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Those with the little hearts © have links on Designer Links pages (not on this page). This is just a list. Some of designers' links contain religious, adult or offensive material. If you want to live your life safe, hold to links you know, otherwise feel free to browse designers' links pages.

Remember all designers don't have home pages. They still exist and you can buy their masterpieces. Try find them at


© 1point2croix (France)

2 Busy Stitching (Canada)

© 2 Fishes Designs (UK)

© 3 Peeps Designs (USA)

3 Petits Points

4 My Boys (USA)

© 10 Moo (Korea)

© Abacus Designs (UK)

© Abbey Lane Designs (USA)

© Abby Rose Designs (USA)

© ABC Collection (France)

© abé Stickdesign (Germany)

A bit of Heaven Cross Stitch Patterns

About Friends

© A Bradley Needlearts (USA)

© Acacia Crafts (Australia?)

© Accents, Inc (USA)

© Accents Lighthouse (USA)

© Ackworth Samplers

© A Collection of Designs (USA)

© Acorn House Designs (USA)

© A Cross Stitch In Time (USA)

© Across Town Stitching (UK)

© Acufactum (Germany)

© Adam Originals (USA)

Adele Welsby Designs

Adobe Designs

© Adventures in Stitching (USA)

A & B Handarbeiten und Kunsthandwerk (Germany)

© A & L Designs (USA)

Affinity Arts (USA)

A Forrest Art

A Fox Original (USA)

© African Stitch (South-Africa)

Aggie “J” Originals

© Agneta Engman Designs (UK)


© Aion Designs (UK)

© A Kitty Kats Original (USA)

Alabama Needle Arts (USA)

© A la Pensée (France)

Albany Hill (UK)

Alchemy Stitchcraft

© Alessandra Adélaïde Needleworks, AAN (Italy?)

© Alexa Needlepoint Designs (USA)

© Alice and Co (France)

© Alice Création (France)

Alida Industries

© Alita Designs

Alice Godkin Designs

Alice Peterson Co. (USA)

Alice Vantrease

© Alisa (Russia)

Alix Image

© All About Stitching

Alli Cat Designs

© All Our Yesterdays (UK)

Allura Designs

© Alma Lynne Designs (USA)

Alma Mater Mice

Almedahls (Sweden)

© Alphabets De Toulouse (France)

© Alyce Schroth Sampler Recreations (USA)

© Amanda Lawford (USA)

Amaryllis Artworks (USA)

© Amathusia/Barbara Skelton (UK)

Ambrosales (France)

American Folk Arts

American School of Needlework (ASN Publishing) (USA)

© AMH Design, LLC (USA)

© A Mon Ami Pierre, AMAP (France)

© Amybear (USA)

Amy Bruecken Designs (AB Designs), Sisters & Best Friends (USA)

Amy Mitten Design

© Anagram Diffusion (France)

© Anette Eriksson Designs (Australia)

© Anchor (France)

Andrea Beckmann (Germany)

© A Needle & Fred (USA)

Angele et Cie (France)

© Angelic Crafts

Angel Luke Designs (UK)

© Angel Stitchin’ (USA)


Anlaby Designs

© Annalee Waite Designs (USA)

© Anne Peden (UK)

Anne Powell Ltd

© Annie Cicatelli (France)

Annie Designs (USA)

Annie & Friends (USA)

© Annie’s Attic (USA)

Annie Stitch (Korea)

© Annikas Handarbete (Sweden)

Ann’s Cottage of Needlework

© Another Time Designs (USA)

© Ant of Sweden (Sweden)

© A Pattes de Velours (France)

AP Future Heirlooms

© A Piq Point (France)

© A Point Nommé (France)

© Apple Cross Designs (Canada)

© April Fool Designs (UK)

© Arachne’s Silken Web (USA)

© Arelate Studio (USA)

© Ariadna (Poland)

© Artecy Cross Stitch (Australia)

© ART&LAR (the Ukraine)

© Artful Impressions (USA)

© Artful Offerings (USA)

© Artisan Designs (USA)

© Artists Alley (Canada)

Artists Collection (Germany)

Artistic Needle (USA)

Art of Cross Stitch

© Art-Stitch (USA)

ArtVentures (USA)

© ARV bild & form (Sweden)

Ashley Court

Aspen Needleworks

© Associated Talents (USA)

© A Stitch and A Prayer (USA)

© A Stitch at a time (USA)

A Stitcher’s Hand

A Stitcher’s Hands

A Stitch In Time Designs

Astra (Russia)

Astor Place (USA)

© Atalie (France)

© Atelier de Circé (France)

© Atelier des ABCDaires (France)

© Atelier des fées brodeuses (France)

© Atelier d’Isabelle (France)

© Ateljé Margaretha (Denmark)

© Ateljé Margaretha (Finland)

© Ateljé Margaretha (Germany, Austria)

© Ateljé Margaretha (Iceland)

© Ateljé Margaretha (Norway)

© Ateljé Margaretha (Sweden)

© ATN Designs (USA)

At the Hop (USA)

© At River’s End

© Au chat qui dort (France)

© Au Fil de l'Ange, Martine Léonard (France)

© Au Fil de L’Yères (France)

© Au Fil de Martine (France)

Au Fil des Jours (France)

Au Fil des Rêves

Au Fil Harmonique /France)

Augsbury Fortress (USA)

© Aunt Susie’s House (USA)


© Au Ver A Soie (France)

Aux 4 Points au Monde (France)

© Aux P’tites croa croa (France)

© Avid Stitch (UK)

© Avril Keslo, Handcraft Motif Designs (Australia)

A Whimsical Element (USA)

© Aziliz Créations (France)

Babs Fuhrmann Designs

© Baby Cinnamon (Japan)

Backstreet Designs

Bag Lady

© Bahmann Art & Broderie (Germany)

© Banar Designs (USA)

© Banga (France)


© Barbara Ana Designs (Spain)

© Barbara & Cheryl (USA)

Barbara Johnson (Canada)

Barbara Popkin Designs

© Barbara Thompson (UK)

Barkraft Samplers

© Barrani Design Studios

Bask Designs (USA)

© Battybat (France)

© Baxtergrafik (Australia)

© Bayeux Broderie (France)

© Beardie Designs (the Netherlands)

© Beatrix Potter by Anchor (UK)

© Beautiful Creations (Canada)

Beautiful Threads (USA)

Bébaldo, Creation Bernadette Baldelli

Becky Boo’s

© Beehive Needleworks (USA)

© Bénédicte Courtadet (France)

© Bent Creek (USA)

© Berlinwork (Germany)

Bermuda Cross Stitch (USA)

Bestitched, Bev (USA)

© Beth Russell of Designers Forum (UK)

© Better Homes and Gardens (Australia)

© Binding Stitch (USA)

© Bird Cross Stitch Designs (USA)

© Birds of a Feather (USA)

B-I Sandström Designs

Bits of Wisdom

Bitter Stitch

© BixStitch (USA)

© Bizzi Creations (USA)

