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There has been a great deal of focus around the date of Dec 21, 2012 for the coming omega point or galactic, cosmic alignment.  Our solar system might cross the galactic plane of our galaxy (the equator of the galactic core).  What is now happening to the Earth is part of a natural cycle and the human race is being transformed in the process.  

The crop circle below was made on July 15th, 2008, and shows our solar system the way it will look on Dec 21st, 2012.  Take a look for yourself.  Type in the date (Dec 21, 2012) and push the update button on the linked page below.

Directly below we see the computer generated model of our solar system the way it will look on Dec 21, 2012.

The crop circle above was updated a few days later and we can see in the picture below this  updated version.  It shows  an enlarged sun, and a circle outside the parameter of the solar system, which appears to grow in size because it has a tail.  Its like a time lapse slide show, showing how this outside source grows in intensity, and causes the Sun to grow much larger.  No kind of planet X could do this, but instead the crop circle creators must be referring to the Galactic alignment. 

Interestingly enough, on the cover of Colin Andrews book, Signs of Contact, there is a picture of the inner solar system which shows the way the inner planets will look on Sept 1st, 2033.  You can use the same link above to see that the planets do in fact look as they do on Colins book on the date of Sept 1st, 2033.  Another interesting thing about the crop circle below, is that the Earth is missing.  Its orbit is shown but the planet itself is gone from the scene.  Perhaps this shows that the planet has risen to a higher vibrational frequency by than. 

Now interestingly enough, the picture below is the full crop circle of Avebury Manor the way it looked about a week after the first formation appeared of our solar system.  Paul A. LaViolette has mentioned that the orbit of Pluto is off a bit in the crop circle (I guess David Wilcox has mentioned this too).  According to Paul, the small eliptical symbol with the smaller eleven circles around it represents plutos orbit and that its orbit should be divided by eleven.  Pluto takes 248 years to make a single orbit, and when divided by eleven it equals 22.54.  If we add this number to Dec 21st, 2012 we get the year 2035, June 8th.  This date has been specifically mentioned by Paul LaViolette in an interview he gave with Project Camelot in 2009.  

Heres something that sums things up very nicely.

Below are a couple other animations I have found that I thought were interesting. 

The video below shows in greater detail how vibration is at the source of everything. 

~ "Hans Jenny (1901-1972)

Cymatics, the study of wave phenomena, is a science pioneered by Swiss medical doctor and natural scientist Hans Jenny (1904-1972). For fourteen years, Jenny conducted experiments animating inert powders, pastes, and liquids into life-like, flowing forms that mirrored patterns found throughout nature, art, and architecture.

What´s more, all of these patterns were created using simple sine-wave vibrations (pure tones) within the audible range. So what you see in cymatic patterns is an actual physical representation of vibration—how sound manifests into form through the medium of various materials.

The static forms represent one pole of what Jenny termed the "Triadic Phenomenon." Dynamic forms represent the other pole. What unifies these two polarities is the wave—the pulse, the vibration—something that is difficult to perceive in still images.

Cymatic images are truly awe-inspiring, not only for their visual beauty in portraying the inherent responsiveness of matter to sound, but also because they inspire a deep recognition that we, too, are part and parcel of this same complex and intricate vibrational matrix.[3]  "  ~

Pentagon via Vibration

Picture one is a slice of the star tetrahedron, where there are 3 poles of same polarity and their corresponding spirals.



Picture 2 shows circle waves eminating from 3 poles, and the resulting interaction and pattern created.  Picture 3 shows a side view of the star tetrahedron, and the circular waves/rings that eminate from all poles, and again the resulting interaction/pattern.

The stage 2 buidling block of all matter, is far more complicated then first thought.  There are so many different patterns and ways of looking at this simple 8 poled creation, that its no wonder that the circle makers really want us to get a firm grasp in understanding of this foundational building block of form.  There exists in the univerese different levels of form based on the same base patterns.  Understanding the base patterns, paves the way for understanding the more complicated patterns that have been given and will come in the future. 


Heres a crude image I made with the blender 3d program, of 5 star tetrahedrons. 


A hexagon made from cubes.


Molecular bonds.



Squares within squares within squares.  (The picture below on the left)



Electicity manifests when there is a difference in potential.  This happens when two local groups of star tetras come into contact with each other and one group has less negative or positive poles than the other.   Since balance is always sought, poles begin to move from one group to the other, to create balance and an even distribution of all poles.  I may create an animation to better illustrate this concept.



The picture below shows how a great many poles of negative and positive polarity can fit together in a very structured and organized way.  They form into cubes that can bond with each other.  The excess poles that are pushed aside during the bonding, form into orbital rings around the core, just like an atom does.  There forms multible shells or what can be thought of as standing spherical waves that form an onion-like indentation around the core nucleus. 

One thing I wish to draw attention to is the maluability of the structured orderings of poles.  Although from the picture below, it looks very ridged, and symetrical, in truth, the bonds are extremly lucid and changable.  Infact the entire structure can change and morph very easily into a completely different shape, much like a grand rubix cube can alter its shape and appearance.    

The object in the picture above is made up of 29 cubes, but in reality many more could be bonded together.  Millions could be bonded together, and if all the bonds are only of one polarity or the other, then a very large net polarization could be created.  This is how souls are created I believe, and as a soul developes towards one polarity or the other, its net polarization increases and intensifies as it gains size and strength. 


In the picture below, we again see how cubes of 8 poles can be arranged to form a much larger pattern that is in perfect harmony and actually "flows"' and vibrates in a hum of vibration and circular spin.  It shows how many parts create the whole, in harmony.


In the picture below we see how the straight, interconnecting arms running between the two spiraling DNA looking formations, can bond using either negative poles, or positive.  In this manner a system for information storage has been created.  DNA is infact, a computer program, with the fear of death, being a simple arrangement of commands that creates a certain "tone".  To alter DNA in specific ways, new "tones/vibrations" need to be created in a cymatics-like vibration of sufficient strength to "magnetically" rearrange the DNA patterns.


The picture below is of a recent crop circle showing a magnetic field.

Viktor Schauberger knew of how a bi-polar field works and looks like, and built a flying saucer based on the same principle.


Mr. William Lyne of Lamy, New Mexico. Mr. Lyne has written two books concerning German saucers and field propulsion, Pentagon Aliens and Occult Ether Physics.



Below is an interesting link about the "Green Language of Light" as it is called by the Author.





A single bond between two 8 poled cubes (star tetrahedrons) creates an extra positive (or negative ) pole that then orbits around the core in some manner as can be seen below.


In larger formations as seen below, the orbital patterns the excess poles may take, might look like this.  They may flow in spirals around the bonded cores.


In the crop picture above, we see how the cores may be placed in large square formations, and the excess poles spiral around the cores in the pattern shown above. 

The inner squares have less spirals around them, meaning they are smaller (have fewer bonded cores). 



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