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The Fear of Death




The Living Presence



Human consciousness has two poles just like a magnet does.  These are the two states of human consciousness.  The first state is when awareness is placed in the moment and "awareness of awareness" is possible.  This focus of awareness is in the present moment and standing still within itself.  There is no other place of focus except your own awareness and by doing this one can come into the present moment of time.  All of perceived reality is held in a kind of static timeless state of peace and perfection.  True appreciation and love can happen in this state of consciousness.  It is the unified singular state of wholeness.

The second state is fragmented into many pieces that are all focusing on either the past or future, but not the present moment.  In this state there is no continuity or security.  There is a chaotic waveform of discord and darkness.  In this state a sense of fear reins and one is forever concerned with self preservation and survival from perceived threats.  The whole is not seen, and fragmentation creates chaos and fear.  This state of awareness is similar to an animal awareness in that it is purely reactionary in its actions.  It is largely unconscious of its own fear based reactions and is only concerned with its own survival at all costs.  It has no self-reflective capabilities in the sense that it can't focus on its own awareness and stand still long enough to do this (because the feeling of fear is ever present and far too strong to allow for one to self reflect in this capacity) and its only focused on its external existance. 





The fear based state of conscious awareness is in the dark on its own existance, and has no understanding of what it is, and why it feels the way that it does.  The animal awareness fears its own death.  It fears not existing at all.  This is a false perception because energy can't be destroyed, only transformed.  Our eternal soul lives on forever.


What I talk of in the paragraphs below needs to be seen in the right context, and it is imperative that readers understand the core principles of the alternate physics model I have talked about on the home page of this site.  A physics model that some have called Ether Physics.  Once you fully understand how the universe operates at the primary base level, then you will see how consciousness fits into that model, and you will be able to better understand the highly abstract nature of the following paragraphs.  :-)

The fear based awareness of human consciousness is caught in a negative vortex of energy (the negative pole), and resists moving into the furthest extreme of that polarity.  It resists movement into the furthest negative indentation in the ether and highest spin frequency.  What needs to happen in order to illuminate the animal awareness, is that the living side of consciousness needs to "push" the fear based consciousness into the core of the negative pole.  Once this is accomplished, movement past that pole will be easy, because there will no longer be resistance, because the fear based awareness will now be in the light and fully aware of what lies directly inside the furthest extreme of the negative pole.  The trapped awareness will rejoin with the living self awareness of the positive pole, once it traverses the full length of the negative spiral.  So how does one do this exactly?  and what does it look like?  Well, your basically being asked to experience what you fear the most but without dying or being physically harmed in anyway. 

To accomplish this, the living awareness has to orchestrate things so that the survival awareness is "pushed" into experiencing the thing it fears the most.  We need to bring ourselves to that which we fear the most, and we have to do this repeatedly until we breakdown all resistance and move past the ultimate fear of death.  One method to accomplish this is to become lucid in a dream while you are sleeping, and then use your dream reality to create a senario where the animal awareness can experience death.  It is imperative that on an emotional level the survival aspect FEELS the greatest intensity of fear that is possible.  Only then can it be free of the limitations this resistance to these ultimate feelings of death, had over it. 

(There is at least one individual who successfully accomplished this feat of consciousness transition.  In his dreams, he would imagine himself falling off of a tall building to his death.  He would wake up just before hitting the ground, with his heart pounding hard and in a sweat.  After many such experiences like this, he finally succeeded in reaching the ground.  He said that when he hit the ground, it was like a comet smacking into the atmosphere of earth at 50,000 miles per hour.  He said there was an explosion of sparks and luminous orbs.  In the span of a mere instant, a massive amount of energy was transformed and his fear of death was gone.

I've speculated that with each concurrent dream he had, the living side of his awareness was able to bring the survival aspect closer and closer to the center of the negative pole.  At the exact moment that he hit the ground in his dream, his living awareness had pushed the fear based awareness accross the negative pole, and into the infinite expansion of the positive pole.)

John Star might be a present day Gandolf from the Lord of the Rings books/movies.  His near death experience may have changed him in ways that cannot be duplicated by ordinary people.

The light from source may have infused him with a potency of higher light vibration that permanently altered him and gave his radiant side of consciousness the boost in power needed for it to over come the death of death.  It is important to note that John purged the fear of death after his near death experience and not during it. 


