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The Crosby High Class of 1959




Carl Spencer | Charles Negaro | Judith Schnaars | Robert Barone | James Valezis | Robert Rinaldi | James Bulger | Anne Mancino | Edward Walsh | Michael Gureckas


There were 440 members of the Class of 1959, which was/is probably the largest graduation class ever in Crosby High School history. We started our freshman year at Crosby less than a month after the Great Flood of 1955 devastated Waterbury.

We were a diverse group. We had Amos (Alfred) & Andy (Andrew Stollar), but no Kingfish. We had a baker (Harold), a blower (George), a flamer (Thomas), a heckler (Fred), a quilter (Bonnie), a shreder (Walter), a baron (Kenneth), and an officer (Sandra) who wasn't on the police force and didn’t hold any office. We had meats- bacon (Joan), and mutton (Edward) -, a spice (Jerome Ginger), and a side dish (Edmund Rice) with our two feests (Francis and Gordon). One of us was vile (Maureen) and another was babarik (Paul). View classbook photos of some of them. We even had a white negro (Anthony Del), and “Kwa The Earth Man” (John Kwasinskas) who took our record requests and dedications on the telephone for "Rocky The Outer Space Disk Jockey" to play every weeknight on WATR Radio. 


Click on a group of names below to see their 1959 Yearbook page photos and profiles. 


Ronald Abrahams was the first



Arlene Derwin, Kathleen Desmarais, Armand Diana, Steven DiBeneditto, Pasquale DiDomizio (The Jock)

Donald Flynn, Patrick Fontane, Jerry Fonzo, Roger Fortier, George Frigon

Acros Hyalumnus, Nicholas Ieronimo, Vincent Ippolito, Robert Janatiss, Stanley Januska

Janice Melchino (The Blonde Bombshell), Thomas Melia, Julius Mendello, Barbara Mendyka, Francis Menotti

Marshall Morelli, Ernest Mosley, James Mulvehill, Marguerite Murphy, Peter Murphy

Mary Patronik, John Pawelchak, Stanley Pechalonis, John Pelzer, Brian Perkinson

Garret Post, Reeva Potoff, Robert Primus, Theodore Prosl, Harold Protter

Henry Zackin, Carol Zailskas, Mary Ann Zotto, Harry Zuella, Joy Zwiebel


Eddi Zyko was the last




1959 Yearbook class member photo pages:  All   Individual  

Official class photo at Hamilton Park on Arbor Day in 1959 contributed by Ed Walsh. Larger version of this photo.

Unofficial class photo at Hammonasset Beach the day after the Senior Prom. Larger version of this photo.



(From the 1959 Blue & White Yearbook class members profiles)







“CAR-MINDED”: Acros Hyalumnus, Domingo Alves, Anthony Argenta, Rolfe Benson, Ward Branvein, Richard Caouette, Michael Celentano, Martin Cepkauskas, Richard Ciarlone, John Coughlin, Nicholas Coviello, Paul Demaida, John DiStiso, Robert Fabiani, Gordon Feest, James Gilmore, Robert Greene, Bruce Guevin, Alan Hockert, George Howe, Herbert Hughes, Harold Hurley, Edward Kirschbaum, Raymond Kozen, Robert Lanese, Richard Mascoli, Jon Mattson, John McCarty, William Mecca, Robert Mehmet, Edmund Ostrowski, Edward Palmer, Guy Pantely, John Pelzer, Harold Protter, Mark Rosen, Werner Schulze, 










and Janice Melchino Paul (The Blonde Bombshell), who still cruises downtown Waterbury and The Green in a bikini and go-go boots in her cool 59 Caddy.









DANCING: William Baldwin, Barbara Bellotti, Elizabeth Birmingham, Ellen Blondeau,  Evelyn Brodeur, Juanita Brown, Joan Brunelli, Richard Canfield, Maureen Carroll, Richard Castagna, Sandra Cicero, Michael Cipriano, Nicholas Coviello, Rosalind Crim, Janice D’Ambrisi, Henry Datelle, Donna Davies, Cynthia Evans, Concetta Favale, Patricia Galullo, Linda Hall, Lynne Hancock, Ellen Hubert, Nancy LaCapra, Patricia LaCapra, Ann Lacilla, Bernard Ladden, Bonnie Lewis, Kathleen MacSweeney, Nancy Mancini, Arnold Mann, Mary McGuinness, Carol Milde, Carl Nierenburg, Jane Paradis, Judith Petterson, Dolores Pomponio, Marcia Randis, Carol Santa Lucia, Judith Shapiro, Elinor Sherman, Joyce Shiel, Joanne Sodano, Nita Strauss, Donald Vaitkus