BJ’s Delightful Designs

© Blackbird Designs, The Gentle Art (USA)

Black Dog (UK)

© Black Swan Designs (USA)

© Bleu Colline (France)

Bleu de Chine (France)

Bleu de Soie (France)

Bleu Framboise

Bleu Myrtille

Bluebell Cottage

© Blue Coppice (UK)

© Blue Ribbon Designs by Belinda Karls-Nace (USA)

© Blue Stitch (Korea)

Blue Whale Designs

Blue Wizard Designs

© B.M. Designs (UK)

© Bobbie G. Designs (USA)

© Bodilbroderie (Denmark)

© Bold Sheep

© Bothy Threads (UK)

Bonnie T Jader (USA)


© Box Tree Cottage Designs (UK)

Boyd Designs (USA)

Brader Company

© Brenda Franklin Designs (Canada)

© Brenda Kocher Designs (USA)

© Brendamor Designs (Australia)

© BrightNeedle LLC (USA)

© Brin par Brin (France)

Brit Henze (Germany)

© Brit Stitch (UK)

Brittany Inspirations (USA)

© Brittercup Designs (USA)

© Brodela (France)

© Brodera Mera (Sweden)

© Broderie Provence (France)

© Broderies Christiane Malgouris (France)

© Brodi Broda (France)

© Brodinette (France)

© Brodouill’art (Belgium)

© Brooke’s Book Publishing (USA)

Brown House Studio

Brynwood Needleworks

© Bucilla (USA)

© Bulgarian Tapestry - Rosica Bakalova (Bulgaria)

Bunny Manor

© Bunny Tales Cross Stitch Design (Canada)


Bush Mountain Designs

Busy Fingers Designs

Busy Hands

© Busy Lizzie Crafts (UK)

© Butterfly Stitches (USA)

© Butternut Road (USA)

ByGone Stitches

By the Bay Needleart

© Cabin Creek (USA)

Cadle Creek Crossstitch

© Calendula Créations (Canada)

© Calico Crossroads – Kats by Kelly (USA)

Calico Station

© Cambriana Designs (UK)

Cambridge Country Stitches (UK)

Camelot Designs

© Camus International Ltd (UK)

Canadian Cross Stitch (Canada)

© Candamar  Designs–Thomas Kinkade (USA)

Canterbury Cross Fabrics (Canada)

Canterbury Designs Inc

Canvas Connection

Canvas Creations Inc (USA)

© Canvas The Point

Carica K

Carol Emmer Designs

Carol Thornton

Carolina Country House

Carolina Cross Stitch

Carolin Lowy Customized Designs & Graphs (USA)

Carol MacDonald Creative Needlework (New Zealand)

Carolyn Emery CrossStitch

© Carolyn Manning Designs/ CM Designs (USA)

© Caron Collection (USA)

Caron International

© Carousel Charts

© Carpathia Gobelin (Hungary)

Carré d’As

© Carriage House Samplings, Barrick Samplers (USA)

© Carrie's Creation Threads (USA)

© Casa Cenina (Italy)

© Casey Buonaugurio Designs

Catherine Primevert (France)

Cathy’s Garden

© Catia Dias (Portugal)

© Catkin Embroidery Designs (UK)

© Cat’s Cradle Needleworks (USA)

© C.A. Wells (USA)

© CBK Needlepoint (USA)

© Cécile Thiriet (France)

Cedar Hill Designs (USA)

© Celtic Cross Stitch (Ireland)

© Celtic Obsessions (Ireland)

© Cer.pi.Ca (Italy)

© Cewec (Denmark)

© Character Creations (New Zealand)

© Charivna Mit (Magic Moment) (the Ukraine)

© Charivnytsya (the Ukraine)

© Charland Designs (Canada)

© Charles Craft, Inc (USA)

Charles Harper

© Charlette’s Collectibles

Charter Publishing Co, Sew Cool

Chartmakers (USA)

© Châtelaine Designs by Martina Weber

© Chen Designs (USA)

Cherished Needleart

© Cherished Stitches Designs (USA)

Cherished Teddies

© Cherry Blossom Needlecrafts (UK)

© Cherry Tree Designs (UK)

© Cherry Wood Design Studios (USA)

© Cheryl Schaeffer Designs (USA)

Chessie & Me

© Chew Toy’s Fancy (Canada)

Chien du Bois Farms

© Chloé de la Claye (France)

© Chouett’ Alors! (France)

© Christiane Malgouris Broderies (France)

© Christine Toufflet (France)

Christmas Year- Round

© Chudesnaya Igla (Russia)

Chudesnie Mgnoveniya (Russia)

© Cindy Valentine Designs (USA)

© Cinnamon Cat (UK)

Cinnamon Heart Needlework

Cin’s Pen

© Circle B Designs (USA)

Claire Hatten Designs Inc

Clara Wells

© Clare’s Celtic Cornucopia (USA)

© Classic Cross Stitch (USA)

© Classic Embroidery (UK)

© Cleopatra’s Needle (UK)

Cloak Room Designs

Cloud Nine (UK)

© C’Mon Monde (France)

© Coats Crafts (UK)

© Cobweb Online (UK)

Cocorita Créations (France)

Cody Cross (Korea)

© Coeur à prendre (France)

Coeur de Line (Belgium)

© Coleshill (UK)

Collection D’Art

Collection de Joke Visser (France)

CollecXion du Chalet (France)

Color Charts (USA)

Columbine Designs

Columbus Museum of Art

Commuter Creations

© Compagnie des Ouvrages (France)

© Cooper Oaks Designs (USA)

Corenes Sketch N Stitch

Corner House Designs

© Corner Stitch Designs (Corner Stitch & Frame) (USA)

Cottage Fever (USA)

© Cottage Garden Samplings (Malaysia)

© Cottage Needle Crafts (UK)

Cotton Crossing

© Cotton Moody Designs (USA)

Couchman Creations

© Couleur d’Etoile (France)

© Couleurs croisées (France)

Counted Illuminations

Countess Designs

Country and Colonial

Country Cachet

© Country Cottage Kids (USA)

© Country Cottage Needleworks (USA)

Country Crafts

© Country Cross Stitch (UK)

© Country Garden Stitchery (USA)

© Country Heart Strings (Australia)

Country Sisters

Country Stitches

Country Threads

Country Yarn

© County Needlecraft (UK)

© Count Your Blessings (USA)

© Courtney Collection (USA)

© Cousette entre copines (France)

© Cousines et Compagnie (France)

© Covered Crossings Stitchery (USA)

Coyote Crossing

© Cozy Quarters (USA)

C.Pasquier (France)

© Craft Center (USA)

© Craft Corner (Belgium)

© Craft Designs for You (USA)

© Crafter’s Pride, Fond Memories, Inc, Daniel Enterprises (USA)

© Craftica Diffusion (France)

© Craft Import Ky (Finland)

© Crafting Castles (UK)

Craftsmen’s Studio

Craft Soft Inc

© Crafts Unlimited (UK)


© Crafty Capers Ltd (UK)

