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The history of the human races origins is complex and I have researched many different sources to come up with the truth.  According to Alex Collier from his book Defending Sacred Ground, the human race first arrived in this galaxy (The Milky Way) from another galaxy entirely.  The aliens that Collier is in contact with which call themselves the Andromedans, say that some 185 billion human beings live in the 8 galaxies closest to us.  Humans first arrived in the Lyra star system of this galaxy many millions of years ago.  Later on the Draconian forces arrived and attacked the home system of Lyara.  This information can also be independently corroborated/verified by some of the men that worked with the Montauk project and Philadelphia experiment, such as Stewart Swerdlow, Preston B. Nichols, Al Bielek, and others.  (Al Bielek has mentioned how he actually worked face to face with a Draconian reptilian in the underground base of Montauk).     

The Andromedans speak of the planet Maldek which was the 5th planet from our sun in the far past.  The humans that lived there (the Maldekians) destroyed their world in a nuclear war and turned their planet into the Asteroid belt that now exists between Mars and Jupiter.  The souls from Maldek are all largely service to self and based upon the negative polarity.  It is those souls that were the leaders of the planet Maldek that have become the Rothchilds and ruling human elite of present day Earth. 

Margaret Storm in her book The Return of the Dove, mentions these same Maldekians.  She calls them the Lagers, and says that some 19 million years ago the Earth people decided to take in the souls from Maldek, since the Maldekians had destroyed their world and were living on some of the Asteroids that still existed.  It was hoped that the lager souls upon arriving here on Earth/Terra would forget their old ways and begin to finally start evolving/progressing upward into the light, instead of regressing backward into the darkness.  Needless to say, the lagers have helped pull things downward here on earth since their arrival.

The Andromedians in contact with Alex Collier mention that the first humans to arrive on earth was a little over 700 thousand years ago, so obviously there is some differences in information between Collier and Storm.  Storm has met with various men who worked with Nikola Tesla, like Otis T. Carr and Arthur H. Mathews.  Colliers sources say that the Reptilians actually arrived here on Earth first at about 800 thousand years. 

Stewart Swerdlows information might differ a little again, but its more or less in line with what Collier says. 

The alien race that was in contact with Billy Meier gave him information that also corroborates a great deal with Colliers info. 

Here is a brief summary of what has happened in our Galaxy starting with our own races arrival at about 40 million years ago.

The original human race is called the Elohim and lived in a star system called the Lyra system.  They hold the original genetic template for our species in its pure and whole form.

The original home system of Lyra and starting place of the human species was on a planet that was very close to the great central sun in the center of our galaxy.  The intelligent reptilian species (which call themselves the Draconians) were first seeded in an area around the great cental black hole.  The two existed independently until the Draconians eventually came to the Lyra system and waged war.

At that moment the Elohim were fragmented into many different groups that scattered across the galaxy and evolved in time to become many other races (like the Andromedians, the Pleadians and others) but not all of the original race of Elohim were penitrated by the Draconians.  Many worlds could not be harmed and have maintained the original genetics in their pure state even now to this day.  Some of the souls on the worlds that fell eventually ended up on earth in our present time.  The original souls of the Elohim and Dracos are known as the first wave or generation of intelligent life in this galaxy system.  All the souls that were born after the first contact and war are second generation souls.  They are younger and tend to have less wisdom as a result.

We are now at a time where the entire galaxy has stagnated as all possibilities have been explored for the original set of variables that were established at the very begining of this galactic creation.  A redrawing has begun which will culminate in a new set of primary blueprints being born. 
It has all been a day in the life of the creator. 

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