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This archive of crop circle pictures comes from the back of Colin Andrews book, "Signs of Contact."  The archive is made up of over 1200 crop circles from 1980 to 2003. 


My ultimate aim is to organize these patterns into a very coherent, concise, and intelligent index of knowledge to date, from the source of these glyphs.  Think of it as a massive rubix cube, except far larger and more complex.  In time I will try to organize the various patterns so that they fall into groups, but since so many crop circles contain elements and features that are identicle to many other crop circles, the over all pattern is a Collidescope of different merging patterns.  They can almost be organized into a giant crossword puzzel. 

Its really the interconnections and interrelationships that matter the most, and linking the knowledge in a holistic 3 dimentional way. 

The knowledge is presented in a picto-gram fashion which (just like deciphering an unknown language) requires a great deal of study to figure out and understand.  It really comes down to the kind of consciousness that is observing these glyphs and the kinds of innovations in conscious awareness that can be made by the observer, which will allow for the deciphering of the glyphs.  It requires the higher consciousness of the positive pole to "see" what these Aetheric patterns are showing.  They fasciliate a transition in consciousness with enough study to those that can move in that area of higher perspective long enough to transform their vibration of consciousness.










My latest pictures...

In this set of double magnetic rings, I have my first finished cone ring of magnets, which is balancing inside the outer ring of magnets glued to the base setup made out of balsa wood.  The two rings of magnets repel each other and cause the inner cone ring to balance all by itself on a single point.  For that point Im using a metal paper clip which Ive glued to the bottom of the cone.  The two rolls of masking tape, the cell phone, and the small plastic container of skrews are just weights Im using to hold the cone down in place, without popping up and becoming stuck to the outer ring of magnets.

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