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June 5th, 2011

As our solar system moves ever closer to the galactic plane, all energy manifestations here are effected in some way, either for the good (expansion) or for the bad (compression).  Nothing is not effected by the natural change in energetics taking place.

The changes now being enacted by the principle money masters, comes as a direct result of the compressing tendencies being pushed upon them by the new in-streaming energies sourcing from the galactic core.  

As humans draw nearer to the plane, they will be brought closer to their principle fear.  At the very end of this cycle a few minutes before actually hitting the plane, it will feel like imminent death is about to occur.  Great fear will be felt and many will act upon their fears.  Others will be able to sail through the eye of the storm by remaining in the present moment and being able to see the natural cycle for what it is as oppose to simply reacting blindly to intense fear.  

The pulse itself will change the direction of things here in terms of human consciousness.  Fear will no longer control humanity as it has in the past.  A new age of living light awareness will be born and life will revolve around love, real living and the present moment once again.  All of the suppressed and repressed inventions and innovations made in technology will come out into the open finally.  This includes free energy, anti gravity, age regression technology, genetic innovations, time travel, teleportation, and so many more.  

Prosperity, abundance and the pursuit of happiness will become the new norm and order of the day.  Unlimited energy lies at the core of the new love based reality.  

And all of this lies just ahead, in late 2012.....   

April 25, 2011

Our solar system is approaching something called "the galactic plane" which carries with it a very strong  electromagnetic pulse of energy.  The pulse comes from the center of our galaxy and travels outward along the galaxies equator.  It will hit the Earth as our solar system passes through the galaxies equator and this is going to create massive earth changes and fry most electronic systems on Earth in late December of 2012.  This is a cyclic event and has happened many times before, and will happen many times again.  The last time it happened was about 12 thousand years ago (the fall of Atlantis).

Most of the Governments of the world already know about this but are keeping it a secret so that they can use their peoples money to build vast underground bunkers for the chosen few.  This is the end of a very long period lasting some 357 thousand years.  Human consciousness has been kept in the dark for a very long time and that is all changing right now with the new energies that are coming here.

The rate of technological change is increasing in a geometric progression.  Humanity has changed so much in the last hundred years, and its been our proximity to the galactic plane that has caused our consciousness to change and in tern this is reflected in our increasingly developed technological capabilities.

We are moving from a fear based reality, to a love based one, and the process will complete roughly by the beginning of 2013.

It is imperative that you stock pile food and water before it becomes too expensive to buy any longer.  The world economies are being destroyed by design so that the last resources can be taken by those in control at the top.  Many people are going to die soon (billions) and it is only by working together and helping each other that we will survive.

Thousands of inventions and devices have been suppressed that could change the world over night.  Fossil fuels have been obsolete for over a hundred years, but because the Illuminati get 80 percent of their money from the sales of these fuels, they have eliminated all competition.  Over unity, Zero Point, Vacuum Flux field devices (any device that produces more energy than it consumes) have all been suppressed and kept secret so that the selfish few people at the top of the pyramid could profit at the common peoples expense.

Things are going to change in a big way.  Do not be afraid.  When this is all over and the dust settles, things are going to be a lot better for all of us.  Once centralized control is gone, people will live in freedom once again and with unlimited abundance and prosperity for all.




The parabola crop circle pattern is showing something extremly interesting.  It shows that the bi-polar field pattern/movement of twin vortex's spinning in oposite direcitons comes as a direct result of the interaction between two very different sets of waves within the Aether.  The first wave is transverse, and the second is spherical in its physical condition. 


Two wave sets, interact to form the mysterious universal pattern that is so systemic to all of creation.  These two principle kinds of waves, produce all of reality in all its many varieties.


- The first kind of wave is merely a spherically shaped compression wave or sphere-shaped undulations sourcing from a single point, and radiating out from that point to infinity in all directions.  This kind of wave form is fixed in place and remains stationary. 


- The second kind of wave is shaped as a vector magnitude.  It is a set of compression waves within the Aether that is based on the square shape and move as a series of compression waves in the Aether. 


If we imagine a perfect cube, we will find this wave eminating from one side of the cube to the other side in a perfect straight line.  The undulations in compression of the base substance (the Aether) are uniformly distributed in an incremental fashion from one side of the cube to the other.  This kind of wave starts at one point and ends at another.  It is a vector quantity in that it moves in a straight line from point A to point B.  Its an infinitely long straight line of compression waves.



* The interaction between two very different kinds of wave forms, creates a completely new phenominon that is the basis for all of creation. 


* This interaction between the peaks of compression in both wave sets creates a condition that causes the localization of a twin zone, or what you could call a bi-zonal region where along a straight line an area of compression is created and an area of dispersement is created.  These two areas differ from the wave-sets in that they are not waves, but localized regions within the Aether that respond always in connection with the two wave-sets that keep this bi-polar region active and animated as a phenominon. 




A cube has 6 sides, and the second kind of wave can manifest in 3 directions to create a cube.  This would create a potential of 3 sets of these waves interacting with a single sphere-wave.  This interaction of a spherewave with 3 transverse waves creates 3 bi-polar field phenominon with 6 zones in total.  3 negative and 3 positive.


A conglomeration of this sort is unstable due to a tendancy for equalibrium to be sought out, due to unevenly distributed zones of negative and positive.  A conglomeration of 8 zones/poles in total creates a stable state due to an evenly distributed pattern of placement amoung the zones.  Therefore, this is what we see in nature. 


In the crop circle below we see 4 sets of spherewaves being held together and their interaction with each other creating a cube-like pattern.  I've reasoned that the greatest intensity exists in the very center of the sphere wave, and that the intensity deminishes from there outward.  This means that a spherewave can have a center point of either negative or positive polarity and this center location would attract spherewaves of the oposite pole.  So spherewaves can attract each other and apparently exist without transverse waves at all. 

Spherewaves can "bond" with each other without need for transverse waves.  However, in another arrangement/configuration, spherewaves need transverse waves to connect and bond with each other...    or perhaps both systems exist within each other, and the above crop circle simply isin't showing the transverse waves. 


In the picture above we see how a transverse wave can bond two spherewaves. 


All of my crop circle animations can be found on youtube at this link here.


The crop circle below is absolutely fascinating!  In one picture they illuminate something that has puzzled me for many months.  In the crop circle below we see how a group of cubes made from the bonded poles of various vortex's of energy (I've talked about this before, check out this page of my site  for more info. )  create a much larger circular pattern which looks just like the flower of life pattern, which is a downward look at a bi-polar field.   

See the connection between the picture above and below.  The only difference is that the circular pattern the cubes create around themselves, is fashioned in all 360 degrees around the group.  The Aether substance flows out from and back towards the group of smaller vortex's that make up each cube in a spherical pattern of rapidly diminishing intensity.  This outward and inward flow creates the circular pattern around the cubes as seen in the picture above.  Its very exciting to get this greater clearification now.

The model below which I made sometime ago, has now been further refined and clearified.  It would appear that the extra poles that get created during bonding, would orbit the nucleus in spherical rings created by the intensity of Aether flowing out from and back towards the nucleus. 

The picture below is something I made from a crop circle made of cubes that created an optical illusion of somehow being spherical in nature.  I now believe that this was an attempt to literally show the spherical tendancies of the Aether as it flows around the cube structures. 

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