[ max 1 ]

The Alpha is the leader of the pack and is in charge  of the pack as a whole. S/he determines ranks, pack laws, and who stays and who goes. Everybody who disrespects or disobeys them will be dealt with a punishment and anybody who challenges the alpha and loses will be thrown into the Pit.

[ max 1 ]

The Alpha's Choice is the mate of the Alpha but they do not have a final say in important decisions. Everyone accepts that they're mated and to try and steal them from the Alpha is a crime worthy of the Pit - if the Alpha doesn't kill you first.

[ max 1 ]

The Beta is the second-in-command. When the Alpha is sick or otherwise unable to make a decision, the Beta will step in. Once the Alpha dies, the Beta becomes the new Alpha. The Beta is usually a close friend of the Alpha and the position cannot be challenged.

[ max 1 ]
The Keeper is a wolf that is from River Rayn's bloodline. They must be the purest of heart out of her 
descendants and they typically stay away from the pack, only showing themself to wolves of either very high ranks or of River Rayn's line (with a few exceptions). The Keeper is a direct link between River Rayn and the rest of the pack, and is the only one who can contact her through certain rituals. The Keeper cannot have a mate or pups.


[ max 1 ]

The Medic is the lead healer, and knows all about the arts of healing, including which herbs to use and what they do, individual plants and side-effects of poisonous ones, and how to treat bites from animals such as snakes, spiders, and other poisonous creatures. The Medic must be present on the battle field but away from the fighting. They are protected viciously from harm, for they are more crucial than ever during those times.

The keeper is a wolf that is from River Rayn's. They must be the purest of heart out of her decedents and they typically stay away from the pack, only showing themself to wolves of either very high rank or of River Rayn's line (with a few exceptions). The keeper is a direct link between River Rayn and the rest of the pack, and is the only one who can contact her through certain rituals. The keeper cannot have a mate or pups.

Graeca's are built small and thin with strong front and back legs. They're the fastest runners and aren't easily tired. Their job is to run long distances and deliver messages from the Alpha or Beta to another pack. Before becoming a Graceca, you must pass a test. The test includes how far you can run in a short amount of time and how well you can memorize things and deliver them correctly,

[ unlimited ]

The Gammas are the elders of the pack. They are often more experienced than the Alpha, and perhaps were an Alpha once themselves, of either the pack they currently reside in, or another. They are widely respected by the pack, and act as the counselors, both to the pack as a whole and sometimes give advice to the Alpha and Beta themselves. Their opinions are highly considered.

[ max 2 ]
The Kopaki's, usually a male and a female, are the war generals of the pack. They call the shots, and their orders during war are obeyed as though an alpha had spoken. They are responsible for any and all pack members, of deciding if a simple disagreement should turn to war, and the overall battle plans during those treacherous times. They handle misdemeanor crimes, such as cowardice in the face of danger, or endangering other pack members. If they feel the crime is too horrible and deserves further punishment than their power allows, they’ll inform the Alpha, who then decides the traitor’s fate.

[ unlimited ]
The Epsilons are the warriors of the pack. Instead of choosing them specifically, the alphas’ demand it become a pack effort. Everyone is in it together. The only ones exempted from this are pups, the sick or injured, mothers to young pups, expecting mothers, and the Medic and Theda. The gammas have a choice if they wish to fight or not. Mothers to youngins’ and expecting mothers, as well as pups under the age of two, are not allowed to participate in war under any circumstance.

[ max 4 ]
Assassins are quite different from the Epsilons. Their only job is not war; it is stealth, speed so great that they appear invisible, spying on the enemies, and quiet assassinations. The assassins of the pack take orders from no one . . . except the Kopaki's, and of course the Alpha and Beta.

[ max 5 ]
The Graecas act as the messengers of the pack. Their job is very important, for they travel to other lands in order to deliver the alphas’ messages. They also run nightly and daily patrols across their home lands to ensure that water and food supplies are still flourishing. If not, they report back to the alphas immediately, for the pack’s fate and possible migration to be decided

[ unlimited ]
The Subordinates are new members taken in by pity or request of another, in which the Alpha places in this rank strictly until their motives are clear. During the Subordinate phase, the Alpha takes that time to figure out the newcomers, and possibly learn to trust them, allowing the stranger to earn a higher rank.

[ unlimited ]
The Omegas are the lowest of the low. They eat only after everyone else has, and are often abused by other pack members. To achieve the rank of Omega, one must wrong the pack in some way, thus punished by a rank drop, or banishment/The Pit only to be later accepted back in. Sometimes, being related to an Omega is enough to earn this rank.

[ unlimited ]

Whelps are the wolves between the ages of one and two. Once they reach the age of two, they're considered mature and are given a rank. Whelps are also Lehrlings.

[ unlimited ]
The pups are the youngest members of the pack and are one year or younger. When they reach the age of one they are considered mature enough to be given a rank. They are protected by all members. To mistreat one is a serious offense.
They start learning valuable skills at four months, but are not allowed all the privileges until the age of two.

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A wolf that trains and advises a Lehrling until they're experienced enough to become the rank chosen for them.



A whelp that is training to become the rank chosen for them by the alpha.

Season: Autumn
Month: September
Temperature: 60°F

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