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Free patterns, charts and linksMore links added 18th of October 2011.     Languages: English.  What's there: patterns of acorn, alphabets, animals, autumn, baby, backstitch alphabets, back to school, baseball player, basketball player, bat, bible verses, bikers, bikini beauty, birdhouse, birds, black cat, blackboard, blue stars, bride, brown leaves, buildings, candle, caroling, Christmas, Christmas Eve church, Christmas tree, colonies, cookie jars, country quilts, crocheter, cupid,  doctor, doll silhouette, eagle, fairy reindeer, fall flowers, fish,  first snow,  football player, ghost,  groom, Halloween, hula girl, hunk, indian corn, knitter, ladybugs, ladys, leaves, lighthouse, Lil's Snow, mermaid, mistletoe, moons, nativity,  nautical, New Year, New York, nurse, octopus, people, pindolls, pirate, policeman, pot of gold, psalms, pumpkin, quilter, rainbows, red schoolhouse, red apples,  sailboat, sailor, samplers, santa, school,  scottie dog, seahorses, shell, ship, silhouette lady, snowflakes, statue of liberty,  stitcher, superstars, sunset, swans, Thanksgiving, toasts, Uncle Sam, Valentine, witch.    Languages: English. You'll need to have an account to download patterns. You need also Adobe Acrobat Reader and WinZip programs. What's there:  Calla Lily, Christmas, Eagle, Easter, Halloween, Hearts, Kitty, Little Chef, Chinese Year of Monkey, Merry Christmas, Roses, Santa, Snowman, St Patrick, Strawberries, Sunflower, Teatime Rose, Teddy, Twin Towers, Valentine, Violets.     Languages: French. What's there: Action Man, Bart, Batman, Caillou, Cartoons, Chihuahua, Cocconelle, Diddl, Diddlina, Dolphin, Eeyore, Franklin, Goofy, Harry Potter, House & Tree, Hulk, Ladybug, Lilo & Stitch,  Mario & Yoshi, Nemo, Nemo's Friends, OM, Pikachu, Plume, Po, Sardine, Spiderman, Sponge Bob, Stitch, Taz, Teletubby, Tibere,  Tic et Tac, Tinkerbell, Titeuf, Tweety, Winnie the Pooh.   Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see these downloads. What's there: Bee My Friend by Lizzie Kate, Charming Little Love Bird by The Sweetheart Tree, Christmas Angel 1999 by Lavender & Lace, Snug  As A Bug by Lizzie Kate, Spring In View by The Gentle Art, Spring Sampler by The Gentle Art.  Languages: German. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see this one. What's there: Fly Agaric. Languages: Spanish. What's there: Aladdin, Alice, Alphabets, Aristocats, Bambi, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Donald Duck, Dumbo, Goofy, Hercules, 101 Damatians,  Lady and the Tramp, Lilo & Stitch, Lion King, Little Meramid, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Monsters, Mulan, Nemo, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, Snowwhite, Tarzan, Winnie the Pooh.  Languages: English, Italian. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see and download. What's there:  Balenottere, Orso Araldo, Panda, Regina Carter, Violin player, Whales.  Languages: French. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, Zodiac signs.   Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Aion Roses logo, Celebration Blackwork Heart, Mini Cat Sampler, Patridge in A Pear Tree, Sampler Motif.  Languages: English, French. Go to "Free Grids". You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Boy & Girl,  Calligraphy alphabets, Chickens, Red Heart With Alphabets. Languages: English. What's there: Animals, Arsenal Logo, Baby Bear With Flowers, Birds, Biscornus, Blue Bird, Bulgarian Motifs,  Bunny with Roses, Carnation, Cherries, Christmas, Christmas Angels, Christmas Card, Cool Sun, Dolphins, Ducks, Eagle, Easter, Easter Egg, Fish, Floral, Flower Buds, Flowers, Fourth of July, Gloomy Moon, Goldfish, Halloween, Happy Cloud,  Holly, Horse, Iris,  Kids' Cross Stitch Patterns, Latina Girl, Lemon Tree, Leo, Lion, Madonna, Mad Santa, Merry Christmas, Motifs,  Noel, Octopus, Pansies, Parma Logo, Pineapple, Poppies, Pumpkin, Purple Rose, Religious, Roses, Shark, Snowmen, Solomon's Knot, Swan, Tiger, Valentine, Vidinski Motifs, Wacky Rabbit, Whale, Wild Duck, Yellow Rose, Zodiac signs. Languages: English. What's there: Flower wreath and borders. Plus other free patterns and crafts. Languages: English, French. What's there: Waterlilies, Maizena.  Languages: French. Go to "Mes Grilles Gratuites". What's there: Christmas, Crayons, Ete, Fleur de Lys, Hearts, Lily of France, Love, Medieval Motifs, Noel, Printemps, Spring, Summer.  