© Crafty Needle


© Crea’Ax, les créations d’Axelle (France)

© Creaciones Artime (Spain)

© CRéAdeS (France)

Creaties Gigi (The Nederlands)

©  Création Boule de Neige (France)

Création Camille (France)

© Création Pimprenelle (France)

© Créations Annick Abrial (France)

Creations Butterfly

© Créations Eve Rêve (France

© Créations Isabelle Vautier  (France)

© Créations Martine Kreydenweiss (France)

Creative Concepts Unlimited

© Creative Corner (UK)

Creative Designers

Creative Handarbeite (Germany)

Creative Images

Creative Keepsakes (USA)

Creative Moments

© Creative Needle

Creative Reflections (USA)

© Creative Stitch Designs (UK)

© Crescent Colours (USA)

© Criss-Cross Design Broderie (Canada)

© Croes Bwyth/Nia Cross Stitch (UK)

© Cross All (Korea)

Cross Bank (Korea)

© Cross Design (Korea)

© Crossed Wing Collection (USA)

© Crosse Stitchery (USA)

© Cross Eyed Cricket Inc (USA)

© Cross Eyed Kat (USA)

© Cross House (Korea)

Cross My Heart Inc. (USA)

© Cross’N Patch / Emie Bishop Designs (USA)

© Cross Patch Creations by Kaye Adolphson (Australia)

© Cross-Point Designs (USA)

© Cross Stitch (Korea)

© Cross Stitch @ Victorian Clipart Delite (USA)

© Cross Stitch Antiques

© Cross-Stitch-Art (USA)

© Cross Stitch Arts (UK)

Cross Stitch by Caryn

Cross Stitch Canepa

© Cross Stitch Charts (UK)

© Cross Stitch Collectibles (USA)

Cross Stitch Country

Cross Stitch Crete (Crete)

Cross Stitch Designs Romania (Rumania)

Cross Stitch Destiny

© Cross Stitch Green (Korea)

© Cross Stitch Heirlooms (Canada)

© Crossstitch Heraldry (USA)

© Cross Stitch Images of New Brunswick (Canada)

© Cross Stitch Wonders (USA)

© Cross The Lilliebridge (USA)

© C Stitch


© Curtis Boehringer Cross Stitch (USA)

© Custom House of Needle Arts (USA)

© Cute Creations Design (USA)


Dafni’s Creations

Daisy Chain Design

© Daisy Designs (UK)

© Dakota Cross Stitch Co

Dale Burdett, Burdett Publications

© Dames Of The Needle (USA)

© Dancing Needle (Australia)

© Dancing Violet Designs (USA)

© Danico (Australia)

© Danuta Sledzik (Poland)

Darrow Publishing Co

© Dave Marshall Design (UK)

Dave Shaw

© Dawn’s Cross Stitch (UK)

Daystar Designs (USA)


Deanna’s Designs

© Debbaworks (USA)

© Deb Bee’s Designs (USA)

© Debbie Cripps (UK)

© Debbie Draper Designs (USA)

© Debbie Patrick Designs (USA)

Debi Designs (USA)

Debra Designs


© Decorative Textiles (UK)

Deep South Images

© De La Tour Designs (USA)

Dell’Angelo Designs

Dennis Originals, Dennis Art Needlework, Inc

© Der Feine Faden (Germany)

Der Kreuzstich – Cornelia Papesch (Germany)

© Der Stickspatz (Germany)

Derwentwater Designs

Desa (Korea)

Des Coeurs et Encore des Coeurs

© Des Histoires à Broder (France)

Design Collection

Designed With Love

Design Encounters

Designer Forum

© Designer Stitches (Australia)

© Design Galatea (Bulgaria)

Design Gallery Inc

Designing Women Unlimited

Design Perfection by Nora Barton

Designs by Charlotte

Designs by Dagmara

Designs by Deb Moffett-Hall (USA)

Designs by Elaine

© Designs by Jodi Evans (USA)

© Designs by Kathy (USA)

Designs by Lena Rose

Designs by Linda Driskell

© Designs by Linda Myers (USA)

© Designs by Lisa (USA)

Designs by Nanci

Designs by Roben

Designs by Ruthanne

© Designs by Stitch Witch (Australia)

Designs by Susan (USA)

Designs for Learning

Designs for The Needle

© Designs from Margaret Lee (USA)

© Designs from Pamela

Designs from Redbone

© Designs from The Pep´r Pot (USA)

Designs Gallery Inc

© Design Stickerei Ellen Moschitz-Finger (Germany)

Designs with TLC

© Design Works Crafts (USA)

© Dessin DHC (France)

© Dette Designs (USA)

Dew Drop Designs



Diane L. Patterson/Little People

Diannic Designs

© Dimensions Inc (USA)

© Dimple Designs

© Dinky Dyes (Australia)

© Disney by Anchor (UK)

Dixie Designs

Dizzy Bee Designs (USA)

DK Designs

DKT Originals, Diane K. Tolle

© DMC (France)

Dobber Designs

Dome (Korea)

Donna Gallagher Creative

Donna Lee Designs (USA)

Donna’s Country Collection

Doo-Dads by Vicki

Doop Designs (USA)

Double Cross Ltd

Douglas Designs

Dover Needlework Series

Downunder Design

© Dracolair Creations (USA)

© Dragon Dreams Inc (Canada)

© Dragon Fire Designs (USA)

Dragonfly Lane

Dream Dancing Designs

Dreams of Stitches

Duck In A Tree

Dunfield Inc

D’un Fil à l’Autre (France)

© Duo Designs Inc (USA)

© Dutch Treat Designs (USA)

Earth Threads

© East Anglian Xstitch Designs (UK)

© Echevette (France)

© Echte Handarbeit (Germany)

© Eder Centro de Labores (Spain)

© Effervescent Designs (USA)

© Effet de Jour (France)

© EG-Cross (Korea)

© Ehrman Tapestry (UK)

Ekelunds Handarbete (Sweden)

Elegant Designs

© Elena’s Needlearts (Canada)

Elisabeth Persson (Sweden)

Elisa Tortonesi-Siess (Germany)

Elizabeth Evans

© Elizabeth’s Designs (USA)

Elizabeth’s Garden

Elizabeth Stuart

© Ellen Maurer-Stroh (Austria)

© Elly Koch (Switzerland)

Elsa Williams

© Emily Peacock (UK)

© Emma R (France)

© Enchanted Needle (UK)

© Enchanted Needle Designs (UK)

© Enchanting Lair (Canada)

© Erica Michaels (USA)

© Erica’s Cross Stitch Designs (UK)

© Erica Williams Needleart Designs (USA)

Erica Wilson Needle Works

Erzgebirgische Stickvorlagen, Margit and Conny Matthes (Germany)

© Eterna Silk

Etoile et Toiles (France)

Euphemia Forest (Canada)

European Crossstitch Collection (EC Collection)

© European Cross Stitch Company, ECC (USA)

© Eva Rosenstand (Denmark)

© Evening Star Designs

Eventide Designs

Evermore Designs

Ewe All and Udders

© Ewe Count (USA)

© Ewe & Eye & Friends (USA)

Examplar Dames Design Co

Examplars From The Heart

© Fabienne Bassang (France)

Fabio Ricci

© Faces (USA)

Face Value

© Faden Design Christine Ober (Germany)

© Faith Cormier (Canada)


© Fanci That Patterns Inc (USA)

© Fancy Work by Jane Timmers

© Fanta Cat Designs (USA)

Fantasy Faire

© Farbenfroh (Germany)

Faye Ray Stitcheries

© Fern Ridge Collection (USA)

© Fiddlestitch Cottage (Canada?)

