Cronkridge Rabbits

Breeding and showing quality rabbits in Ontario, Canada

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Hello there!


Welcome to Cronkridge Rabbits. We are located in a small town near Casino Rama (Orillia area) in Ontario, Canada and we raise Netherland Dwarf and Holland Lop rabbits.

It's been awhile coming now and we are proud to announce the brand new exciting changes here. A new look in the barn needs a new look on the screen as well. Welcome to our newly revamped website.

Our focus has slowly shifted over the last few years and we have drastically cut back on our animals, we are focusing on Black and Blue Tort (brokens and solids) in the Holland Lops and Oranges, Fawns and Chestnuts in the Netherland Dwarfs. While we may not make it out to as many shows as we once did, we still can be found in many locations around Ontario with our bunnies. 

Hope to hear from you all soon.

Rachel Eldridge


Mark Cronk

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last updated 5/24/17