Languages: French. Babel Fish translation to English, German, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  What's there: Alphabet Tree, Chinese Year of Rat,  Heart, Hornbooks, Hornbook Stitcher, Quaker Sampler, Stitchers Hornbook, Valentine.  Languages: English. You'll need Pattern Viewer. What's there: Cardinal, Frog, Hearts, Pansy, Rose, Sunflower, Wedding, Teddy.  Languages: English. Nasty banners of congrats. Ignore them. What's there: ABC, Bee Band, Butterfly, Chinese Character of Long Life, Earl Grey, Tea, etc.  Languages: English. What's there: Teddy with Heart.  Languages: English. What's there: Abstract borders, Angels, Flower Pot. Languages: English. What's there: Links to free patterns pages.  Languages: English. What's there: Australian Fauna, Duck-Billed Platypus, Eastern Quoll, Greater Bilby, Leadbetter's Possum, Numbat, Spinifex Hopping Mouse.  Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Birthday Bunny, Golden Angel.  Languages: English. What's there: Burger, Dino.  Languages: English. What's there: Spring.  Languages: English, Estonian, Russian. What's there: Apple Blossoms, Butterfly, Rose. Languages: English, Swedish. You'll need to give your e-mail address to download. What's there: Angel, Animals, Apples, Autumn Leaves, Autumn Tree Autumn Wreath, Bats, Birds, Blueberries, Blue Bird, Borders, Bouquets, Bumblebee, Butterflies, Cactus, Candles Cars, Cats, Chanterelle, Cherries, Children's Designs, Christmas, Christmas Borders, Christmas Goat, Christmas Star, Christmas Stocking, Christmas Tomte,Clover, Clown, Cress, Diaper, Easter, Easter Bird, Easter Egg, Farm Animals, Flower Ball, Flower Basket, Flower Border, Flower Tree, Flowers, Frog Prince, Ghost,  Glad P�sk, Halloween, Halloween Borders, Happy Easter, Happy Sun, Hardanger, Hearts, Hepatica, Ling, Love, Merry Christmas,  Midsummer Flowers, Mouse, Narcissus, New Year, Pear, Pelargonium, Petunia & Butterfly, Poinsettia, Pumpkin, Puppy, Rainbow, Red Rose, Refl-egg-tions, Reindeer, Rosebuds, Santas,  Shamrock Alphabets, Shamrock Sampler, Snail, Snowdrop, Snowflakes, Snowmen, Spider, Spring, Spring Bouquet, Star of Betlehem, Strawberries, Summer Wall,  Sunflower, Swedish Dala Horse, Table-centers, Tiger Fish,  Tomtes, Tulips, Valentine, Welcome Spring, Winter, Wood Anemone,  Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Celtic Cross, Celtic Knots, Claddagh Design, Dancing Ghillies, Eternity Knot Border, Kells Bird, Knot Borders, Lover's Knot, Spiral, Triangle Knot, Trinity Knot Border,  Languages: English. What's there: Blackwork Cats, Cat In A Window, Cat Pincushion, Cats, Cat Sampler, Cats on A Wall, Chrsitmas Cat, Ginger Cat, Kitten,  Moon Cat, Rainbow Cat, Siamese Cat,  Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Australian flag, Breast Cancer Ribbon, Cross Stitch Art, Fish, Flags, Italian Flag, Malta Flag,  New Zealand Flag, Poland Flag,  Statue of Liberty, Twin Towers, Union Jack, US Flag, Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Bookmark, Don't bug me, I Luv Snow Days, Life is a Bowl of Jellybeans, Slowly, But Surely, Snowmen, So I could Stitch, Some Assembly Required. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. More Freebies for members. What's there: A Coy Look by Paton, Agapanthus by Monet, A Special Moment by Munier, Augusta Sewing by Cassatt, Autrefois by Munier, Autumn Princess by Anderson, By the Waysude by Godward, Couple 6 by Fisher, Cross Stitch Art, Entrance to Guarry by Vincent van Gogh, Foxes by Marc, Il Riposo by van Gogh, Irises by Monet, Lady 1 by Fisher, Life Tree by Klimt, Little Girl by Harlamoff, Madonna by da Vinci, Morning Star by Mucha, Music Pink & Blue by O'Keeffe, North Star by Mucha, One for All by Adam, Sisters by Harlamoff, Still Life with Bottle by Cezanne, Sunset at the Cliff by Monet, Teatime for Kitten by Ronner-Knip, The Artist's Daughter by Harlamoff, The Child Miranda by Burton, The Evening Star by Mucha, The Gardeners by  Caillebotte, The Grove by Derain, The Lass by Leslie, The Moon by Mucha, The Yellow Cow by Marc, The Yerres, Rain by Caillabotte, Three Animals by Mare, White and Yellow Chrsysanthemums by Caillebotte, Young Girl by Gardener.  Languages: English, Russian. What's there: Mouse and Star by Natasha Mlodetski. Click the picture to get the chart. Languages: French. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Little Samplers, Alphabets, Birdhouses, Birds, Bleu, Butterfly, Christmas, Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Fish, Flowers, Friendship, Giraffes, Halloween, Happy Easter, Hearts, Home, House, Jaune, Joyeuses P�ques, Like You, Love, Mice, Mountain, Point de Croix, Rabbits, Roses, Rouge, Safty Pin, Sea, Squirrel, Tea, Teddy, Toys, Travel, Valentine, Vert, Weekend, Welcome, Winter, Zoo, Languages: French. Patterns are in JPG or WXS formats. What's there: Atelier, Autumn, Baby's Dummies, Christmas,  Easter Egg, Flowers, Mice, Sleeping Cat, Spring, Summer, Winter,   Languages: French. Go to "Grilles Gratuites", then go to "Diagramme" or Click on pictures. What's there: Alphabets, "Baltimore" Box, Boy & Girl & Tree, Butterflies & Sunflowers, Cat in Snow, Heart Alpahabets, Leaves, Lighthouse, Little Boat, Little Mermaid, Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Pan,  Story-book, Weekdays in French, Welcome in French,   Languages: French, English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Go to "Grilles Gratuites", Grille gratuite number 1 is a sampler of  Birds and Hearts, Grille gratuite numbers 2 and 3 doesn't exist any more. Grille Gratuite number 4 have two paper dolls - a boy and a girl.  Languages: French. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Alphabets, Anchor, Angels, Animal Alphabets, Animals, Apple, Aubergine, Banana, Beans, Bee, Berries, Birds, Blueberry, Boat,  Borders, Boy, Bride, Broccoli, Bulls, Butterfly, Cabbage, Candles, Carrot, Cartoons, Cats, Cauliflower, Cherry, Cherub Alphabets, Christmas Decorations, Christmas Presents, Christmas Stocking,  Christmas Tree, Church, Citron, Clover,Clown, Corn, Cow, Craine, Cucumber, Cupid, Dalmatians, Dice, Dogs, Donald Duck, Dora and the Monkey, Dragonfly, Duck, Easter, Fairy, Fish, Flies, Girl, Grapes, Green Pepper, Hawk, Heart, Hello Kitty & Toy Train, Holly, Horse-shoe, Insects, Ladybug, Lamp, Language of Roses, Leek, Little Motifs, Malta Cross, Medal,  Mice, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Mouse, Nest, Onion, Peach, Pikatchu, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Rabbit, Raspberry, Red Pepper, Roses, Root, Salad, Santas, Shell, Snails, Snoopy, Snowflake, Snowmen, Spider, Star-fish, Strawberry, Sweet Pepper, Temple, Tomatoe, Tortoise, Turtle, Tweety, Umbrella, Vegetables, Wave, Windmill. Languages: French. What's there: Africa, Alphabets, Animals, Biscornus, Borders, Butterflies, Cartoons, Christmas, Easter, Fairies, Garden, Halloween, Hearts, India, Months, New Year, Russian doll, Sea, Seasons. Language: French. What's there: free pattern links and free patterns. Languages: English, Spanish. What's there: a blog with freebie links. Languages: English. What's there: Cross by Brenda Kocher Designs, Peach Angel by Heartwork From My Hand and Spiritual Bookmarks by Linen Flowers Designs. Languages: French. What's there: Alphabets, Cow, Hearts, Motifs. Languages: French. What's there: Asian Lady, Baby, Bird House, Bird of Paradise Flower, Birth Samplers, Bookmark, Butterflies, Cat, Caterpillar, Christmas, Cloud, Dogs, Dolphins Clock, Dragonhead, Easter, Fairy, Fencer, Football, Harley Davidson logos, Heart, Lips, Maps of Guadeloupe, Martinique, Haiti and Reunion, Marriage, Moon, No-smoking Sign, Pigs, Ring of Lords of Ring, Rainbow, Roses, Russian Doll, Sea, Shark, Sun, Sword, Tecktonic logo, Teddies, Treasure Map, Tropical Island. Languages: French. What's there: Alphabets, Bonsais, Butterfly, Cabinet, Cats, Cow, Crowns, Cupid, Easter, Fan, Fish, Flowers, Geisha, Gifts, Grapes, Hearts, Jams, Japanese Motifs, Jogger, Leaves, Motifs, Mouse, National Costumes, Old Cars, Old Couple, Palm Tree and Camel, Peace Dove, Poppies, Rat, Sailboat, Sewing, Sewing Items, Ship, Swan, Tea pot, Winter Fun. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Windmill sampler, Flower sampler, Chistmas Church Ornament, Christmas Ornament Languages: English. What's there: Assisi style rabbits. Languages: English. What's there: Snowflakes. Languages: English. What's there: Angels, Animals, Babies, Birthday,  Bookmarks, Chickens, Christmas, Country, Dinosaurs, Doves, Easter, Eggs,  Family, Holiday, Ladybug, Love, Memorial Day, Mother's Day, Religious, Pansy, Patriotic (US, Canada), Rainbow, Sheep, St. Patrick's Day, Sunflower, Thanksgiving, Unicorn, Valentine's Day. Languages: French. Go to "Grilles gratuites" and click on picture. What's there: Bebe, Bonheur, Doves (pink and blue), Kitchens (sea, sun, mountain, party and gourmet), Miss Heart (Lady with dogs/cats). Languages: French, English. What's there: Alphabets, Bread, Christian Motifs, Christmas, Church, Dove, Flowers, Friendship, Hearts, Lyon (coat of arms), Motifs, Olives, Sewing, Signs,  Spring, Summer, Valentine, Wheat, Winter, Wreath. Languages: English. What's there: Bluebird Alphabets and Pattern Generator + Lots of other Freebie links (Angels, Animals, Baby Patterns, Bears, Birds, Bunnies/Rabbits, Butterflies, Cats & Kittens,  Christmas, Sea, Dogs & Puppies, Dragons, Fairies, Flags, Patriotic, Flowers, Hearts, Southwest) Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Red Dahlia. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Butterfly, Angel Globe. Languages: English. What's there: Blackwork patterns. Acorns, Arabesque, Artichokes, Barley, Blossoms, Borders, Braids, Coronets, Cowslips, Daffodils, Filling Patterns, Floral Borders, Flowers, Fruits, Gillyflowers, Grapes, Harvest, Holly, Ivy, Knotwork, Lace Patterns, Leaves,  Lilies, Leaf Borders, Love-in-Idleness, Parsley, Peascodes, Pomegranates, Quatrefoils, Rosemary, Roses, Rotations, Sage, Seasons, Spring, Strawberries, Thistles, Thyme, Violets, Windblown. Languages: French. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Cats, Chessmen, Cow, Dog, Frog, Handball Player, Hearts, Love, Playing Cards. Languages: French. Go to "Grilles de Point de Croix". What's there: Cherry, Hearts, Hello Kitty, Knitter, Pucca, Sarah Kay, Victorian Lady, Wedding Sampler. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Bikinis, Birds, Biscornus, Boat, Butterfly, Castle, Cats, Christmas, Cupcakes, Earth, Fish, Flamingos, Flowers, Halloween, Hat, Houses, Ice Bear, Kiss, Kittens, Koalas, Lighthouse, Love, Luck, Minidesigns, Mitten, Mug, Rabbit, Roses, Samplers, Scientist, Snowflakes, Spring, Stocking, Sweater, Tree, Umbrella, Violet, Witches.  Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Acorns and Owls, Alphabets, Bluebirds and Daisies, Christmas, Noel. Languages: Spanish. Click on "Grafico aqui" to get the pattern. What's there: Biscornu Heaven. Alphabets, Angels, Bats, Biscornus, Cake, Cats, Celtic Heart, Christmas, Coffee, Cow, Crane, Dolphin, Dutch Chicken, Easter, Fairy, Fish, Flowers, Friendship Samplers,  Halloween, Hearts, Home Sweet Home, Horse, Keys, Lavender, Leaves, Linen Blossoms, Love, Mittens, Noel, Owl, Penquin, Pickhouses, Puzzle, Quaker Style, Roses, Russian Doll, Samplers, Seahorse, Sewing, Sewing Doll, Sheep, Snail, Snowman, Spider, Swan, Tea, Welcome, Witches, Wreath and much much more. Languages: Dutch. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Dutch Cross-Stitch Magazine. Bird, Butterflies, Chipmunk, Dutch National Cotumes, Flowers, Hedgehogs, House, Ladybug with an Umbrella, Sheep. Languages: Dutch, English. What's there: Christmas Balls. Languages: Dutch. Click on Patroon or Inge. What's there: Coffee, Black Chocolate, Teddy, Chestnut Tree Leaf, Little Suzy's Zoo Languages: French. What's there: Alphabets, Apple Alphabets, Christmas Tree,  Easter Sampler, Father Christmas, Grapes, Heart, Holiday Alphabets, Kirchen, Santa Claus, Three Wise Men, Tuareg,  Wine Alphabets, Wreaths, Languages: Dutch, English. What's there: Knitting patterns, which can be used as stitching patterns. Alice, Aladin, Alphabets, Angelina Ballerina, Animals, Ariel, Aristocat Marie, Ballet, Bambi, Bart Simpson, Baseball, Bassie & Adriaan, Batman, Bears, Belle, Betty Boop, Bird, BMW, Boats, Bob the Builder, Boots, Bowling, Braceface, Brother Bear, Brum,  Butterflies, Care Bears, Carfield, Cars, Cats, Cinderella, Clown, Cow, Curious George, Daisy Duck, Dance, Darts, DeeDee & Dexter, Diddl, Dikkie Dik, Dodge, Dogs, Dolphins, Donald Duck, Dragon, Duck, Dragonball-Z, 101 Dalmatians, Eeyore, Elephant, Elvis, Fire Engine, Ferrari, Fire, Flags (Canada, USA, Great Britain, Denmark, Turkey, Greece), Flintstones, Football, Football club logos, Goofy, Harley Davidson, Heart, Helicopter, Hippos, Honda, Horses, Indian, K3, Kanga & Roo, Kermit,  Lion King, Little Mermaid, Locomotive, Lorry, Madonna, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Monkey, Moon, Motorbike, Mouse, Mr. Men & Little Miss, Music,  Naam, Nala, Nemo, Opel, Owl, Paddington Bear, Parrot, Penquin, Peter Pan, Pig, Piglet, Pink Ribbon, Pippi, Plane, Playboy Bunny, Pluto, Pokemon, Power Girls, Puma logo, Pumbaa, Rolling Stones logo, Rose, Roses, Ruby Max, Rugbyball, Samson, Scooby, Seal, Shaggy, Ship, Shrek, Signs, Simba, Sheep, Skull, Sleeping Beauty, Smurfs, Snake, Snappie, Snoopy, Snowflake, Snow White, Soccer logos, South Park, Sponge Bob, Sport, Squirrel, Stars, Sunflower, Superman, Swimming, Tasmanian Devil, Teddies, Teletubbies, Tennis,  Tigger, Timon, Tintin & Milou, Tom & Jerry, Totally Spies, Toys, Tractor, Truck, Tweety, Wendy, Winnie the Pooh,Yami Yugi,  Zebra, Zelda and many others.  Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Hearts, September 11, 2001 memory, Stars & Strips. Languages: French, English. To download you must register/login first. What's there: Canadian Angel, Canadian Bear, Christmas Teddy, Lady with a rose basket, Oldsmobile, Sunset Ducks. Languages: French. Go to "Grilles gratuites". What's there: Alphabets, Baby, Bee-hive, Belle, Bicycle, Bird House, Birds, Birth, Books, Bookmarks, Butterflies, Coffee, Cat, Celtic Motifs,  Cherries, Children, Chocolate, Christmas, Daffodil, Daisy, Dog, Dragon, Duck,  Easter, Fairies, Father's Day, First of May, Fish, Flowers, Football, Grape Hyacinth,  Halloween, Happy New Year,  Hearts, Leaf, Lighthouse, Letterbox, Lily of Valley, Mardi Gras, Marriage, Medieval Patterns, Mermaid, Mermen, Mickey Mouse, Mini Samplers, Minnie Mouse, Mother's Day, Motorcycle, Numbers, Old Car, Owl, Pirates, Princesses, Scissors, Sea-horse, Seasons, Snowflakes, Snowman, St. Patrick, Sunflower, Tea, Tinkerbell, Tulips, Valentine's Day, Welcome Sign. Languages: French. Go to "Cat�gories" and "Grilles Gratuites". What's there: a lots of Alphabets and other patterns. Languages: Swedish, English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Christmas Cats. Languages: English. What's there: Budgie. Languages: Russian. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see some of them. What's there: Bonsais,  Butterfly, Cat, Computer, Easter Bunnies,  Flowers, Humming Bird, Ladybug, Silhouettes, Zodiac Signs. Languages: French. Go to "Cat�gories" and "Grilles Gratuites". Whats' there: Alphabets, Angels, Animals, Baby, Bee, Birds, Cats, Child and Doll, Cherubs, Christmas, Cleaning Lady, Colour Pencils, Cow, Dogs, Doves, Flowers, Giraffe, Russian Dolls, Sea Life, Sewing Dummies, Silhouettes, Statue of Liberty, Teddy, Timbles, Unicorn, Welcome Signs, Zebra and many many others. Languages: English. What's there: Autumn Foliage, Floral Tile, Spring Flowers, Summer Garden, Winter Snowflakes. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Baby Jesus, Joseph, Mother Mary, Wise Men. Languages: Italian, French, English. To download or to get the chart you must  register/login first. Some of the charts are printed copies and you get them by order. What's there: All you need is love, Alphabet-Number, An Angel Watching, Bienvenue Flocons, Black Eyed Susan Fairy, Bonheur, Bunny and Snowman, Butterfly, Caps Alphabet, Cherub with Tree, Country Heart, Cup's Sampler, Dove & Angel,  Fall Leaves, Floral Mosaic, Giardino di Farfalle, Giddiyup, Halloween Heart, Hannah, Happy Birthday, Happy Easter, Happy Holiday Snapper Border, Harvest Gold,  Holiday Ornament, Home Tweet Home, Jolly Roger, Mini Alphabet, Pansies, Parents Sampler, Red Thread Snappers, Reproduction Sampler, Snappers Border, Smiling Winnie the Pooh, Spring Snapperland Border, Stitching Friends, Teddy Bears, The Greatest Treasure,  The Stocking were Hung, Tis' The Season, Turner, Welcome, Winter Snapperland Border, You are Never too Old, 2005 Christmas Angel, 2 Bears. Languages: English, Italian. What's there: Cherub & Rose, Cherub & Snowflake, Cherubs, Christmas, Flower Border, Flower Pot, Joyeux Noel, Lady & Heart, Stitching Cherub, Strawberry Pin Cushion. Languages: English, Portuguese. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader and you have to subscribe the newsletter before you have access to patterns.  What's there: Alphabets, Angels, Candle, Chicken, Flowers, Narcissi,  Ornaments, Puppies, Red & Green Peppers, Snowflakes, Snowman, Toy Horses. Languages: English. What's there: Blackwork Toadstool. Languages: English.You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Amber Moon, Apple Blossoms, Butterfly, Candycane, Christmas Cookies, Dog, Ladybugs, Pansy Face, Pink Lillies, Pink Poppy, Pumpkin, Red Daisy, Red Rose, Rose, Secret Lovers, Twinkle The Christmas Cat. Language: French. Languages: English, Italian. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there:  A Cup of Tea, Biscornus, Carnival 2008, Cats, Christmas, Cupido, Epifania, Halloween, Happy Gingerbread, Notre P�re, Our Father, Padre Nostro, Padre Nuestro, Pesca Grossa, Reindeer's Biscornu, Religious, Ricamina al Mare, Rose Pillow, Seasons, Symphony of Seasons, Tea Samper, Valentine's Day, Vater Unser. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Baby Alphabet Afghan,  Balloons, Bookmarks, Calla Lily Ring Bearer, Christmas, Christmas Ornaments, Hearts & Stars Baby Booties, Pillow Charms, Royal Classic Sachet Bags, Royal Classic Tabletop Linens, Smile God loves You, Teatcher's Gift, Yummy Baby Bib. Languages: English, German. You'll need WinZip program. What's there: Boudoir Fan, Christmas Mandala, Deb's Roses, Karen's Dragonfly, Kathy's Violets, Manuela's Sunflower, Martina's Roses, Ornament, Pinquin Border, Proud Peacock, Snowman's Way Home, Springtime Roses, Springtime Violets, Tiny Rose Garden. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Black & Red Hearts, Blackworks, Christmas Cards, Footprints Card, Hearts, Spring Flower, Stained Glass Windows. Languages: French. You'll need Winzip program. Go to "Grilles gratuites" and click on "ici". What's there: Bienvenue, Blackwork, Blue Turtle, Cat, Celtic Sign, C'est moi qui l'ai fait, Chinese Signs, Clock, Dog, Flower, Frog's Head, Kilic, Labyrinth, Leaf, Lizards, Mini Mask, Snowflakes, Souveniers de Voyage, Turtle, Year 2001, Youruba Fieze. Languages: French. Click on Spools. What's there: Alphabets, Border of bunnies, ducks & teddies, Borders, Costumes Border,  Bunnies, Hippo, Jam, Turkish Motifs, Turtles & Butterflies. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Bookmark, Cats, Cats & Dogs, Christmas Rose, Fluffy, Hippity Hoppity,  Iris & Roses, Just Roses, Love Letters,  Merry Cat's-mas, Mine, No book..., Thistle. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Go to Stitching Zone and Free Charts. More benefits if you join the club. What's there: Animals, Children, Christmas, Flowers, Fruits, Greeting Cards, Home, Samplers, Scotland, Seasonal,  Tinkets, Wildlife. Languages: French. You have to join the club to get access to charts. What's there: a treasure chest of patterns. Accessories, Alphabets, Angels, Animal Babies, Alsace, Animals, Antique, Apple Blossom, Aubergine, Autumn, Autumn Leaves, Autumn Trees, Baby Alphabets, Bagage, Bags, Bakery, Beer, Birds, Bonbons, Boy's Room, Bambi, Basque, Bathroom, Boats, Boleti, Borders, Bouquets, Bourgogne, Bread, Bretagne, Bullfinch, Bureau, Butterflies, Cacti,  Cakes, Candy Alphabets, Candy Mouse, Camping, Cats, Castle, Cezanne, Chalet, Cherubs, Chickens, Chicks, Children, Children playing, China, Chocolate, Christmas, Christmas Tree, Church, Cider, Cigogne, Circus, Citron, Clocks, Clothes, Clothes for Baby, Clothes for Seside, Clown, Coffee, Colosseum, Confiture, Corcisa, Country, Couples, Couvert, Cupid, Daffodils, Daisies, Dali, Dancers, Dancing Couple, Day & Night, Decorations, Doll & Clothes, Doll House, Dolphins, Dragonfly, Dragons, Drinks, Ducks, Easter, Easter Eggs, Eiffel Tower, Elephants, Fairies, Fan, Farm, Farm Animals, Father Christmas, Fireplaces, Fish, Fishing, Flower Pots, Flowers, Forest, Fountains,  Fox, Friendship, Frog, Fruits, Fruits of Trees, Funny Animals, Funny Fish, Garden, Gardening, Garderobes, Giraffe, Girl and cat, Girl and dog, Gnomes, Great Wall of China, Grecian Vase, Helm, Herbs, Hippo, Honey, Horse, India, Insects, Japanese Scenery, Kitchen, Kittens, Koala, Lady, Ladybugs, Lamps, Laundry, Lavender Fields, Leaves, Lighthouses, Lion Puppies, Living Room, Loire, Love, Magician, Marine Animals, Masks,  Maths, Mermaids, Mice, Milk, Monkey, Monochromes, Mouse, Mountains, Mushrooms, Musical Instruments, Narcissi, Nature, Normandie, Numbers, Old Boat, Orange Flowers, Owl, Painter, Pansy, Parfum Bottles, Paris, Park, Parrot, Phoenix, Picnic, Pirates, Plants, Playing Animals, Polar Bear, Pony, Poppies, Presidents of America, Provence, Pumpkin, Puppies, Rabbits, Red Peppers and Chilis, Regions of France, Reindeer, Renoir, River, Roat, Rose Flowers, Roses, Sagittarius, Sailing, Salon, Santa Claus, Sceneries, School, Scuba Diving, Sea, Seahorse, Sea Shells,  Sea-side, Seasons, Secretaire, Serviettes, Set of China, Sheep, Ship, Skate, Ski, Sleeping Time, Sleigh, Snails, Snow, Snowmen, Snow Princess, Soup, sports, Spring, Spirit of Forest, Squirrel, Suger, Sunset, Table Clothes, Table Set, Tea, Tea Time, Teddies, Telephones, Terroir, Thailand, Tortoise, Toys, Treasure Chest, Tropical Birds, Tropical Fish, Tulips, Unicorn, Vase, Vegetables,  Villages, Violets,  Water Lilies, Wild Flowers, Windows, Wine, Winter Clothes, Wolves, Writing Desk, Yellow Flowers, Zen, Zoo. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Cattail Cove, Christmas, Crewel, Cutwork  Embroidery, Flowers, Friends Needlecase, Friendship Bracelets, Saint Nicholas, Santa Bunny, Swedish Weaving, Wrist Wraps. Languages: German. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Reindeer card. Languages: French. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click on pictures. What's there: Alphabets, Birds, Bonheur, Bowls, Car, Cats, Chicken, Cows, Easter, Father's Day, Hearts, Ladybugs, Locomotive, Mother's Day, Music, Pigs, Pirate Flag, Rabbits, Tea Pots. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Hardanger Mini Christmas Bell Pull. Languages: French. What's there: Bells, Doves, Flower Basket, Hat, Hearts, Lilies, Marriage Motifs, Rings, Umbrella. Languages: French. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Flower Alphabet Box. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. More patterns to newsletter subscribers. What's there: Bee Mine,  Christmas - just for you, Christmas Smiley, Cool Sunflower, Easter Bunny, Ginger Cat, Happy Christmas, Ladybird, Percy the Pig,  Sail Boat, Scottie Dog, Smilie, Sunshine Smile, Wild Rose. Languages: English. What's there: Lavender flowers? Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there:  Fall is Fabulous, From This Day Forward, Love Begins At Home, Snow Season, Spring. Languages: French. Go to "C'est cadeau!" and "Grilles Gratuites". You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Easter Egg, Hearts, Noel en Savoie, Sewing... Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see some of them. What's there: Cross stitch and plastic canvas patterns.  Angel Boy,  Angels, Baby's Memory Sampler,  Bookmarks, Calico Kitty, Cats, Child's Memory Sampler, Christian Designs, Coasters, Dogs, Horse, Kid's Patterns, Prayer Babies, Snowman, Teddies, Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see some of them and you need to register or subscribe to see the others. What's there: Freebie links list.  Languages: French. You'll need Winzip program. What's there: Alphabets, Angel and Bird, Angels, Animal Measure, Baby Boy & Teddy, Ballerina, Betty Boop, Bienvenue, Birds, Birth of Venus, Biscornus, Bookmark, Butterflies, Caricatures, Carnival, Carousel, Cats, Cherries, Chestnut, Children, Chinese Boats/Ship, Christmas, Cock, Computer & Person, Cow, Dalmatians,  Dancer, Egyptian Alphabets, Elephants, Fairies, Fairy Alphabets, Father Christmas, Fig, Flowers, Fox, Frogs, Geisha, Golfer, Happy New Year, Head, Heart Alpahbaet, Hearts, Hello Kitty, Horses, Indian Elephant, Japanese Signs, Je t'aime,  Ladybird Alphabets, Laurell & Hardy, Lily-of-the-valley, Motifs,  Mother Turtle, Motorbike & Biker, Mouse, Oldsmobile, Pagodas, Pandas, Penguins, Pierrot,  Pig & Duck, Roses, Samurai, Santa, Silhouettes, Smurf Baby, Snails, Snowmen, Soldier, Stained Glass Lady,  Sun, Tankard, Teddies,  Tiger, Train, Tree, Turtles, USA, Valentine's Day, Weather, Wedding Anniversaires, Welcome, Winnie the Pooh, Winter, Witches, Women, Yin-Yang Dolphins. Languages: French. What's there: Aeroplanes, Aladdin, Alien, Animals, Anime, Ariel, Aristocats, Asterix, Bambi, Basketball, Beaver, Betty Boop, Bewitched, Birds,  Boat, Boule & Bill, Bugs Bunny, Butterfly, Captain Haddock, Cars, Cartoons, Cat,  Charlie Brown, Chick, Chicken Little, Christmas, Cinderella, Clown, Cows, Cowboys, Crazy Frog, Dalmatians, Diddl, Dogs, Dolphin, Donald Duck, Duck, Dumbo, Dwarfs, Earth, Eeyore, Elephant, Football, Frog, Garfield, Goofy, Halloween, Happy Feet, Heart, Hercules, Heroes, Horses, Igloo, Indian, Jerry, Jolly Jumper, Lady & Tramp, Lion King, Little Mermaid, Locomotive, Looney Toons, Lost, Marie, Marion, Mask, Mickey Mouse, Milou, Minnie Mouse, Mogwli, Monkey, Monsters, Motifs, Motorbike, Mouse, Mulan, My Little Pony, Nemo, Obelix, Parrot, Peter Pan, Pig, Piglet, Pinocchio, Pluto, Pocahontas, Polar Bear, Poney club, Princesses, Puppies, Rabbits, Racing Car, Robin Hood, Robots, Scooby-Doo, Ship, Sith, Sleeping Beauty, Snails, Snoopy, Snowmen, Snowwhite, Squirrel,  Star Trek, Star Wars, Statues, Swan, Taz, Tarzan, Tigger, Tintin, Tractors, Transports, Tree, Tweety, Whale, Winnie the Pooh, Winter, Witch, Wolf, Yoko Tsuno, and many, many others. Languagues: French. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Alphabets, Amiti�, Amour, Bienvenue, Bird House, Christmas, �t�, Friends, Hearts, Love, Mushrooms, Noel, Summer, Welcome. Languages: French.  