© Field An Forest (USA)


© Fil’anthrope Broderies (France)

© Fine Arts Heritage Society (USA)

© Finger Färda (Sweden)

© Fingerhut/Christiane Dahlbeck (Germany)

Finger Work

© Fingerworks (USA)

Fiona Jude (Australia)

© Firefly Designs (UK)

Fireside Originals

© Fire Wing Designs (USA)

First Love Designs

Fleur de Lis

© Folkology (Hungary)

Follow The Leader Designs (USA)

Forever in My Heart (USA)

Forever Treasured

© Forget-me-nots in Stitches (USA)

For Stitcher’s Sake

Fouroaks Designs (USA)

Four Wives

© Foxberry Cottage Crafts (Canada)

© Framecraft (UK)

Fran  Baggett

Frances L. Johnson Designs

© Francoise Marchadier (France)

Freda Murfin Designs

Freshxs (Canada)

Friends Indeed

Friends In Needlework (USA)

© From Merry’s Heart (USA)

© From Nancy’s Needle (USA)

From Nan’s Hand (USA)

From the Heart

© Fujico Collection by Lecien Corporation (Japan)

© Full Circle Designs (USA)

Fulmer Craft

© Funk & Weber Designs (USA)

Gabi Gembrusch (Germany)

Garden Visitors

Gary Beddow

© Gecko Rouge (UK)

Gemstone Designs


Generations Cross Stitch (USA)

© Genny Morrow (USA)

Gentle Pursuit Designs

Gerda Bengtsson (Denmark)

© Gerlinde Gebert (Germany)

G & G International

Gick Publishing

Gift of Love

© GiGi’s of Alma (USA)

Gingerbread Girl (Canada)

Ginger & Spice (USA)

© Ginger Tom Cat (UK)

© Ginnys Bunka Embroidery (New Zealand)

Ginny’s Stitchin’s (USA)

© Ginokardia (Bulgaria)

Gisela Deharde (Germany)

Gisela Süskind (Germany)

© Gitta’s Charted Petit Point (Canada)

© Giulia Punti Antichi by Giulia Manfredini, GPA (Italy)

© Giusypatch Originals Designs (Italy)

© Gladys Box Designs (Tasmania, Australia)

© Glendon Place (USA)

© Glitter Gulch Needlework (USA)

© Glorafilia Needlepoint Company (UK)

© Gloria & Pat (USA)

© Glory Bee (USA)

© Gobcon (Bulgaria)

© Gobleni (Bulgaria)

© Gobleni  Vachevi (Bulgaria)

© Goblenko (Bulgaria)

© Goblenpartner (Rumania)

© Goblenset (Rumania)

Gold Collection

© Golden Kite (Sweden)

Golden Needle (USA)

Golden Stars

Golden Thread Designs

Good Day (Korea)

Good-Natured Girls

Good Therapy

Graceful Lily Needlework

Grace Nykiforuk (Canada)

Graces Place (USA)

© Granny Fanny’s Stitches (USA)

Graphic Needle Artists Limited

Graphique Needle Arts

Graph-It Arts

© Graphs By Gloria & Cheryl

Graphs by Goodman

© Graphworks International/Miranda’s Needle

Grasshopper Designs

Grateful Hearts Inc

Gray Power

Great Bear Canada (Canada)

Great Big Charts

Great Big Graphs

© Green Apple  Inc (USA)

© Green Apple Stitch (Korea)

Grey Castle

Griffin Needle Arts Designs (Canada)

© Grilles A P’Art (France)

© Gryphon’s Moon (USA)

© Gruen Kunstrahmungen & Galerie (Germany)

Guilfoyle Designs Company (Canada)

Gul Tekturk Designs

© Gumnut Babies/May Gibbs (Australia)

© Haandarbejdets Fremme, Danish Handcrafts Guild (Denmark)

Haarländer-Hohoff (Germany)

© Haberdashery Designs (USA)

© Haftowana Galeria (Poland)

© Haft X Komputerowy Barbara Bzdura (Poland)

Hafty Polskie

© Hamburger Stickladen (Germany)

© Handblessings (USA)

Hand Cross (Korea)

Handmade Treasures

© Hands to Work, Hearts to God (USA)

© Handwork Samplers (USA)

© Hand Wrought Designs (USA)

© Hanky Panky Crafts (USA)

© Hanne’s Needlecraft, The Embroidery Den (Australia)

HanTam (Korea)

© Happiness Is Heartmade (USA)

© Happy Stitch (Korea)

Harbour Light Designs

Hardanger House (Canada)

Harper in Stitches

Harvest Retail Group Inc

© Haukun (China)

Headache Solvers (Canada)

© Heartfelt Designs (Canada)

© Hearthside Craftworks (Canada)

© Heart in Hand Needleart (USA)

© Heartland House Designs (USA)


Heartwarming Samplers

© Heaven & Earth Designs (USA)

© Heirloom Embroideries (UK)

Heirlooms Needlecraft

© Hela C Produkter (Sweden)

Helene Halverson Designs

© Helen Eriksson/Creative Embroidery (USA)

© Helga Mandl Designs (Croatia)

© Helmi Vuorelma (Finland)

Helmsford Designs

Hemmets Lilla Broderiklubb (Sweden)

© Herbe Folle (France)

© Heritage Series (USA)

© Heritage Stitchcraft (UK)

Heritage Thread Designs

Hermanson Hardanger (Canada)

Heron House Designs (USA)

© Hesters Needle (USA)

Hickory Hollow DS

Hickory Mountain Designs

© Highland Design (UK)

High Tide Enterprises

© Hillcroft House (USA)

© Hillside Samplings (USA)

© Hinzeit (USA)

© Historical Sampler Co

Historic Needlework Guild

© Historic Stitches (USA)

© Hob-Nobb Designs (USA)

Holbein Embroideries

Holiday Sparrow Designs

Hollie Designs

Hollis Designs

© Holly Hill Designs (USA)

© Holy Needle (USA)

© Homespun Collectibles (USA)

© Homespun Elegance Ltd (USA)

© Homespun Samplar

© Homestead Designs, Tappestree Gift & Treasures (USA)

Hope’s Child

© House-Mouse Designs (USA)

© HP Designs (USA)

Hummel –JCA

Humor Us

Hutspot House

© HWS-Markoma (The Netherlands)

© Hyland Designs (USA)

IBEX Designs


Idle Time

© IHLE-design (Germany)

