Daatje 2008

Lyndeborough Carriage Drive

July 13th, 2008 brought us a spectacular day for the Lyndeborough Carriage Drive at Far Side Farm.  Rainbow, Mom and I left at 8am, arriving at Far Side Farm just after 9am.  We were on the road by 10am for a lovely 2 hour drive to Lyndeborough center and back.  Here are some photos. :)

Before heading out.


Another horse and carriage

Little Rainbow enjoying her walk.

From the drivers seat.

Our palomino friend having a "green" moment.  (He's supposed to be facing the other directon)

His mom walking him up the hill........he needed a little encouragement.

 Bright eyed and eager as always. :)

Up the hill to Lyndeborough center.


Rainbow sticking her tongue out. :)  It's what she thinks of stopping to take photographs. :)

In front of the town pound, circa 1700. 

The church at Lyndeborough center.

Moving out in her home made booties.  (Lyndeborough has very rocky dirt roads!)

And the day wouldn't be complete unless Rainbow was......well......Rainbow! :)

Left alone at the trailer......she gets a little upset.

A second later.....

And another second later.....

Again......a second later....

The devil's in her eyes!  You think she'd be tired after driving 6 miles, mostly at a brisk trot......nope. :)

Rainbow and the pony sniffing noses after the drive.

 Having a little lunch.

Everyone gathered for some food at the end.