Daatje 2008

Green Acres Cross Country Schooling

On June 14th, 2008, Daatje and I went xc schooling at Green Acres in preparation for the event on July 6th.  I rode with two women that I met on COTH.  

I wasn't expecting any photographs from today, but my new found riding friends brought a camera!

Here are some of the shots they took of Daatje and I:


Now, at the very end of our school.....almost 2 hours into the ride......we came across a big log.  This log was bigger than anything I have ever asked Daatje to jump......I wasn't sure I should ask her to jump it.  The ride had gone so well, and we were both tired.

I really, really wanted to see what she would do, though, so I set my mind to ask her to jump the really, really big log......er.....tree. :)  I figured, that if she stopped.  I would re-present to the smaller log next to it and call it a day.

Well, did she ever suprise me!  We cantered our approach......she was looking, looking.....looking....still cantering.....about 3 strides out she begand to slow down.  This is what she does when she is unsure and wants to stop to look at something new, so I figured she was going to stop to sniff it.

Nope.  She hesitated for a split second just before the log, I put my leg on......and over she went!

What a brave mare.  This was a huge, huge leap forward on her part.  She is gaining confidence in her abilities!


We didn't measure the log, but it seemed to be nearly 3 feet in diameter. 

 We're looking forward to schooling a Green Acres again next Sunday, June 22nd, with our new riding friends! :)

 UPDATE:  We went back to Green Acres on 6/22/08 for more schooling, and we measured that log.  It was 3'6" on the take off side!  Yikes!





A very hot and humid day for a school today, but the horses handled it suprisinly well.  Daatje was full of energy, though not always as full of as much confidence as I'd like her to be.  That will come with time, I am sure.

We were riding with our new friends again!  Love 'em!  And, I got to jump Brego, the full Percheron, which was amazingly cool. 

Here are some photos:

I think she's learning to stretch her neck out more, and not hold it in so tightly over the fences.  This I'm very glad to see.  She'll still do it on a new, bigger or otherwise scary fence, but on the ones she's comfortable with, she appears to be more relaxed.


The last fence of the day was a novice coop.......a little scary for her, but she did it! :)

And of course......my jump on Brego, the Percheron hunk. :)