Il était une croix

© I Love Cross Stitch (China)

© ILTEX Broderistuga (Sweden)

I luvmoo


© Images Stitchery Designs (USA)

© Imaginating (USA)


Im Stickhimmel/Heidi Thienel (Germany)

© In A Gentle Fashion (USA)

Incomtech (Russia)

© India Grace Designs (UK)

Indigo Rose (USA)

Inge Umlauf (Germany)

©Ingrid Keuchel, Créations Ingrid Keuchel (France)

© Ink Circles (USA)

Intermezzo (France)

Iris (the Netherlands)

© Isabelle Faidy (France)


© Isle of Skye Crafts (UK)

© Isobel Hunt (UK)

© Istitch21 (China)

Italian Cross Stitch Patterns (Italy)

Jacobs Ladder


© Jan Brett (USA)

Jane Arlyn Crabtree

© Jane Greenoff, The Cross Stitch Guild (UK)

Janelle Marie Designs

© Janet Granger (UK)

Janet Kepher Design

Janet Powers Originals

© Jan Houtman (the Netherlands)

© Janlynn Corporation (USA)

© Jar Designs (USA)

Jardin Privé, Nathalie Cichon (France)

© Jardin Secret (France)

© Jasuzip (Korea)

© Jaye’s Stitchery (Ireland)

© JB Cross Design (Germany)

© JBW Designs (USA)

© JCA Inc. (USA)

J Child

© J Designs by Julie Norton (USA)

© JDR Brazilian Elegance/Karen Buell Designs (USA)

Jean Coates

© Jeanette Ardern Designs (Canada)

© Jeanette Crews Designs, Inc (USA)

Jean Farish Needleworks (USA)

Jean-Louis Grandsire

© Jean McIntosh Designs (Canada)

Jean Mann

Jeanne Christine

© Jeannette Douglas Designs (Canada)

Jean Roberts Enterprises

© Jennifer Smart (Australia)

© Jenny Creek Designs (USA)

Jemini Designs

© Jeremiah Junction (USA)

J.J. House (Korea)

J & P Coats

JG  Press

© Jiffy Pattern Shop (Canada)

© Jill Oxton (Australia)

Jimi Shore

Jip & Janneke & Pluk (The Netherlands)

© JJM Designs (USA)

© JMD Designs (New Zealand)

© Joan Elliott (USA)

© Joan Green (USA)

© Joan Smith’s Designs (USA)

Jodyri Designs

Joeun Yegam (Korea)

John Clayton

John Stubbs

© Jokadesign/M. Käß (Germany)

© Joli Coeur (France)

© Jolly Red (UK)

Jo Sonja’s Counted Designs

Jo Styles

Jotex Handarbetsklubb (Sweden)

© Jour de Lin (France)

© Joyful Expressions (USA)

© Joy of The Needle (USA)

Judith Brown Designs

Judith Lynn, Inc

Judith M. Kirby Designs

© Judith Sandy’s Rooflines (USA)

Judy Counts

Judy Rossouw

Julia Lucas (Canada)

© Julia’s Needleworks

Julie Ann Patterns (USA)

Juliet Martin

June Grigg Designs Inc

© Junghans Wolle (Germany)

Juniper Designs (Australia)


© Just A Moment (UK)

© Just Another Button Company (USA)

© Just A Thought, Judy Odell (USA)

Just BeeCause by Kristine

© Just Nan (USA)

© Kannik’s Korner (USA)

Kappie Originals (USA)

Karens Kreations

Karins Handarbetsklubb

Katherine Kennedy

Katherine Parfet

Kathie’s Krosstitch

Kathy Holicky Designs

© Katidid Designs

Katrina Designs

Katydid Inc

KD Artistry

Keeping Tradition (Belgium)

Keepsake Stitches

© K Elaine Kramer Designs, KEK Designs (USA)

© Kelmscott Designs (Canada)

Kendall Bushnell

Kept in Stitches

© Keridwen Crafts (UK)

© Kerstitch Designs (Canada)

© Kerstins Broderimönster (Sweden)

© Keslyn’s (USA)

K & D Designs


Kick Back & Stitch (USA)

Kidz Kraft Kits

Kindhearted Woman

© Kind Stitchworks (USA)


© Kingcrafts (New Zealand)


© Kinna Textil (Sweden)

© Kit & Bixby (USA)

Kits2Stitch (UK)

© Klart (Russia)

© Knotted Tree NeedleArt (USA)

Kohl-Lection Inc

© Kooler Design Studio, Nancy Rossi, Linda Gillum (USA)

© Kosha (Russia)

© Kowhai Tapestries (New Zealand)

Krazy Stitches

Kreative Keepsakes (USA)

Kreativestube (B.Fischer) (Germany)

© Kreinik (USA)

Kreuzstichkontor (Germany)

Kreuzstich und Co (Germany)

Kris B Kritter Crafts

KS Cross Stitch (China)

Kulik Kreations (USA)

© Kunst & Vliegwerk (The Netherlands)

© Kustom Krafts (Canada)

© Küsten Design (Germany)

© La Boite à Broder (France)

La Broderie (USA)

© La Chatelaine Designs (USA)

© La Cigogne qui brode (France)

© La Collection de L’ARTelier, Creations de Catherine Steinmetz (France)

© La Coudrerie (France)

© La Croix et la Manière (France)

© La-D-Da (USA)

© Ladybug Designs (USA)

Ladybug Lane Designs (USA)

La Garrigue (France)

Lagnlappe Designs

© L'Ago di Ariele (Italy)

© La Fee Rie (France)

© Lakeside Linens & Designs (USA)

© La Lambroquine (France)

© Lalou Créations (France)

Lamplight Designs

© Lanarte (the Netherlands)


© Lani’s Needlepoint (USA)

L’Art du Fil (France)

© LaRoux Designs (USA)

© Lasermada (Italy)

© La Sylphide Toquée (France)

© La Tapisserie au Point, Véronique de Luna (France)

© L’atelier de Lucille (France)

© L’atelier des Coeurs (France)

© L'atelier des Songes (France)

© L’atelier du Pic Vert, Créations Sophie Pérot (France)

© Latinor Designs (UK)

© Lattuca Designs (USA)

Laughing Moose Design Works (USA)

© Laura Doyle Designs (USA)

Laura Jane Says

© Laura J Perin Designs (USA)

Laura Rath Designs

Laura Stitch

© Laurens Di Pinto (France)

Laurens T (France)

© Lavender and Lace (USA)

© Lavender Wings (USA)

Layks-Servis (Russia)

Lea A. Peacock

© Leane Creatief (The Netherlands)

Leap Year Design Works

© Le Bonheur des Dames (France)

Le fil et l’aiguille Créations (France)

© Le fil Marion (France)

© Legacy Patterns (USA)

Le Grenier aux Trésors (France)

© Le Grenier de Mathilde (France)

Leinenstube, Irmgard Kurz

Leinenstube, Martina Hodam (Germany)

© Leisure Arts (Marjolein Bastin/Lanarte, Paula Vaughan, Teresa Wentzler) (USA)

Leisure Time Pub.