SKATING: Jean Arend, Russell Bowen, Roger Fortier, Joan Giusto, Gloria Horenbein, Ruth Levin, Judith Mackiewicz, Patricia Miles, Phyllis Severino, Robert Steponaitis, Lucille Voghel






“FIRM BELIEVER IN RELAXATION”: Richard Santa Maria, Edward Palmer, Harry Zuella





“Regulars” Cookie & Charlie and host Jim Gallant (left) were joined by Crosby Class of 1959 dancing enthusiasts Joyce Shiel, Don Vaitkus, Donna Davies, Bob Smith, Dolores Pomponio, and Hank Datelle when they went to New Haven for an appearance on Connecticut Bandstand on Channel 8 in 1958.

Dave Brady & Anne Brennan  |  Jim Bulger & Thomasina Goffred  |  Don Derouin & Kathy MacSweeney  |  Pat DiDomizio & Joyce McKenna  |  Pat DiDomizio & Judy Schnaars  |  Bob Kolesnik & Janice D'Ambrisi  |  Ray Kozen & Karen Moran  |  Harold Protter & Harriet Shiller



(From the 1959 Blue & White Yearbook class members profiles)


MILITARY: Clarence Albea, Rolfe Benson, George Blower, Michael Carpini, Richard Cepelak, Steven DiBeneditto, Gordon Feest, James Gilmore, Thomas Feliciani, George Frigon, Robert Greene, Michael Gureckas, David Hook, Herbert Hughes, John Kwasinskas, Norman LaMadeleine, Timothy Luddy, Peter Manna, Edward Palmer, Edward Phelan, Robert Rinaldi, Francine Robinson, Richard Santa Maria, Werner Schulze, George Smedes, Thomas Spagnoletti, Joseph Summa


“WOMAN IN WHITE”: Joan Bacon, Carolyn Bansleben, Carmela Barrachina, Ellen Blondeau, Anne Brennan, Anita Briotti, Juanita Brown, Angela Brzeski, Carol Burke, Joan Burns, Kathleen Carroll, Paula Cronan, Janice D’Ambrisi, Suzanne Davis, Kathleen Desmarais, Elizabeth Dorso, Rosalind Dykerman, Geraldine Eira, Mary Flaherty, Elaine Geigle, Joan Giusto, Theresa Gizzi, Nancy LaCapra, Ann Lacilla, Frances Laone, Bonnie Lewis, Juanita Lewis, Judith Mackiewicz, Kathleen MacSweeney, Nancy Mancini, Judith McCasland, Barbara Mendyka, Patricia Miles, Carol Miller, Vernita Mitchell, Catherine Montello, Judith Nelson, Sandra Officer, Patricia O’Leary, Jane Paradis, Mary Alice Patronik, Judith Petterson, Caroln Pfurr, Bonnie Quilter, Josephine Ritucci, Marie Sacco, Deanna Saginario, Barbara Scadden, Sandra Smith, Susan Sumpf, Margaret Swoboda, Joan Williams, Carol Zailskas, Mary Ann Zotto


DOCTOR: Alfred Amos, Kenneth Baron, Monica Czarzasty, Anthony DosSantos, Ronald Helfand, Leon LaMadeleine, Henry Lee, Joseph Scurso, James Stokes

TEACHER: Antoinette Arciom, Brenda Blanchard, Elaine Caggiano, Sandra Chieffo, Barbara DelPo, Garret Erwin, Jerry Fonzo, Sally Harris, Gloria Horenbein, Mary Ellen Howe, Thomas Jokubaitis, Rene Lemieux, Jacqueline Lombardo, Rosanne Martino, Maureen Maxen, Sean McCarthy, Mary McGuiness, Joyce McKenna, Irene Molavar, Mary Ellen Phelan, Dolores Pomponio, Anne Renner, John Rossi, Margaret Rossi, Thomas Salcito, Thomas Santo Pietro, Elaine Simone, Theodore Storlazzi, Nita Strauss, Marie Testa, Jerome Wyant, Henry Zackin


