Event History Photos 1996-1999

COAST SWING & LATIN:  Enio Cordoba, CA:   At Ithaca & Rochester, NY  (2/96)  Great workshops for flirting & sensuality, also combining Latin with WCS. Thanks to the support of Maureen Hickey (Rochester) and Bill Borgida (Ithaca) for enrolling so many of their students

TEACHER'S TRAINING WORKSHOP FOR LATIN STYLES held in Rochester NY (2/96) Enio Cordoba, CA: 18 instructors attended. 

WEST COAST SWING: Andrea Deaton, CO:  At Rochester & Ithaca, NY (7/96)
Great confidence booster for followers, Andrea is known for her flirtatious & sexy styling.  Thanks to Jean & Aswin (Ithaca) & Maureen Hickey (Rochester) for co-sponsoring.

WOMEN'S LINDY WEEKEND RETREAT: Ramona Staffeld & Kate & lucy Engle of "Minnies Moochers":  At Ithaca, NY  (7/97)
This unique workshop included Jazz & Charleston Routines; workshops for women ‘Learning the Lead',  ‘Womens's Styling’, ‘Hijacking vs. Back Leading’ and recovery tips for ‘Handling Breakdowns’.   We also enjoyed ‘Tea Time’ everyday and a ‘Clothing Exchange’.  "It was a very bonding experience."  Thanks to Ramona & Andrea, Kate & Lucy for your special Yin Energy.


LINDY HOP:  Steven Mitchell, Minnie's Moochers and Joe Salzano & the Blue Devils. At Ithaca, NY (3/99) 
"Benefit Weekend for Minnies Moochers".
  Who became US Lindy Hop Champions that year.  Special thanks to Ramona Staffeld and ALL The Moocher Parents, Nate, Kirk & Paula Smith, Joe and The Pyramid Mall for donating all of that tremendous warehouse space and the 275 dancers who attended.

TEACHERS TRAING WORKSHOP:  Steven Mitchell, CA  At Ithaca, NY  (3/99)
Purpose was to unify Swing Dance Teachers, get better acquainted and share ideas.  There were 20 in attendance from 10 different cities.  "A first for Swing Dancers in upstate NY."  Thank you to Steven for saying, "It is all Swing"; West Coast, Lindy, Jive and East Coast.  This helped create understanding and respect among the different style dancers.

LINDY HOP: Rhythm Hot Shots from Swedan and Joe Salzano & The Blue Devils:  Buffalo, NY (5/99)
Buffalo's first Lindy Hop Weekend". Thank you;  Tracy, Catherine & Sweet Home High School for your contribution.

LINDY HOP: Rhythm Hot Shots, Swedan:  At Ithaca, NY (5/99) 
Memorial Day Weekend integrating Lindy, West Coast and Jitterbug dancers. Performances by the RHSs to the live music of Joe Salzano & The Blue Devils, workshops for 'Creating & Performing Choreography', 'Jack n' Jill Contest' with $500 in prizes, 'Saturday Night Barbeque' & 'Ice Cream Social' on Sunday. 
Published as "Best Bets" for Memorial Day Weekend, The Ithaca Journal 5/27/99.
Special thanks to Kurt Lichtmann, Bill B, Cindy O.

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