© Le Jardin d’Emilie (France)

© Le lin d’Isabelle, Créations d’Isabelle (France)

Le Long Fil Tranquille (France)

Lemontree Sttichery (UK)

© Leon Conrad Designs (UK)

Le Passé Composé/Sous mon arbre, Marjorie Massey (France)

Les Ambrosales (France)

Lesa Steele Designs

© Les Bons Mots (USA)

© Les Boutis de Lucie (France)

© Les Chevalier Croisés, creations Thomas Triplet (France)

© Les Chevaux de Coton (France)

Les Coeurs d’Isa

© Les Créations de Chrystelle (France)

© Les Créations de Koukla (Canada)

© Les Grilles de Maryse (Belgium)

Les Kits de Vivie

Leslie Stones

Les Petits Castors (France)

© Les Petits Points (France)

© Les Points de Croix de Mary (France)

© Les Secrets du Jardin (France)

© Les Soies de Marie (France)

© Le Suh (The Netherlands)

© Le Tambour Intemporel (France)

© Leyre (Spain)

Lianna Designs

Liberty Street Designs (USA)

© Liebevolle Kreuzstichentwürfe (Germany)

© Lifetime Samplers (UK)

Lighthearted Little Ones

Light House Designs

Lighthouse Lady

© Lili Points, Créations Brigitte Galaup (France)

© Lili Soleil (France)

Lilja Designs

© Lilybet Designs (USA)

© Lina Bear Creations, Selina Merrimar (Germany)

Linda Barry (USA)

Linda Driskell (Pulled/Drawn Thread Designs, Whitework & Hedebo Designs)

© Linda Reinmiller/Heartworks From My Hand (USA)

© Linda Ravenscroft (UK)

Lin de France

Lindy Jane Designs Inc

© Linen Flowers Designs (USA)

© Lisa Cowell Designs (USA)

Lisa Overduin Designs (Canada)

Little by Little

Little Deer Designs

© Little House Needleworks, LHN (USA)

Little River

Little Stitches

© Living Faith Hope & Grace (USA)

Liz Navickas Design

© Liz Turner Diehl (USA)

© Lizzie Kate (USA)


© Lody’s Creations (USA)

Lola Des Mauves (France)

Lone Deer – Sonagolese Designs (USA)

© Long Dog Samplers (France)

© Loopylou Designs (UK)

Lorrac Designs

Lorri Birmingham Designs (USA)

© Louise Gregoire Originals (the Ukraine)


Love’N Stitches by Janice Love

© L'R de Rien (France)

Luba’s Ukrainian Originals (Canada)

© Luca-S Goblen (Rumania)

Luc Créations (France)

© Lucette Vieu (France)

© Lucie Heaton Cross Stitch Designs (UK)

Lucas Créations (France)

LWS Productions

© Lyndisfarne Cross Stitch (UK)

Lynne Harrison (Canada)

© Lynne Nicoletti (Canada)

Lynne Tomlinson Designs

Lynn’s Butterfly

Lynn’s Prints/Diane Graebner (USA)

Lynnyn Designs

© Madame La Fée (France)

© Madeira (Germany)

Madeleine Ferland (Canada)

Mae Lou Designs

Magic Cross (Korea)

© Maia (UK)

Major Presentations

© Makosh (Russia)

Malcolm Greensmith

© Malin Maline (France)

Mamzelle PiXell (France)

Mandy Bear Designs

Mane (France)

© Mango Publications (France)

© Manos Maravillosas (Spain)

© MAP Designs (USA)

© Maren Martinez, Kreuz & Quer (Germany)

© Margaret & Margaret , Inc (USA)

© Margaret M. Frederick (USA)

© Margaret Sherry (UK)

Margarita Rossa

Margot de Paris/Marie Coeur

© Maria Diaz (UK)

© MarianaLiza (UK)

Maria van Scharrenburg (The Netherlands)

© Marie’s Passion, Marie Suarez (Belgium)

© Marie Thérèse Saint-Aubin, MTSA, Mt Saint Aubin (France)

Marilynn & Jackie’s Collection (USA)

Marion Dove Werth

Marion Freyzer (the Netherlands)

© Marion’s Nimble Needle (USA)

Marion Thorpe Designs

© Mariska (Belgium)

© Marjolein Bastin (The Netherlands)

Marker Merklap (The Netherlands)

© Marks & Kattens (Sweden)

© Marnie Ritter (USA)

© Marnic Designs (Canada)

© Marquerie (Spain)

Martha Ann Designs

© Martin Winkler (Germany)

© Mary Beale (USA)

Mary Garry’s Sewing Cabin

Mary Hickmott

© Mary Jane Collection (UK)

© Mary Jean’s Cross N’ Stitch (USA)

Mary Long (Canada)

Mary Shipp

© Matronin Posad (Russia)

Mayberry Designs

© MB3Z (France)

Mcall’s Needlework

© MCG Textiles (USA)

© McIntosh Samplers (USA)

© M Designs (USA)

© MDG, Meineck Designs Group (UK)

© Mearnscraft (UK)

Medeiros Needlecraft Design (USA)

Megas (Italy)

© Mellow Needlecrafts (UK)

Memories Made By Hand


© Merkwaardig (The Netherlands)

© Merrey Design (USA)

© Mes Croix et Moi, Créations Corinne Leroy (France)

© Michael Powell (UK)

© Michèle Bousquet (France)

© Michelle Ink (USA)

Midnight Stitching (USA)

© Midsummer Night Designs (USA)

© Mikusch-Design (Germany)

© Milady’s Needle (USA)

Milena Style Ltd

© Military X-Stitch (USA)

Millcraft, Inc

© Millennia Designs (UK)

© Mill Hill Charts (USA)

Mill Pond Designs

© MingiuStitch (Italy)

Minta Floyd

© Mirabilia Designs, Nora Corbett (USA)

© Mislabores (Spain)

Miss Crescent’s Crowe/Designs by Sharon Crescent

Miss Kat (Belgium)

© Misty Dreamz (USA)

© Mitt Broderi (Sweden)

M’ladys Needle (USA)

Modern Heirlooms

© Moira Blackburn (UK)

© Monarque (France)

Monasterium Design (Germany)

© Mondes Croisés (France)

Monika Schnug (Germany)

© Monsterbubbles (USA)

Monthly Magazine (Korea)

Moon Enchantress Designs

© Moonflower Designs (USA)

© Moonlight Inspirations (Canada)

Moon Pi Madness

© Morning Glory Needleworks (USA)

Moseby Design (Denmark)

© Mosey N Me (USA)

© Moss Creek Designs (USA)

Motor Racing Cross Stitch

© Mountain Harmony Creations (USA)

Mount Forest Frame Works

© Mouseloft (UK)

© Mouton Rouge (France)

MPR Associates

© Mrs. Twitchett’s Eye, Carolyn Mitchell Designs (Canada)

© MTV Designs (Italy)