ENGINEER: Paul Babarik, Shaffer Bloodgood, Michael Cepkauskas, Dennis Collette, Anthony Grande, William Gray, John Hales, Donald Hassinger, Richard Herbst, Alan Hockert, Vincent Ippolito, William Mecca, Joseph Merluzzi, Edward Mutton, Theodore Prosl, Robert Querim, Edmund Rice, David Ryan, Edmond Siemiatkoski, Peter Stangl, James Valezis, Robert Williamson


RADIO/TV: John Bunnell, Donald Derouin, Craig Kirsch, Franklin Saresky


Only Harold Protter indicated that he planned a law career (and he wound up in broadcasting), but several of us did earn law degrees, including Justin Donnelly, Bob Kolesnik, Bill St. John, and Eddi Zyko. You can find out what some of our class members actually did when they grew up on the Autographs page.




The girls wore cuffed bobbie socks worn with suede "buckskin" shoes or saddle shoes that came in all color combinations and styles from light weight to the original heavier oxford in black and white. The sleeves were always cuffed and rolled on the girl’s short sleeve shirts, and finished off with a scarf around the neck. Wool skirts with the length at the middle of the calf with a slit in the back. The favorite hair styles were pony tails, and shoulder length hair that was rolled at the ends with bangs and usually a side part. Barrettes were often used as decoration and to hold the hair away from the face. The boy’s typical clothes were blue jeans with cuffed legs, a tee shirt with rolled sleeves (often with a pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes inside), or a shirt with the back of the collar turned up. They wore various short hair styles ranging from the butch to the slightly longer Elvis style that was combed back and held in place with VO5 Hair Dressing into a duck tail or DA as it was called, but DAs were few and far between.


 Jukebox 1957     Jukebox 1958     Jukebox 1959


Michael Gureckas, Judith Schnaars, Elaine Simone, Pat DiDomizio, Carl Spencer, Edward Walch, Anne Mancino, Eleanor Lauro, John Walzer, Lynne Andrews, William Karmen, David Stolfi, Marian Tracy, Harriet Shiller, Harold Protter, Charles Negaro, Joanne Berardi, James Valezis, Edward Readel, Carol Zailskas 







Who are these sophisticated senior citizen members of the Class of 1959? Could it be both of The MLTS's and The Blonde Bombshell? 










Visit the Crosby High Class of 1959 photos website to find the answers and see photos from the 2004 Class Reunion and Golf Outing. 








(Click on address or name in blue for a photo of house or building)


Paul Babarik - 444 South Leonard St.  |  American Brass

Elizabeth "Bunnie" Birmingham - 70 South View St.  |  Scovill

Norm Blondin - 1382 North Main St.  |  Bristol Co.

Shaffer Bloodgood - 70 Vail St.  |  Horan Real Estate, 36 North Main St.

George Blower - 437 South Leonard St.  |  Scovill

Russ Bowen - 18 Elliott St.  |  Southern New England Telephone Co.

Bob Brady – 41 Laval St.  |  Chase Rolling Mill

Dave Brady – 43 Laval St.  |  Post Office

Ward Brandvein - 77 Oakland Ave.  |  Brandvein & Co. (curtain manufacturers), 125 Maple St.

Tony Bruno - 398 Washington Ave.  |  Scovill

John Bunnell - Bucks Hill Rd.  |  Bunn's Horseradish Co.

Joe Byrnes - 791 Baldwin St.  |  American Brass


Joe Cutrali - 13 Fleet St.  |  CR&L Co. Bus Lines


Henry Datelle – 763 Highland Ave.  |  A.H. Wells & Co., 563 Watertown Ave.

Tony Delnegro - 68 Oak St.  |  Scovill

Nick Delrosso - 1621 North Main St.  |  Cameo Theater, Watertown

Kathleen Desmarais - 881 Baldwin St.  |  Scovill

Armand Diana - 30 Kenyon St.  |  Waterbury Tool Co.

Pat Didomizio – 43 Meadow St.  |  Scovill

Nancy Dingwell - 1209 South Main St.  |  New Haven Railroad

Al Divigard – 843 Bank St.  |  Divigard's Bakery, 59 Congress Ave.


Pat Fontane – 150 Ball Farm Rd., Oakville 

George Frigon – 994 Baldwin St.  |  Scovill


William "Bucko" Galvin - 34 Fairmount St.  |  Waterbury Police Dept.

