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Once the first torus was born, a virtual explosion of new forms came into being as a result.  The torus creation is the central building block to everything that exists in this universe.  It is central to everything and all else can be traced back to this single form.  Everything that has come since the original torus's creation lies upon replications of this form.  It is the main building block, and what soon developed after its creation was networks of torus shapes held together in patterns that resemble sacred geometry.  These networks fell into certain catagories over time, and each pattern displayed its own unique characteristics and special features.  The number of different patterns that were created not long after the first torus manifested, was vast.  There seemed no end to the variety of forms that could be created.  Many of the crop circles are direct examples of these very early patterns.  Patterns which are systemic to all levels of reality and creation. 

Pictures of space taken by the Hubble telescope show us that the first galaxies that evolved in the universe were extremely primitive compared to the much newer galaxies like our own milky way.  There has been a process of ascending complexity in all areas of creation since the big bang, which really wasn't an explosion at all, but just a phenomenon of rapidly expanding complexity of matter.  Everything in existance, when added together equals zero.  Zero can also be taken apart into an equal amount of positive and negative energy of infinite quantity.  The ether is neutral and originally had no charge.  The first torus changed this.  It created two indentations in the ether.  One indentation was a concentration of the ether, and the other indentation was a disbursement of the ether or what can be described as an area where there was less ether substance than the ambient degree of ether in the original ether field, before the first torus appeared. 

At the point where the larger creation became self aware, it was neutral in its orientation.  It was neither STO or STS.  It was everything that had existed up until that point in time.  Its first choice and decision upon becoming self aware, was to accelerate the rate of expansion that was already well underway.  This first source of self aware energy became completely intertwined with the process of new creations and patterns that was being born.  It chose to work WITH the greater expansion.  It was a great fascination and once this awareness learnt that it could greatly accelerate the rate of expansion, and new forms being born, it chose to do this unilaterally without any other thought or focus ever becoming more important than this single choice and decision to go in.  Since that time source awareness has been utterly focused and mesmerized by this never ending phenomenon of continual creation of new forms and new ways of being.  There is no end to the number and degree of complexity that the torus patterns can take.  It has been called "Novelty" by some, and it is ongoing and forever.



The positive poles of a magnet repell each other, just like the negative poles do.  In a galaxy, like the one seen above, there is a single large star in the very center of the galaxy that is of the positive polarity.  It is a very large positive pole, and all the other positive poles/stars are repelled by it.  However, there is another property in action which is resonance.  Resonance is when two vibrations, match each others natural frequency.  Resonance causes the two vibrations to attract each other, and if their resonance is perfectly aligned, then they will combine and form a single positive pole.  If they are not perfectly aligned, they will attract each other but only to a degree, and then their natural repelling nature will surface and keep them from touching each other and combining completely.  This is what happens in galaxies.  New stars are created at the very edge of the galaxtic disc, and travel inward as they grow in size, and age.  They travel closer to the galaxtic core over time, due to an increasing resonance that is shared with the great central sun.  Resonance holds the whole galaxy together, and causes it to sing in harmony.  The same is also true for Black holes.  Large black holes will have many smaller black holes around it, that are attracted to it due to resonance.  These smaller black holes are difficult to see, but they are there, and form into spiraling arms.  At the center of all galaxies resides a great central star and a great central black hole.  The two are united and create opposing spiral arms.  The arms of the light can be seen, where as the arms of the darkness cannot. 

The density of space and the speed of time, also increase as objects travel closer to the galactic core.  Souls too, are born on the peripheral, or edge of the galactic disc, and gradually travel toward the core as they develope in spiritual mass.  The highest spiritual densities of positively oriented souls, reside in the galactic core. 

Most galaxies are in a state of perpetually growing larger.  They get bigger over time and the largest stars slowly gravitate towards the central star in the middle of the galaxy, and eventually merge with it.  This great central star grows in mass slowly (as does the great central black hole)  and allows for the entire galaxy to get larger.  The spiraling arms are compression waves of the fabric of space and time, and get longer and take in a greater distance and scope of reality, with each revolution. 

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