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Welcome coupe owners, those who love the coupe or those of you who have just discovered the beauty of BMW E9 coupes. Browse around, you'll find a list of reproduction parts available, lists of used and new parts for sale and pix of coupes I've owned in the last few years. There have been many more (50+ in the last 30 years of collecting), but these are the most recent. Questions? Call Dan at 970-472-1391 or email CSILCOUPE at MSN dot COM. Please note, I am a collector like most of you but I am not a business. I just happen to collect mostly E9 coupes. Thanks for visiting.


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AT LAST!! The correct CSL black perferated vinyl headliners, pre sewn and ready to install, only $500!! Call me now for yours.

Reproduction Petri BMW CSL Steering Wheel Hub Cover - $115

Like New 360mm (14") Woodrim made in Italy - Gorgeous! Only $399

Is it new or used? Could have fooled me if its used because it honestly looks like new. 360mm diameter, beautiful walnut wood that comes very close to matching the shade of coupe interior/dash walnut wood when new (not sun bleached that is) with notched rim in back, made in Italy, complete with E9 adaptor which can also be adapted to fit the 2002. This gorgeous woodrim is offered complete with adaptor for only $399 plus shipping. Hurry, I only have one with little prospect of finding another since I have never even seen another. Email me for more pics or further info at


400mm, 380mm and 350mm Petri wheels - No longer available

Newly recovered in leather by a CSLexpert in Germany, virtually like new, complete for your E9 or 2002. Unparalleled quality, this is the best for your very special coupe. Call or email for pricing. As with anything rare and desirable the price is not inexpensive.

2 Volume Set Blue Binder BMW E9 Shop Manuals - SOLD

English languageBlue Binder Shop Manual, as supplied to BMW dealerships back in the day. Very hard to find, some were all stuffed into one binder and some in a two binder set. You can get these on CD ROM from BMW, but how are you going to use that in your garage? Besides, this is a real collector's item, much sought after, updated thru 1975!!-- SOLD


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