Daatje 2008

10/19/2008 Hampton Beach

I have never been to any beach when the wind has been so relentless and the surf so violent.  Had I known, I would not have gone.  It was an unsettling time for my mare, bless her soul for not killing me! :)

Never the less, the photos taken from that ride were simply breathtaking. 

Ask me how that sand got there......go ahead....ask me. :P

Investigating the surf....

Getting a little closer.....


Eeeek!  Waves coming too fast!  Horse eating sea monsters sucking at my feet! 

She tried to back up, away from the incoming wave but the churning sand was too deep, sucking her feet down as she went backwards.  Shortly after this picture was taken, she fell over....in the water.....losing me in the process.  Blah. 

Poor kid thought she was being eaten by the sea.  I finished the ride soaking wet with one very sandy horse.... :P

Next time, I think we'll go to the State Park in Ipswich....... :)