After John purged the fear of death from his body, he changed in very interesting ways as a result.  He only needed to eat about one third of the amount of food he use to need.  He also only needed about an hour or sleep per night, and most fascinating of all, he could see auras.  But not just the auras of people.  He could see the Auras of all living things and even inanimate objects.  Auras are simply the percievable magnetic fields of reality.  Fruits have a magnetic field that radiates out around them.  The lines on a watermellon show how the magnetic field influences the appearance of the fruit.  Trees are perfect example of this pattern.  John could percieve of the mangetic field of Trees too, (after he purged the fear of death).  The aura of a Tree extents outward from the tips of the branches, bending around towards the ends of the roots.  John could see the magnetic fields of magnets, and would play with magnets in ways that allowed him to "see" how free energy can be created from the Ether by use of revolving magnets.  It was percievable to him.  This ability to see the finer aspects of creation, is created when the physical body is of a certain radiant potential I reason.  It is just like Neo being able to directly "see" the matrix and how it works.  Seeing the computer program for what it really is, rather than what we have been lead to believe it is.


The aspect of trapped consciousness in the negative pole of our energy field, is responding to outside appearances only, and has lost its inner connection to the light.  The higher consciousness of the human Angel, knows inherently and innately that death is an illusion and false perception.  The reality all human beings live within is a completely fabricated illusion, that was created to allow certain beings the ability to play upon the feelings of fear and limitation, to get us to behave in ways that feed these unseen forces working behind the scenes.  In order to break the "spell" we need to trust our inner knowledge and connection enough to allow us to move past the ultimate fear of death.  We need to forge an inner trust strong enough to move past all that fear, hate, and darkness can throw at us.  Its about pure love becoming stronger than pure fear. 

The spell the darkforces have cast upon this world is melting and losing its power right now in time.  It will soon disolve completely leaving us to reclaim our original heritage as free floating points of unlimited light.  Nature is about to do for us what most people can't do for themselves.  




What is happening right now

Our solar system is approaching the galactic plane where a very strong pulse of electromagnetic energy extends from.  This is a cyclic event and has happened many times before, and will happen many times again.  The pulse will hit the Earth as our solar system passes through the galaxies equator. 

Our Milky Way Galaxy is just like a very large and intense magnetic field.  It is constructed in the exact same fashion and as such, one can better understand the galaxy we live in by studying magnets and their fields.  Below is a one inch by two inch magnet.  Its north pole faces up, and its south pole faces down.  Along its equator can be seen a bright yellow orange plasma like light.  A plane becomes evident that divides the magnet into 2 pieces.  A magnetic field is created by two counter rotating vortexes of etheric energy.  One pole spins one way, while the other pole spins in the opposite direction.  The interesting thing to note, is that exactly between the two poles lies an area where the two spins collide.  Its where the change in direction happens if you were traveling around the magnetic field and swept in its flow.  This area is highly charged because a kind of constant collision is happening along this plane and the same is true for the plane that our galaxy creates along its equator.  This is the pulse that will pry human consciousness free of the fear based reality we as a species has been living in for over 11,000 years now (since the fall of Atlantis and human consciousness in general).

There are also other things to consider this time.  According to Alex Colliers contacts, the entire universe is changing at its foundation.  A new density level is emerging and all other densities are being raised up in accordance. 

One thing we can do is to use our minds to spin our bodies energy centers (chakras) faster than they normally rotate.  Our consciousness is present not in our brains, but in our bodies energy centers as a whole.  There are 7 centers and by focusing your awareness on one at a time, you imagine it spinning faster and faster.  Your basically stirring the ether with your mind, much like you stir a cup of water with a spoon.  Imagine spining your centers as fast as you can going one by one in order from top down, or bottom up. This increases the degree of polarization and indentation of both poles into the ether field. This also creates a more vertically oriented energy pattern, that has a stronger ability to remain sovereign, centered and independant from forces swirling around it.  When you have spun up all your centers they align and are stacked on top of each other so that a vertical channel (eye of the storm) opens up and connects the ground beneath your feet to the sky above your head.  Tesla use to do this because the ground has a different charge than the atmosphere and create a channel for it, you can connect it like a wire and have energy flow through you vertically.

The same principle is seen in a gyroscope when it defies gravity when spinning fast enough.  Gyroscopes maintain a very high degree of focus and in humans, when our chakras are spinning very fast, it increases our attention and living awareness in the moment.  Your field is accelerated and opened up and strengthened for a few hours afterward, if not longer.  Your awareness is opened and enlarged so that you are in better contact mentally with your surrounding and in better communication with your environment.  You feel lighter as gravity has less effect on you.

Now add to this a vegetarian diet and organic food, and you will literally raise your vibration over night.  Avoid all drugs and stimulants if you can, like coffee, as these chemicals will lower your vibration and keep you locked in the fear based reality of 3rd density existence. 


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