emily Woo & Queendy Lee), No More Tears (Francien Sittrop), Paint My Love (Elke Weinberger & Illona Klockner), Umbrella Swing (Ria Vos & Patricia Brandenburg), Hypnotized (Shaz Walton), Amor Pasional (Ria Vos), Miss Everything (Francien Sittrop), Murder My Heart (Neville Fitzgerald), Who U Love (Neville Fitzgerald), Baby Baby Baby (Dee Musk), Hero (Peter & Alison), Whataya Want From Me (Shaz Walton), Broken Hearted Girl (Teresa & Vera), Gave It All Away (Maggie Gallagher), If We Ever Meet Again (Shaz Walton)

Feb 2010

As Love Is My Witness (Peter & Alison), Parachute (Peter & Alison), Blah Blah Blah (Guyton Mundy), Play For Keeps (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris), Rapper's Delight (Rachael McEnaney), One Day You Will (Dee Musk), Walking In The Rain (Maggie Gallagher)

Jan 2010

Stupid In Love (Rachael McEnaney), Daddy's Little Girl (Simon Ward), Holdin' It Down (Dan McInerney), One Love (Frank Cooper), No Salvation (Scott Blevins), Avatar (Ross Brown), She's A Mesh (Malene Jakobsen), Rockin' That Body Body (Michele Perron), Fever (Esmeralda Van De Pol), Here 'Til The End (Ryan King), Martini Moments (Francien Sittrop), Kinda Busy (Craig Bennett), Do U Remeber (Shaz Walton), Esperanza (Adrain Swales), 2X Trouble (Guyton Mundy & Michele Perron)


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