Daatje 2008

Groton House Farm 2 Phase, May 24th, 2008

Before you get all excited......we just entered the dressage only division. :)  Need more practice before jumping at a show. 

In any case, I was very happy with her.  She did well, and despite a few mistakes and tension (spooks) during our test (1st level test 1) we scored a 63.3%. :)

 Here are some pictures:

This is what happens when I turn my back for a second. :)  I had just finished braiding, when my friends arrived.  I stepped away to greet them and turned around to find Daatje playing circus pony. :)  She cracks me up.

Her new Ansur Chic saddle.  I usually show in a white pad, but it was either body clip, or bathe........I chose to clip.  No way I was putting my expensive white show pad on that dirty girl!

"Are you sure "K" isn't going to eat me?.......'Cause I think it is......"

Still suspicious of those letters.....

The bell rang.....eyes on "A".

Our entrance halt.

Free walk.

Medium walk just before a trot transition.

I'm smiling here because instead of trotting at "X" and picking up the canter again at "K", she did a lovely simple change of lead through one step of trot.......sigh.  I brought her back and fixed it before "K", so we could get a proper transition there.  I keep telling myself to watch my outside leg during that movement!  :P

Trying my darnedest not to shorten her neck.....we weren't really going that fast....it was windy!  Blew my coat open for most of the test. :)

I like this one..

Concentrating *real* hard to keep her straight to "X" for our trot transition......This one went better than the first one. :)

And there it is.....

Almost done now....just one more lengthening to go....

......."Between "M" and "C"......Spook at the scary red flower blowing in the wind!

And finally, our ending halt.  Scored as "straight" and "square"! :)

Tired pony sleeping at the trailer.  Job well done, Daatje. :)