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I love to cross-stitch

All these, apart from two, were designed by Margaret Betts of Home Handicraft in Tenby, sadly now passed away. The business had been taken over  but due to health problems  has now had to close, so sadly now there is no longer a handicraft shop in Tenby.

 They were stitched by me from her rough sketches so they could be photographed for the pack fronts.  They made them up into kits and sold them all over the country and some even went to America. Most of the designs are blackwork but also quite a few cross-stitch, and there are many more which I don't have room to put here.



Caldey Abbey, this can also be bought as a needlepoint design done on canvas.

Carew Cross & Kew Gardens Pagoda

Celtic Cross


Coastal - This was a kit by Anchor and not designed by Margaret.

Lovespoon Bookmarks                                                                                                  


Margam Cross                                                                                                       


Red Kite

Tenby Harbour


Tenby Harbour by Moonlight, this is the other one not by Margaret

Welsh Dragon

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