© Mufu’s Rabbitry & Cross Stitch (USA)

Mulberry Tree Graphics

Mumm’s The Worlds

© Muriel Brunet, Il était une fois...demain (France)

© MWI Stickgalerie, Marion Flasdick (Germany)

© My Big Toe Designs (USA)

© My Design Company (Korea)

© My Fonts (USA)

My Heart’s Garden

© My Mark Designs (USA)

© Myosotis Créations (France)

© Mystic Stitch (USA)


© Nancy Spruance Designs (USA)

Naomi (Korea)

© Nastunya (the Ukraine)

Natalija Morozova

© Natasha Mlodetski (Russia)

Native Sun

© NCH Designs (Australia)

Near North Treasures Collection

© Ned Adam’s Originals (USA)

© Needle Art Connection Ltd

© Needlecraft Showcase

Needle Deeva

© Needle & Frame (USA)

Needle Form


© Needle Magic (USA)

Needle Maid Designs

© Needlemania (USA)

Needle Nutz, Inc

© NeedlePlay Needlework Designs (USA)

© Needlepoint Heirlooms (UK)

© Needlepoint Inc (USA)

Needlepoint Plus


© Needle Pricks (USA)

© Needleprint

Needle Rose

© Needle’s Notion (USA)

Needle Treasures

© Needlework Designs By CJ (USA)

© Needlework Magic (UK)

© Needlework Northwest (USA)


© Needleworld (UK)

© Needlizations (USA)

Nellies Nook

© Nenne Designs (The Netherlands)

Nessy Lynn’s

New Dawn Designs

© Newton's Law (UK)

© Nicole Bautz (Germany)

Nimble Needle Designs

© Nimüe (France)

© NKS Design, Nicole Eisfeld (Germany)

Nomad Designs

Nome (Korea)

Nomi’s Yarn Co

Nordiska Design

Norma J Designs

© Northern Pine Designs (Canada)

© Nostalgic Needle (USA)

Notforgotten Farm (USA)

© Nouveau Encore Designs (USA)


©Nova Sloboda (Ukraine)

NVP Design (USA)

Nya Davidsson & Co AB

© Oak Cottage Crafts (UK)

© Oak Hill Designs (USA)

Oberlin Samplers

© Odds and Ins online (USA)

Odense Broderie

© Oehlenschläger/OOE (Denmark)

Of Female Worth

Off The Wall Designs

Ohtu (Korea)

© Olde Colonial Designs (USA)

Olde Willow Design Group

© Olde Willow Stitchery Threads, Inc (UAS)

Old Lakewood

© Old Town Needlework (USA)

Olga Sotnikova

© Olga Sturova (Russia)

Olive Hope Design (Canada)


One More Stitch (USA)

One Off Designs

© Orana Originals (Australia)

© Orna Designs (USA)

© Orbis Pictura (France)

Orchidea (Poland)

© Oriental Cross Stitch and Embroidery (Pakistan)

Originals by Karen

Otwo (Korea)

Oven (Russia)

© Over The Moon Designs (USA)

Oxmoor House

© Ozark Sampler (USA)

© Paget Designs (UK)

© Pako (The Netherlands)

Palm Beach Needle Painters

Pam and Pat

Pam’s Stitching for Pleasure (UK)


© Panna (Russia)

Papier und Faden (Germany)

© Papillon Créations (France)

Papilon Cross Stitch

Paragon Needlecraft (USA)

© Passion Bonheur (France)

© Passion Des Croix (France)

© Passione Ricamo (Italy)

Pastel Indigo (France)

Past & Presents

Pat and Pam

© Patricia Allison

© Patricia Ann Designs (USA)

© Patricia Gaskin Designs

Patrick Pradalié (France)

© Patrick’s Woods

Pat Roger’s  Counted Collection

Pattern Gallery

Pattern-Maker (UK)

Patterns by Pamela

© Patterns by Pelin Tezer (Turkey)

© Paula Vaughan (USA)

Pauline Gledhill

© Paw Printings (USA)

PB Designs

PBS Originals

© PC-Studia (Russia)

© Pegasus Originals Inc (Marty Bell) (USA)

Peggy Wellman Designs

© Penelope Brode (France)

© Pepita Creations (USA)

Pep’r Moon

Perfect color

© Periphaeria Designs (Finland)

Periwinkle Promises

© Permin of Copenhagen (Denmark)

© Perrette Samouïloff (France)

© Per Segno Per Filo (Italy)

Peter Underhill

P & G Enterprises (Canada)

© Petits Points (France)

Phil Smith

© Photothreads (Australia)

Phyllis Faust Designs

© Pickle Barrel Designs (USA)

© Picoti Picota (France)

© Picrosso (UK)

Pilahteu (Korea)

© Pimprenelle  & Cie (France)

© Pine Glen Designs (Canada)

© Pine Mountain Designs (USA)

© Pinn Stitch/Mandalay Ltd

© Pinoy Stitch

© Pique et Pique et un diagramme (France)

Pitter Patterns (USA)

Plaid Enterprise Inc

Plain ‘n Fancy

Planète Mauve (France)

© Plastic Canvas Creations (USA)

© Plum Pudding Needleart (USA)

© Plum Street Samplers (USA)

Pocket Full of Dreams

Point de Croix

© Point de Croix Bourguignon, PCB Dijon (France)

Point of It All Designs

© Point passion (France)

Points Contés (France)

© Points de Repère (France)

Polaris Designs

© Polish Folk Art (Poland)

Pollywog Designs

© Polstitches Designs (UK)


© Poppy Kreations (USA)

© Prairie Moon (USA)

© Praiseworthy Stitches (USA)

Praying Hands

Primitive Stitchery

Primitive Things

© Primitive Traditions (USA)

© Primrose Needleworks (USA)


Prentiss Needle Arts Designs

Princesse (France)

P.S. It’s Cross Stitch

Puckerbrush Inc, C. Harper


Pure Heart Designs

Purple Heart Designs (UK)

Purple Moon Designs (UK)

© Purrfect Spots Inc by Nan (USA)

© Queen Adelaide Needlecraft (Australia)

© Queenstown Sampler Designs

Quest Fine Arts

© Quieter Moments (USA)

Quiet Moments

Rabbit Works

Raduga Bisera (Russia)

© Rahmenhaus (Germany)

Rain Drop Designs

© Rainbow Gallery Charts (USA)

© Raise the Roof Designs (USA)

© Rajmahal (Australia)

© Raksti Xstitch Designs (Latvia)

Rami (Korea)

Ramsgate Limited

© Rania’s Cross Stitch Creations

Rasberry Patch Designs (USA)

© Raymond M. Crawford (USA)

© Realce (Spain)

Rebas Creations

Redbird Designs

Redbone Valley

Redgum Studios

© R.E. Fauque Créations (France)


© Reflets de Soie (France)

Regina Irlenborn (Germany)

© Renaissance Designs

Renato Parolin (Italy)

R & R Reproductions

© Rêveries du Chat Bleu (France)

Rhapsody in Stitches (USA)

