"From the Horse's Mouth"

Here was my story:I am (right, white hair, cape).
     It was 1994 while living in Denver, Colorado; getting my life together after my divorce in 1990. 
I was teaching health seminars, dancing and feeling freed.  I received notice in July while teaching in Van Couver, BC that my father was dying and I was needed in Prattsburgh, NY.  So I made arrangements for my children and flew directly there.
    Conditions were so bad that I needed to stay.  My children joined me there in August.  Times were hard, the farm was neglected, the well went dry, we had to haul water from a hand dug well down the road (I found out that it takes 5 gallons of water to flush a toilet) and while heating with wood, we had two fires.  I had very little cash,  no job or friends in upstate NY and my father was in and out of present time, resentful and grumpy.
     One day an antique dealer stopped by, having heard of the situation and asked if I had any antiques for sale.  We got to talkin' and I got to complaining about how hard things were and how I wasn't dancing.  After looking through the stuff he finally said to me, "Ya know Victoria, maybe you need to be dancing with your father, there's not much time left."
     I heard what he said, I thought about it, I knew what that meant!  When I dance with a partner, I listen, keep my eyes and  heart center connected and for that time I believe he/she is the most important person in the room!  Figuratively, I began to apply these concepts with my father, the change that occurred was amazing!
     That was in April and in mid July '95 my father passed on.  During those last months we became reconnected and spent time together dancing through his life, remembering, sharing precious memories and choreographing the end of our life together.  We became so close that when he was dying he asked me if I was going with him.  I said, "No, I want to share with people these principles I've learned partnering with you."
     So I do and what I learned partnering with my father during that time is : The principles that work in dance work in life:  respect, honor, appreciation, consideration, connection & timing.  It's not always fun; it's effort, self evaluating, humbling, sometimes unappreciated but, it can keep us creating beautiful and graceful movement through life, hard times and relationships. 

     If you know someone who has not been dancing lately, get in touch and let them know they are missed; invite them back to the best place on earth!  
                                           Thank you,