Waterbury American Graffiti

The Crosby High Class of 1959



 Principal – J. Francis Boland | Vice Principal – William Boland | Dean – Kathryn Hayes


Latin - William Boland | Modern Languages - Helene Rockey | Science – Alfred Kenney | English – Charles McCarthy | Mathematics – William Sherman Smith | Social Studies – Julia Sullivan


Mary Barry                   Franklyn Finnan                 Claire Murphy

David Bartolini               Kathleen Fitzgerald            Daniel Murphy

Abigail Beecher             Josephine Foti                   Richard Nave

Robert Boland               William Good                    Joseph O’Brien

Jane Brennan                Kathryn Healey                 Rosetta O’Brien

Thomas Byrnes             Stephen Kelly                   Mae O’Grady

Bessie Cameron            John Kenney                    Loretta Parker

Eugene Colangelo          John Kinney                     Albert Paul

Margaret Colwell            James Lee                       Anna Paul  

A James Condaris         John Luddy                       Elizabeth Paul

Catherine Connor           Isabel MacKerracher         John Price

Margaret Connors          Martin McDonald              John Reardon

Walter Dean                 Madelyn McGill                 George Regan

Edward Derwin             Margaret McGrath              Margaret Rizzuti

Joan Dillon                   Mae McKenna                   Leah Schlesinger

James Doherty             Samuel Myers                   Mary Shanahan

Robert Drapatin           Thomas Micket                Hedwiga Stulginski

Bernard Dzinski           Dora Milenky                      William Synnott

Teresa Ferrone            Joseph Modenese               Phyllis Valenti 

Rose Finkelstein         Charles Murphy                   Marion Winton

Mrs. Kasmira Butler left Crosby prior to our senior year to teach Spanish at Croft High (formerly Leavenworth High)



From Ed Golden: Robert Boland was my History Teacher and also a coach. He liked to throw chalk and erasers at his students. His tests always included a bonus question related to sports, such as "How many cleats are there in a track shoe". I wonder if he was the son of the Principal or Vice-Principal? There sure was a lot of nepotism when you look at that list of faculty.

From Bernie Dodge: I have vivid memories of the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis. I remember the nervous churning in my guts each morning that wasn't made any easier by the principal at Croft High School in Waterbury, Mr. John Kinney. He had risen to administration after a long career as an English teacher, mostly at Crosby High, and began each day by personally intoning the announcements over the school PA system. With all that literature knocking around unused in his mind, he made sure to include a quote or literary allusion whenever he could between class play rehearsal times, Latin Club meetings, and lunch menus. He was especially in his element during October of 1962. I don't remember the specifics but I know there were poems about mortality and pointlessness read in a stoic, world weary kind of drone. Exactly what a 14 year old wants to hear before Algebra I.

I also had Kasmira Butler for Spanish II and III at Croft. I was co-editor of the Spanish newsletter and Mrs. Butler would call me at home at night to talk endlessly about it, sounding like she'd had a few drinks. Pretty sad.

Do you have memories of any of these teachers? Send them to me at crosbyhigh1959@hotmail.com for publication on this page.


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