Dairy Equipment, Surge and Dairy Goats

How to milk

To begin milking have the vacuum pump set up. When on put your  hand over the hose or opening you feel suction.  Check it before you are going to use it.  Pressure for goats should be 11-12 lbs. on the gauge.  Attach your parts to the lid, it may be good to wet the gasket with water then put in lid.  Attach all hoses.  Two black Plug Its  are nice to have as you put them in the inflation, and when you want the machine to milk, remove one at a time,  this helps hold the vacuum.  The inflations need to be on the goat/cow quickly as you turn the machine on, or it looses suction and will not hold on the goat. Once working you will hear the pulsator going back and forth, to adjust it there is a screw knob to turn it a tiny bit one way or the other, to go faster or slower.  Don't fool with it until you you really get used to it.  Let it be fast or slow at first.  When you don't see milk coming through the clear hose, turn off the shut off, the goat is finished. I pull off one of the hoses from the milker to release the vacuum, makes it easier take it off the goat.  When you remove the inflations, hand milk the goat to be sure all milk is out of her, to prevent mastitis.  Dip  her with a special dip or spray.  At shows I put 1/4 tsp of household bleach in a spray bottle then fill with water, spray the udder with that and use a paper towel to clean her off before milking, and spray some on each teat after milking. Keeps down bacteria to prevent mastitis. Throw the paper towel away after each goat.

I have a simple milk room.   Between the does stall and out tractor area we put up a petition wall.  The room is only 4 ft by 12 ft.  It is plenty  of room for me to milk 1 goat.  I have a laundry tub at the end of the milk room by the outside door.  Out side behind that wall is a exterior faucet, I drilled a hole through the wall and attached a washing machine hose  from the faucet to laundry tub faucet. I did the same for a drain pipe. Works great.  I use a electric bucket heater to heat  2 gallon of water while milking.  Have to remember to unplug the heater.  I can open the goats gate and they come right in the milk room door. 


Above the milk stand is a  paper towel holder, fan in window, heater for winter.  There is a small door built in the wall which is attached to a small cabinet between the 2 x 4 stud walls.  The rubber hose on the left wall has my black vacuum hose attached to a shut off through the wall. It is next to the small base kitchen cabinet. I hang everything on the walls.  It's mouse proof and insulated. One door goes to the doe area and the other to our tractor area, next to the wash tub is a small door to the outside.







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