Go to Grilles gratuites and then Archives des grilles gratuites. What's there: Autumn, En mai, fais ce qu'il te plait, Fall, Je vous porte bonheur, Joyeux Noel, Merry Christmas, Seasons, Spring, Summer, Winter. Languages: English. You'll need  Winzip program and Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Apple Pie, Baby Jesus, Borders, Bookmark, Butterfly,  Candy Cane, Cat, Christmas Bells, Flower Border, Frams, Frog, Gingerbread Man, Grapes, Hollies, Pink Rose,  Praying Boy, Praying Girl, Pumpkin , Red Rose, Snowman, Strawberries, Wreath. Languages: French. Go to Grilles gratuites. What's there: Alphabets, Bikini Babe, Biscornus, Bubblegum  Blond, Cats, Dragons, Flag of Bretagne, Hearts, Roses, Tweety. Languages: French. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Go to Cat�gories and Grille gratuite. What's there: Ladies and lamb, Old alphabets, Monograms. Languages: English. What's there: Christmas Cardinal, Great Grey Owl, Hummingbird. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Cat Nap, Day Sleeper. Languages: English. What's there: Lots of cross stitch patterns and motifs in alphabetical order. Languages: English. What's there: Beginner stuff, Birth, Candle, Duck, Easter Egg, Florals, Flowers, Monograms. Zodiac Signs and Kitchen alphabet's won't open. Languages: English. What's there: Backstitch Alphabets, Roses, Wedding. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Pages are very slow and some of the free patterns won't open at all. Membership Benefits include 700+ Cross Stitch Patterns. What's there: Peach on Earth, Rudolph the Reindeer, Rubber Ducky, Spring Boquette, Swedish Yellow Duck and perhaps some others if you get them open. Languges: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  What's there: Bears, Birthday Cards, Blue Sampler, Christmas, Christmas Angels, Geomteric Designs, Patchwork Cards, Pink Pigwork, Rabbit Sampler, Rooster, Teddies. Languages: Italian. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader, Winzip and a program to open .wxs files. Pages are slow and many of the patterns won't open. Patterns there are cute anyhow. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Patterns and motifs from Cross Stitcher Magazine. New pattern every month. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there:  Backstitch Bag, Lavender Bllom, Sweet Serena, Teddy. Languages: English. You'll need WinZip Program.What's there: Cute stuff, but most of the links won't work. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: M�ller Sampler. Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. To get some of them you must ask and they are mailed to you, some of them you get by subscribing a newsletter and a couple of them are actually free. Languages: English. Patterns are free only for members and there is a membership fee. Languages: English. What's there: Clown, Flowers, Kitten, Liberty, Ribbons, Sail Boat. Languages: English, German, Italian, Polish. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: A girl with a watering can, Autumn Rowan, Autumn Stream, Blue Locomotive, Bridge Vittorio, Horse,  Little Friends, Motorcycle - Fire Tornado, Rose, Roses, Sorrrel, Summer Memories, Village House.  Languages: English. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's there: Kitten Pansy Basket, Owl Still Life, Shabby Rose Bouquet. Languages: Spanish, French, English, Catalan. What's there: Alphabets, Bears, Birds, Butterflies, Foods, Frogs, Landscapes, Mice, Motifs, Music, Penguins, Sports, Stars. Languages: Hungarian. What's there: Cat, Dog, Ducks, Elephants, Fox, Frog, Hippo, Lion, Rabbit, Snail, Teddies, Turtle Languages: Hungarian. What's there: Alphabets, Boat, Cactus, Candle, Church, Helicopter, Houses, Kite, Night, Orchid, Poppy, Rainbow, Ship, Sun & Cloud, Toadstool House Languages: English. What's there: Alphabets, Animals, Aquatic Life, Babies, Borders, Cats, Children, Christmas, Dogs, Easter, Flags, Flowers, Food, Halloween, Holidays, Insects, Kitchen, Lighthouses, Motifs, Plants, Quilt Blocks, Samplers, Sayings, School, Sports, State Quarts, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Vehicles and many many others. Languages: Italian. What's there:  Aliens, Alphabets, Angels, Animals, Aries, Baby Train, Bible, Bird, Birdhouse, Borders, Bunnies, Cancer, Candles, Cats, Christmas, Clown, Donald Duck, Dracula, Duck, Easter, Felix, Fish, Flowers, Gemini, Goat, Goofy, Halloween, Houses, Kitchen, Leo, Love,  Mickey Mouse, Monsters, Numbers, Olivia, Pincushion, Poppeye, Praying  Boy, Praying Girl, Religion, Rocking Horse, Santa, Scissors, Smurf, Snoopy, Snowman, Taurus, Teddy, Teddy Girl with a Doll, Zodiac Signs, Vegetables,Virgo,0,.htm,tous-les-models-point-de-croix-la-manique,1026.htm,html,22