VALS  Saturday April 15, 2017


 One Day Intensive with guest Instructor: Juan Brache (Ithaca)
 ‘from scratch to dispatch’



  . . . for dancers with Argentine Tango Experience capable of:  
 Turns, Lead to the Cross, back & front Ochos etc.

an Brache: born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the tradition of Latin dance brings passionate diversity to Tango dancing, teaching, and performance.  His instructors included well-known Tango teachers; Miguel Angel Zotto, Facundo and Kely Posadas, Carlos Gavito & Marcela Duran and Mariana Galassi.  In Buenos Aires he studied with Fernando Galera & Vilma Vega and Luciana Valle’s Tango Intensives as well.  Juan presently resides in Ithaca NY and has been teaching and performing in Upstate NY for the past 14 years.  


We are very happy to have him teaching  VALS  ‘from scratch to dispatch’,  Saturday, April 15th 12 noon-4pm.