© Rico Designs (Germany)

Rie Cramer (The Netherlands)

© Riolis (Russia)

© Rishfeld Designs (USA)

Rita Laude

© Riva (Italy)

© RK Portfolio (USA)

© Robin’s Nest Designs (USA)

© Rogoblen (Romania)

© Romy in Austria (Austria)

© Ronnie Rowe Designs (USA)


© Rose Cottage (USA)

© Rose Marie Schneider (USA)

Rose Swalwell

© Rosewood Manor Designs (USA)

© Ross Originals (Australia)

© Rouge Antique (France)

© Rouge Petit Coeur (France)

© Rouge du Rhin (France)

Rouge Rubis

© Rovaris (Italy)

Royal Paris (France)


© RTO (Russia)

Ruby Slipper Designs

© Rue du Port (France)

Russel House

© Russki Favorit (Russia)


© Sajou (France)


Sally Ann Designs

Sam-Cloth Designs

Sam Hawkins

Sampler Circle

© Sampler Cove (Thailand)

© Samplers and Such (USA)

Samplers of Sylke

Samplers Remembered

© Samplers Revisited (USA)

© Samplings (USA)

© SamSarah Design Studio (USA)

Samurai X-Stitch Productions (UK)

© Sandi Phipps (USA)

Sandra Murray

© Sandra Parlow (Canada)

© San-Man Originals

© Sarah L Ricketts (Australia)

Sarah May

Satin Stitches – Donna M. Olsen

© Savoir-Faire Vailley (France)

Saw Many Seasons

© Scandinavian Stitches (USA)

Scarco Broderi

© Scarlet Quince Designs (USA)


© Scholehouse for the Needle (USA)

Schoolhouse Designs

Schoolroom Samplings

Scottish Samplers (UK)

© Sdelavo S Ljubovju (Russia)

Seashore Designs

Seaside Designs

© Season’s Way by Shelah Carlson

© Seba Designs (Turkey)

Sebby’s Designs

Seebo’s Creations

SEG by Paris

© Seguin Designs (USA)

© Sekas & Company (USA)

© Semco (Australia)

© Serendipity Designs/Marbek (USA)

Sew & Co Art

Sew Fine Designs

Sew Fun Designs

Sew Many Seasons

Sew Originals

© Sewsexy (UK)

Sew to be Seen Designs by Judy Dixon (UK)

© Shakespeare’s Peddler (USA)

Shariane Designs

© Sharon Lee Studio (Canada)

© Sheepish Designs

Shelly Rache


© Shepherd’s Bush (USA)

© Sherry Senicar Designs (Canada)

© Shiny Room (Korea)

© Shiny Sun's Cross Stitching (USA)

Sidereal Studio

Side Stitch Designs

Signatures Ltd

Sigrid Designs

Sigrid Rode

Silkstone Design

© Silkweaver Fabrics (USA)

Silly Snobs Gallery

Silver Lining Creations

Silver Needle

© Simple Stiches


© Simply Old-Fashioned (USA)

Simply Stephie

Singing Hands

© SJ Designs (USA)

Skat Kat Designs

© Skinner Sisters (USA)

SLD Kulik (Russia)

© Sledrunner Counted Cross Stitch (Canada)

SLQ Designs

Snapdragon Designs

S.N.S. Russian Embroidery Company (USA)

© Soda Stitch (Korea)

So & Sews

© Solaria Gallery (Bulgaria)


Something Different

Something In Common (USA)

Something Special

Sora (Korea)

Sourpuss Designs

© Southwest & Kokopelli Decoratives (USA)

© S.P. Ink (USA)

Spinning Wheel

Springberry Kreek Designs

Springer Gobelin

Spring Valley Stitchery (USA)

Square Dance Designs

Sribna Golka (The Ukraine)


© Stab and Stash (USA)

© Stacy Nash Primitives (USA)


Stars, Hearts & Friends


© Sterling Pub. (USA)

© Stewart Merrett (Australia)

Stick-Art (Germany)

© Sticken und mehr (Germany)

© Sticken und Staunen, Ute Senkel-Weinberg (Germany)

Stickfee Kreuzstichdesign (Germany)

© Stickversand Nicole Bautz (Germany)

© Still Stitching/Susan Greening Davis (USA)

Stitchable Expressions (Canada)

© Stitch A Gift (USA)

© Stitch Alley (USA)

© Stitchamaze (Canada)

© Stitcher (Russia)

Stitcheree Designs

Stitcher’s Attic

© Stitcher’s Heaven Designs by Alan Greenstein (USA)

Stitcher’s World

Stitchery Branson Stule

© Stitchery Creations (Canada)

Stitches and More

Stitches By Cheri

Stiches From The Heartland

© Stitches N Stones (USA)

© Stitches Unlimited (South-Africa)

Stitching Bee Designs

Stitching His Glory (USA)

Stitching Kreations (USA)

Stitching Pretty Presents

Stitching World Limited (UK)

Stitching Yard Designs

© Stitchin’ Post Creations (USA)

© Stitchin’spirations (USA)

Stitchin’ Time

© Stitchnquilt, Cynthia McDonald (USA)

Stitchopolis (Canada)

© Stitchtastic (UK)

Stitchworld Inc (USA)

© Stitchy Kitty (USA)

© Stone Dog Design Studio (UK)

Stone & Thread (USA)

© Stoney Creek Collection (USA)

Studio B

© Studio for Historical Samplers (Germany)

© Studio Kat Designs (USA)

Studio M

Studio Seven

St. Ruth Designs

© Subversive Crossstitch (USA)

© Sudberry House

© Sue Hillis Designs (USA)

Sue Ryder


© Summer House Stitche Workes (USA)

© Sundance Designs/DeGrazia (USA)

Sunflower Samplings

© Sunken Treasures (UK)

Sunny Mornings Stitchery


Sunshine (Korea)

Susan Dickerson Designs

© Susan Saltzgiver Designs/Mushrooms and Moles (USA)

Susan’s Best Cross Stitch

Suzanne McNeil

© Svarta Fåret (Sweden)

© Swedish Weave Designs (USA)

Swedish Weaving Charts

© Sweetheart Company (USA)

Sweet Water Designs

© Sybilla Davis Designs, SD-Designs (UK)

Sylvan Artisan

©Sylvie Teytaud (France)

© Szulet Creations (USA)

© Tams Creations (Switzerland)

© Tanya Meehan Designs (USA)

© Tapestry Tent Designs (USA)

Tapex Vienna (Austria)

Taylored Designs

© Teddy & Co (France)

© Temane Designs (Australia)

Temple Treasures

© Teresa Layman Designs (USA)

Teresa Reynolds

© Teresa Wentzler (TW Designworks) (USA)

T & N Designs

© Textile Heritage (UK)

© Textured Treasures (Canada)

© TF Stickdesign, Tanja Franz /Germany)

The Abecedarian

© Thea Gouverneur

The Artful Stitch Inc

© The Artists Collection (USA)

The Artist Collection (Germany)

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The Berry Patch

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