Dairy Equipment, Surge and Dairy Goats

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Different Types of Milker Pails

This is the same pail  used with a belly milker when they  milk cows. For goats I use the longer milk lines, you have room to set the milker next to the goat and it doesn't pull on her. Or on a  milk stand if wide enough. I tried milking with the milker setting behind or under the goat with the cow set, up but it didn't work well, the milker was to tall to fit under goats, and behind is not a natural position it didn't empty the goat out as well.  Milker below does not have all the milk or air hoses hooked up.  Just a demo.  On this photo you can see the nipple that comes out of the  back of the pulsator.  It is for the vacuum hose, it gets pushed on the nipple of the pulsator and to the shut off valve on the vacuum air tank.  The shut off is either on the vacuum pump or can be set up like a pipe line in a dairy cow barn.

This pail is not position to milk just for demostration

 Below is a older smaller surge pail which is nice because of its size.  I like to take this one to shows, as it holds enough milk, it is a little lighter in weight.  The problem, it has a seam inside the pail, you can see it in the photo.  When I am using milk for home use I prefer not to have a seam. On the bottom is a rim it sits on.   All the surge lids and pulsators work with this pail.

Below is another pail but not a Surge. It doesn't have a name stamped on it, there are several different manufacturers of this type of pail. This type is quite expensive, even used. The Surge lids work on most pails, I have used this pail  with a Surge lid.

Cow surcingle rod and strap

Below is a strap to go over the cows back and the rod on the bottom holds the surge milker.  Most dairy farms use this system.  However if you set the milker under the cow, with a set up similar to goats, longer hose attached to the inflations and  longer vacuum  hose it should work.


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