Ed Golden - 2909 East Main St.  |  Cooke Street Bus Lines 

Tony Grande - 149 Cooke St.  |  Arthemis Apartments, 149 Cooke St.


Harold Hurley - 73 Francis St.  |  Scovill


Nick Ieronimo – 972 West Main St.  |  Ieronimo's Barber Shop, 1028 Baldwin St.


Bob Janatiss – 22 Newell Place  |  Tower Grille

Stan Januska - 22 West Porter St.  |  A.H. Wells & Co., 563 Watertown Ave.

Ed Japs - 128 Cherry St.  |  Lux Clock


William Karmen - 107 Locust St.  |  Waterbury Manufacturing Co.

Bob Kolesnik - 324 Walnut St.  |  Scovill

Ray Kozen - 26 Colley St.  |  Scovill


Bernie Ladden - 15 Ridgewood St.  |  Diamond Ginger Ale Co., 1663 S. Main St.

Frances Laone - 59 South St.  |  Chase Metal Works

Larry Lindquist - 52 Oakville Ave.  |  Cudahy Packing Co., 53 Sperry St.


Anne Mancino – 42 Ward St.  |  Waterbury Buckle Co.

Evelyn Marshak - 41 Calumet St.  |  Quality Paint Store, 269 S. Main St.

William Mecca - 45 Oak St.  |  Mecca Music Co., 203 Bank St.

Janice Melchino - 10 Bronson St.  |  Ciarlone's Barber Shop, 283 Bank St.

Joe Merluzzi - 28 Ives St.  |  Cadet Liquor Shoppe, 900 Baldwin St.

Marshal Morelli - 19 Greenmount Terrace  |  Blake & Johnson Co.

Ernie Moseley - 171 Bishop St.  |  Chase Metal Works

Ed Mutton - 26 George St.  |  American Fastener Co., 54 Maple St.


Bob Neagle – 27 Laval St.  |  American Brass

Charles Negaro – 40 Fifth St. |  Handy Dandy Produce, 587 Watertown Ave.


Ed Ostrowski - 24 William St.  |  Shoe Hardware Div., United States Rubber Co.

Sandra Officer - 1173 West Main St.  |  Diamond Ginger Ale


Stan Pechalonis - 636 Riverside St.  |  American Brass

Reeva Potoff - 114 Division St.  |  Waterbury Clock Co.

Bob Primus - Grand Ave.  |  American Brass

Ted Prosl - 132 E. Main St.  |  Prosl's Restaurant, 144 E. Main St.


Robert Querim - 108 Cooke St.  |  Lincoln Lunch, 32 Grand St.

Bonnie Quilter - 75 Plank Rd  |  National Awning Co., 75 Plank Rd.


Asbury Reid - 3 Vine St.  |  Scovill


Walter Scappini - 68 South Elm St.  |  Acme Radio Supply

Paul Scirpo - 1387 Baldwin St.  |  Waterbury Farrel Foundry

Joe Scursso - 69 Seymour St.  |  Scovill

Joyce Shiel – 861 Baldwin St.  |  Waterbury Republican-American

Walter Shreder - 29 Railroad Hill St.  |  Chase Rolling Mills

Ed Siemiatkosi – 163 Chester Ave.  |  Waterbury Manufacturing Co.

Tom Skipp - 158 Herschel Ave.  |  Chase Brass & Copper

Patricia Squatriglia - 70 Wood St.

Peter Stangl - 6 3rd St.  |  Brookside Dairies, 85 S. Leonard St.

Andy Stollar - 108 Willow St.  |  Blake & Johnson Co., 1495 Thomaston Ave.

Ted Storlazzi - 16 Cossett St.  |  American Brass

Susan Sumpf - 282 Highland Ave.  |  Waterbury Republican-American & WBRY Radio


Diane Ubaldi - 35 Tudor St.  |  Chase Metal Works


Maureen Vile - 215 Willow St.  |  John Hancock Life Insurance Co.


Hall Walling - 23 Hillside Ave.  |  American Brass


Henry Zackin – 124 N. Elm St.  |  Zackin Sheet Metal Co., 122 N. Elm St.

Mary Ann Zotto - 261 Lincoln St.  |  Zotto Shoe Repair, 204 Willow St.

Harry Zuella – 136 Locust St.  |  American Brass

Eddi Zyko – 692 North Main St.  |  Scovill



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